Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani spots Rukmani with Rivaaj and senses danger

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani calling someone. She keeps her mobile and climbs on table to get something, the hidden spy cam falls down. Rani is shocked and thinks who kept this cam, and who is watching. She thinks Alok must have kept it here. She thinks to tell Rukmani first, and calls her, but her phone is unreachable. She calls on library’s number and asks the librarian to give call to Rukmani. Librarian says library is closed for 2 days. Dadi comes and takes her phone. Rani says she needs to take notes and takes her phone back. She asks her to mum to give her phone as her phone balance is over. She takes auto and comes somewhere checking location of Rukmani’s phone. She sees Rukmani and Rivaaj coming out of Hotel Kohinoor. Rani is shocked. Rivaaj acts as a gentleman and makes Rukmani sit in his jeep. They leave from there. Rani is shocked and recalls how Rivaaj was crying on losing Anjali etc. She sits on side of road. Rukmani calls Rani and asks where is she? She asks if she is in library. Rani says she left from there. Rukmani says she came to library leaving the important work and tells that she spoiled her mood and that’s why she is coming home. Rani spots Rivaaj going from there in his jeep with his friends.

Rukmani comes home and is taking selfie outside the house. She is about to fall in the drain, but Rani holds her hand and saves her. Rani asks her not to fall in the trouble. Rukmani asks do you want to say anything. Rani asks if you were with Rivaaj and says Neha saw you with him. Rukmani says Neha…and tells that she went to hotel for a job vacancy and later she comes to know that the hotel is of Rivaaj, and he dropped her till the library. Rani asks are you sure? Rukmani asks did I hide anything from you. Dadi asks them to come inside. Rani thinks if Rivaaj is playing big game.

Rivaaj is playing game with Pappu and Bhanu. Pappu asks if he will play all the game. Bhanu says bhaiyya will win always. Rivaaj appreciates him. Bhanu asks why he is eying Rani’s sister when he loves her. Rivaaj says where there is a wish to get blood, then cover needs to be taken. He asks if they understood. He sings Rani rani song….

At home, Rani shows her stitching embroidery cloth to her mum. Her mum asks her to make more design and hide the line. Dadi tells Rukmani about an alliance. Rukmani disapproves the alliance. Rani asks her to meet him. Rukmani says my choice will be imported car wala, bungalow etc. Rani says we are middle class people and asks why she is thinking big. Dadi says she has gone mad. Rukmani again messages Rivaaj. Dadi says if you refuse alliance then you have to live your life alone. Rani takes Rukmani’s mobile pic from far. She thinks after this message, I don’t accept that there is nothing between Di and Rivaaj other than casual meeting. She thinks to clear the mess.

Shivraj calls Rivaaj and asks him to have peda brought by him from Agra. Rivaaj says you remember Papa. Shivraj says parents always care for their children and ask him to move on in life. He says I have some alliance for you in my view. Rivaaj says I can’t think of marriage right now. Raghav hears them and asks Shivraj to get him married too. Shivraj says ok. Raghav says I found the girl too and says she is Rani from Jhansi. He says she plays with me, but goes. I want her to stay here. Shivraj says I will think. Rivaaj hugs Raghav and pinches him badly. He says he wants to tell him that it is reality.

Rukmani asks Rivaaj if he loves her. Rivaaj takes a knife and slits his hand. Rani is hiding and is shocked. Rukmani shouts Rivaaj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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