Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani comes to stay in Shivraj’s house

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj talking to Rani on phone and tells her that he is Rukmani’s husband now and she shall ask him about her. He says your di is safe and says she will live happily ever after and God may keep her happy until she is alive, and says you are not here, and I will take care of her. He says she is going to make arrangements of tomorrow’s aarti and will have connection with God. Rani thinks what Rivaaj is going to do and hopes Rukmani is fine. Rukmani comes to her room and sees Rivaaj and Rani’s pics on the wall. Rivaaj says Pappu and Bhanu hang those pics. Rukmani says you were going to marry Rani. Rivaaj says he was stuck between do and die situation and tells that his mum fixed his marriage with Rani, and he was helpless to agree. Rukmani says sorry. Rivaaj says

so much happened here, and tells that he needs time to handle himself. Rukmani asks him to take his time. Rivaaj thanks her and says everything will be fine. He asks her to rest. Manjiri prays to God for Rukmani’s happy life. Rani says we always pray to God to make the troubles go from our lives, but we have to do it ourselves. She applies Tilak and have Prasad. She tells that her Didi always protected her always and says now it is her turn.

Rukmani asks Prem latha if she shall do the puja and aarti. Prem latha asks her to do whatever she wants, but not to trouble her. Shivraj says you have all rights to do puja. He calls Rivaaj. Rukmani lights the diya. Rivaaj says fire of pyre and fire of aarti are same. Rukmani takes the plate to do aarti. Rani comes and makes the plate fall in air. The bomb in the diya blasts. Everyone is shocked. Tashi says Rani saved Rukmani’s life and asks how did she come to know? Rani says I am her own sister and knows that she is in trouble. Tashi tells Rukmani that she is very lucky to have a sister like her. Prem Latha asks her to leave. Rani goes out and stands there. Prem latha sees her luggage and says this Diya tamasha is the plan of the two sisters. She says she has become bhishma pitama, and asks Rani who gave you permission to stay here. Shivraj says I have given her permission. Prem Latha is shocked.

Shivraj says this house is new for Rukmani and Rani’s worry is right. Raghav thanks Shivraj and tells Rani that they will play with the toys. Rani says I came to end Rukmani and Rivaaj’s problems and will not to until she succeeds. She asks Rivaaj if he will not let her in. Rivaaj welcomes here. Rani thinks this Ravan’s lanka will get burnt. Rukmani hugs Rani and asks if she was worried for her, even after getting scolded by her. Rani says yes. Prem latha says this is not film, but real life and you have troubled us. Shivraj says this house is of you both. Raghav takes Rani with her. shivraj asks her to behave nicely with her. Prem Latha tells Rivaaj to take revenge. Rivaaj says everything is happening as I planned, and says only God can save them.

Rukmani thanks Rani for coming there. Rani says I am always with you . Rivaaj stops Raghav and whispers in his ears to do something.

Raghav asks Rani not to get scared in the night and tells that Rivaaj is at next door. Rivaaj comes to Rani’s room in the night. He says who will stop me. Rukmani comes just then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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