Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj escapes from captivity and plans to ruin them

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 26th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj thinking he can’t go back, after coming so close to his freedom. He thinks to kill them. Ram asks Mayura to listen to him and says do you know why I did that there. Rivaaj comes out of the tunnel and thinks to ruin them. Mayura says you have taken a big decision and says whenever I trust you, you break my heart. Rivaaj takes someone’s shirt and wears it. Ram says if anyone hears then everything will be ruined. Ram takes her to side and asks what plan? Rivaaj hides his face and picks a grass cutter. Ram tells Mayura that he has no option than to do this, as Kesha bombarded him with many questions. He says once this marriage happens, then she will get intelligence. Rivaaj is coming near them. Mayura says I will not marry you. Ram says even I don’t want to marry you. Mayura hears the sound and looks on. Rivaaj goes from other side and thinks I am coming there to lift your arthi. Ram says I will not force you to marry me, will not ask you to like me. Mayura looks at him. Ram says did you know what is the small card for big thing. He asks her to come with him and says I will show you how to make arrangement for fake marriage. They leave.

Rivaaj sees Kesha going and takes her to side. She asks what is your condition and says you did a mistake by deciding to marry Mayura and kicking me out of the house. She says you will repent after marrying me and says you shall kick her and marry me and then we….Rivaaj asks her to stop her nonsense and holds her neck. Kesha says I gave you proof that she went to Rukmani’s house, but you didn’t agree. Rivaaj is shocked. Kesha says Mayura has no past or family. She says trust me, she has a big mission to come in your life, you are not safe. Rivaaj calls Mayura torturing him using his same old tactics which he did with Rukmani and Raghav. Premlatha calls Tashi. Rivaaj asks Kesha to leave. Kesha looks at his hand and says you was hurt at your palm. Rivaaj asks her to leave and says I will call you. He thinks I shouldn’t have met her, nobody shall know about my twin and thinks to know about Mayura’s truth and then will kill Kesha.

Mayura thinks first fake engagement, then fake marriage and fake Rivaaj. She thinks what to do. She checks CCTV and thinks how can he sit at the same position. Rivaaj thinks what to do, if they check the CCTV. Mayura tries to open the door and finds the door jammed. Rivaaj is near the meter box and smirks. He switches off the light. Mayura thinks what happened to the lights now. She checks CCTV, but couldn’t get the feeds. Rivaaj thinks to go to market and make himself better. Mayura checks the door and asks Servant what happened? Servant says he called the electrician.

Mayura thinks to go with Ram to the market and thinks to bring the tools also. Rivaaj meets his goons and they bring something for him which he asks for. They tell that they will take someone’s life. Rivaaj says few things he needs to do for fun. Ram tries to scare Mayura. Mayura asks what? Ram says you would have acted to be scared. Mayura asks how you will get the fake marriage done. She gets a call and goes to attend it. Rivaaj comes out there talking on phone. Mayura sees Rivaaj and gets shocked. Someone collides with her. Mayura helps the lady pick her bag and turns, by that time Rivaaj sits in his car to leave. Mayura is shocked. She thinks the door was jammed. Ram asks what happened? Mayura says I saw Rivaaj there. Ram says this can’t happen.

Ram asks her to see the CCTV footage and says he is locked in the room. Mayura says I will be sure when I see with my eyes. Rivaaj thinks Mayura will not believe CCTV, I have to reach home fast. He sees Ram and Mayura behind his car and thinks why did they come here? He hides his face. Ram says I have shown you on mobile. Mayura says I will believe when I see with my eyes. Rivaaj calls Kesha and asks her to do as he says. He asks driver to drive the car. A man comes to Sisodia Nivas and sprays a smoky gas in air outside the house. Mayura thinks why there is smoke here. Ram says it is good, I don’t want mosquito to take my bride. Mayura thinks this is not the right time and gets doubtful. Ram and Mayura are in the car. Rivaaj gets a call and appreciates Kesha. He comes to go to secret room. Ram and Mayura come home. Premlatha calls Rivaaj, but Ram goes from there without hearing her. Mayura thinks he forgot that he has to play Rivaaj’s role.

Precap: Mayura tells Rivaaj that she is marrying Ram and asks him to see the marriage live. Rivaaj makes such an arrangement so that they think that he is in the captive room, and he marries Mayura.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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