Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj keeps a condition infront of Rani

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 27th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani telling Rivaaj that she will shout and tell Shivraj that he is misbehaving with her. Rivaaj asks her to see inside her and will find love for him, and asks her to get ready. Shivraj wakes up Premlatha and asks if she will come with him to see Raghav. Premlatha says she is very worried for Raghav and had slept just now. Rani calls him cheap. Rivaaj says you tickles me whenever my feeling sleep. He says you will agree easily and ties her hand. Rani shouts and calls everyone. Shivraj and everyone come there. Rani tells Shivraj that Rivaaj has tied her hairs. Rukmani asks how do you come out? Rani asks her to ask Rivaaj. Rivaaj says he was in her room, when he heard her shouting. He says he came and opened the door, when she pushed him and was running. He says I somehow hold her and tied her hands, but she bit on my hand. Premlatha says you bit on your jija’s hand. Rivaaj says she is accusing me wrong. Shivraj asks Rukmani to take Rani to room and goes. Rivaaj apologizes to Rani for tying her hands and frees her hands. Rukmani says it is enough and locks Rani in the room. Rani thinks of Raghav and their moments and his condition. She says I am very sorry and couldn’t protect you. She hears someone knocking on the door. Tashi comes there and says you wanted to see Bhayu..Rani says yes and is about to go out. Tashi says we can’t see from corridor. She pulls the curtain from Raghav’s room. Rani sees him from her room through binoculars. She cries and says my best friend..Raghav…you have to become fine, you can’t be like this. You have to handle yourself.

Next morning, Rani comes to the dining table. Premlatha scolds the cook. Rivaaj asks her not to worry. He says Rani must not have slept in worry of Raghav and she must be ready to do anything for him. Premlatha says Rani shall leave. Rivaaj says this is my sasural matter, I won’t let her go alone, Rukmani and I will’go to drop her. He tells Shivraj that they have to shift Raghav to hospital. Shivraj says they will get him treated at home. Rivaaj says it is a special hospital, psychiatric hospital. Shivraj says I will think. Rivaaj says I will go and check Raghav. He comes to Rani and asks her to be careful. Rani looks at the pearls necklace made by Raghav. She comes near the window and sees Doctor checking Raghav. The doctor talks to Shivraj. Rani looks at him and says Raghav. She imagines Raghav standing at the other side of window and drawing heart. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…..plays…Raghav signs her to smile and looks at her. Rani looks at him.

She comes back to her room and finds something kept in gift wrapped. She opens the box and finds the dress and Rivaaj’s letter, in which he asked her to wear the dress and come to farmhouse. She throws the gift and comes near Raghav’s room. She looks at Raghav and thinks of Rivaaj’s letter.

Rivaaj makes the room ready in the farm house. Pappu says your dream will be fulfilled today and says you was never happy even on your birthday. Rivaaj says birthday comes every year, but this day with Rani came for the first time, enjoyment fully. He says he is waiting for Rani. Rani looks at the clothes and throws it. It falls near the door with the letter. She thinks what is this test? She says my husband is hanging between life and death and this sinner wants to fulfill his cheap wish. She asks Durga Maa to help her.

Rivaaj calls Rani and asks her to come to farmhouse, else Papa will sign and Raghav will go to mental asylum. Rani comes out of her room. Later Rivaaj and the girl (Rukmani) are seeing dancing in the farm house while there is no electricity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It’s time that rivaaj’s deeds are shown. The story seems to be stuck, rani being constantly harassed ! Rukmini needs to stop being so selfish. I thought that she changed, but she’s still bullying rani. Rani needs to let rukmini see herself what a cheap husband she has, that he doesn’t love her. Rukmini is psycho for rivaaj, as rivaaj is psycho for rani. Except her clingy need makes her dependent on rivaaj ? I hope that he calls Rani’s name and rukmini would atleast maybe catch his intentions. There is absolutely no chance of redemption for rivaaj. Why didn’t tashi help rani, maybe call out the pundit’s lie? ? poor raghav ? I hope shivraj knows the truth soon. Why is there never anyone to witness rivaaj taunting Rani, I was hoping shivraj would get up and witness rivaaj blackmailing Rani ?

  2. I know it’s getting too much now, I was waiting for Tashi to speak when the Pandit lied but nothing happened she was quiet?poor Rani

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