Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani comes in disguise of Nurse, Janki

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj asking Rani/Janki to come. Janki says a big family stays with one another under one big roof and says she is a fool to say this, and tells that she got sense of humour from her father. She says my appa is a great comedian. She calls Premlatha as Choti. Premlatha asks how dare you to call me Choti. Rani says Choti Dadi. She asks how her hairs are so black and asks if she applies mehendi. Premlatha says she is not Dadi, but Dadi is there. Rani says you doesn’t take care of yourself and that’s why looking old. Shivraj asks her to sit. Rani calls him uncle. Shivraj asks her to call him Sir. Tashi asks about her name? Rani says Janki. Dadi says your sister is silent, but you are explosive. Rani says two sisters can be different and asks Rukmani. Rani says even

brothers can be different and tells that she has taken tuitions about them. Rukmani asks what she wants to have? Rani says filter coffee. Premraj asks to show her nurse certificates. Rivaaj takes her certificates. Rukmani brings coffee. Rivaaj gives to Rani. Rani spills coffee on his hand and asks for ice. She then rubs ice hardly on his hand. Rivaaj gets angry. Rani asks Rukmani to apply ointment on his hand.

Rivaaj checks the certificates and tells that all the certificates are of South. Rivaaj asks about the hospital where she worked and asks if she knows Dr. Mathur. Rani says she knows Dr. Sharma under whom she worked. Dadi hires her to take care of Raghav. Premlatha says she will make arrangement of her beside storeroom room. Rani says that storeroom is far and asks them to make arrangements of room beside the patient’s room. Snoopy comes to Rani. Rivaaj sees Rani/Janki mingling with snoopy and asks her. Rani says she likes dogs. Dadi asks her to call him snoopy. She says she will see the patient and come to the inhouse temple and pray to mata rani. Rivaaj comes near her and gives her laddoo in her hand. He says welcome in Scisodia family. Rani thanks him. She thanks mata rani.

Rani comes to Raghav’s room and recalls his words. She holds his hand and recalls hearing Dadi talking to Lawyer and telling him that her grand son will be fine soon and she will transfer all her property on his name. She says she will not change her decision and will get him treated by the world’s best doctor. Rani hears her and tells Dadi if she can give job to her cousin sister Janki who is a nurse. Dadi blesses Rani for thinking about others. Fb ends. Rani says I can’t tell Dadi about our marriage as she might think that I am lying for your property. She says you have to get well for Dadi and her. Rivaaj is outside the room talking to Pappu and Bhanu and says Rani is not here, and asks them to find where is she? Rani thanks God seeing him on call. She opens her bag and keeps her stuff inside. She thinks Rivaaj has his sight on her every move and thinks nobody shall know until Raghav gets fine.

Rani brings Raghav to the dining table. Premlatha scolds her and tells that his bad smell will splashed in air. Dadi looks at her angrily. Rani asks Premlatha to be quiet, else she will be in coma. Rukmani asks why did you bring her out. Rani says he might be feeling bad at room and will be fine if you all talk. Dadi says he will get fine if she they talk. Tashi and Rukmani talk to Raghav. Dadi says everyone is Raita. Rani asks Premlatha to say something to Raghav. Premlatha asks Raghav if he will have food. Dadi says how can anyone question coma patient. Rivaaj says it doesn’t matter and asks Raghav. Raghav blinks his eyes. Tashi says he blinked his eyes. Rani says this means you are truthful son of him. She thinks Raghav will be fine to bring out their truth and to prove her love.

Precap: Premlatha tells if Raghav gets fine then they will lose everything. Rivaaj says he will not ruin his life mathematics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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