Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Premlatha and Rivaaj try to harm Rukmani and Raghav

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav coming to Rani. Rani says Raghav. Raghav says I know you are taking good care of Rivaaj even after he has done so much with you. He says you have a big heart and feels proud of her. Rani says we are family now and shall take care of one another. She thinks she can’t share Rivaaj’s truth with him now and asks how was his interview? Raghav says don’t know and tells that he gave his best. Rani says ok and goes to make tea. Everyone is playing Rummy. Rivaaj comes there and asks what are they doing? Premraj says they are playing rummy. Rani says lets play bluff. Tashi says ok. Rani puts gum on the sofa. Rivaaj sees it and thinks from where it came. Raghav thinks why Rani is noticing him. Rivaaj sits down leaving the place where the gum is poured, thinks if I sit on it then my jeans will tear. Tashi asks him to sit properly. Rivaaj moves a bit on the gum surface. Tashi gives the cards. Raghav loses. Rivaaj wins in the card game. Rani says nobody could catch your lie, well played jija ji.

Raghav tells Rivaaj that he will drop him to his room. Rivaaj says I will go myself and gets up hitting Raghav’s head intentionally. Rani looks on. Raghav feels pain in his head. Rukmani tells that she is going to her house and has made all the arrangements for Rivaaj. Premlatha asks her to go and thinks if anything happens to Rukmani then her mayka will be blamed.

Rivaaj is in his room. Rani puts the snake inside and locks the room and thinks whatever she is doing is to bring truth in front of everyone and maybe she might be mistaken wrongly. Rivaaj thinks Rukmani is not at home and he feels free and switches on the TV. He hears the hissing sound and sees a snake near him. He gets shocked and shouts Amma asking to open the door. Premlatha and others open the door. Rivaaj tells them that he has seen the snake in his room. Rani asks how did you see? He says he felt and asks them to look in the room. He sees it and asks them to look in the corners. They couldn’t find the snake.

Rani says I will check and sees a snake and tells that there is nothing. Dadi asks everyone to come out and says nobody shall trouble him. She asks him to relax and watch a cricket match. She goes. Rivaaj says I won’t let my truth come out and sees the snake on his bed. He comes out scared and sees Chandelier about to fall on him. Tashi, Raghav and others are climbing down the stairs. Tashi turns towards Rivaaj asking him if he needs anything. He says nothing and thinks Rani is doing so many things to expose me. He thinks to make Rani’s doubt cleared and thinks to hurt himself. Rani is hiding and looking at him. She thinks Rivaaj has to move else….She falls down while trying to go near him. Raghav, Tashi, Premlatha and others hear Rani’s voice and come running to Rivaaj. Raghav holds the chandelier rope. Raghav says Rani was coming to save you. Rani says Raghav saved you. Premlatha takes Rivaaj to take off the evil sight from him.

Premlatha makes Laddoo harm Rukmani’s baby. Premraj is about to eat it. Premlatha tells that it is for Rukmani and she wants to kill her baby in her mayka. She asks him to give the laddoo to Rukmani in her mayka. Dadi comes there and sees laddoo. She says what they are doing? Premlatha says she made laddoo, but it is not good so she will make again. Dadi asks her not to stress herself and tells that she will make her will again and will talk to Shivraj. She says she is not worried about Rivaaj now. Premlatha thinks Dadi knows about Rukmani’s pregnancy.

Rivaaj thinks Rani tried to harm me, now I will punish Raghav for Rani’s doing. Raghav asks the Servant to check all the chandelier etc. Rivaaj switches off the pedestal fan and is walking towards there. Raghav asks him to move else you will get hurt. Raghav pushes Rivaaj and gets hurt himself. Rani gets worried for Raghav. Rivaaj smiles.

Precap: Raghav and Rani ask Rivaaj to eat food with them. They sit down. Rani and Raghav romance while having food. Rivaaj gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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