Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav saves Anjali and Rani and tricks Rivaaj

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj asking Rukmani to apply ointment on her back. Rukmani asks why did you get hit? Rivaaj says he wants to get rid of ghost and shouts asking her to apply ointment. Rukmani applies ointment and gets vomiting sensation and goes. Rivaaj thinks what happened to her. Anjali tells Rani that she doesn’t know until when she will act infront of Rivaaj. Rani asks her not to worry. Anjali asks about Raghav? Rani says he is doing next planning. Anjali says we have to do everything fast. Rani asks her to go. Anjali comes to Rivaaj and says witch wants to come out of his body and asks if he is ready. Rivaaj says yes. Anjali asks witch to come out of the innocent Rivaaj. Rivaaj says innocent and says yes. Anjali asks witch to come out. Rani keeps the pedestal fan and plays Anjali’s recording to make the voice echoed. In the recording, Anjali tells that she will come out until he confesses to his crime. Anjali as Tantrik asks him to tell the truth and make the witch go. Rivaaj thinks of killing Anjali and Anjali entering Rani. Anjali asks Rivaaj to tell truth else. Rivaaj asks else what? Rani is shocked. Rivaaj sees Anjali’s face and says you entered Tantrik. He says I will make trouble you. He runs behind her and holds her hairs. Rani asks Rivaaj to leave her, but Rivaaj pushes her down. Rani gets hurt, but still tries to protect Anjali.

Raghav comes there and hits on Rivaaj’s head. He says Rivaaj will gain consciousness in sometime. Anjali tells Rani and Raghav if Rivaaj comes to know that she is alive then he will kill her. She asks if the recording is done. Rani checks and says it is not recorded. Raghav tells that they will prove in the party that Anjali entered Tantrik and he went. Rani asks Anjali to go to Ashram. Raghav gets worried for Rani’s injury and scolds her asking why she can’t take care of herself. Rani says I am fine. He blows on her injury. Rani says she will be fine. Raghav asks her to take care of herself and asks if she has any manufacturing problem. Premlatha says she won’t let Raghav take her son’s place. She sees Raghav getting upset with Rani. Rani tells that they have to make arrangement for party. Premlatha thinks to expose their truth. Rani says Rivaaj’s truth will be out tomorrow.

Rivaaj gains consciousness and finds the windows shaking due to wind. He gets scared and shouts. Everyone comes there and asks what happened? Premraj asks what did you write on your forehead. Rivaaj looks in the mirror and finds Anjali written on his forehead. Rivaaj tells that Anjali is troubling him and wants to kill him. Premlatha shouts asking if she has less space in hell. Rukmani is shocked. Raghav tells that he will take care of his younger brother. Rani asks Rivaaj to drink milk. Rukmani asks him to drink milk. Raghav recalls Rani telling him that Rivaaj drugged him to make him mentally stable. Rivaaj sees elaichi and laung in the milk and spits the milk, says Rani wants to kill him as Anjali is in her. Raghav says she is Rani. Rani says she has added elaichi and laung. Rivaaj runs out.

Later Rukmani brings breakfast for Rivaaj. Rivaaj is scared and tells her that the smoke is coming out of food. He counts the rotis. Premlatha comes there and says chudail is here and tells that may be she is hanging on his head. Rivaaj is more scared. Rukmani says there is nothing like witch. Premlatha says she thought there is nothing bad than her. Rukmani tells Rivaaj that she will eat and show him. Premlatha scolds her for snatching Rivaaj’s food and asks her to make another paratha. Rivaaj says chudail is after me, and you both chudails are after me now. Premlatha scolds Rukmani. Rukmani gets drowsy.

Raghav asks Rivaaj to do work out. Rivaaj says not today. Raghav says you are my inspiration and says I will do exercise first and then you shall do. He asks him to bring water while he is doing weight lifting of dumbbells. He applies magnet to the dumbbell. Rivaaj brings water and gives to Raghav. He couldn’t lift the dumbbell. He hears Anjali calling him Rivaaj. He tells that Anjali is here? Raghav says your brother is with you, don’t be scared you are a tiger. Rivaaj is scared and leaves.

Precap: Raghav tells Rani that Anjali took her luggage and went from the Ashram. Rani says they will work on their plan and asks him not to worry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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