Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani performs in the function, Stalker threatens her

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rukmini knocks on the door and says she is looking hot but locked. Rani comes to the stage as the lead dancer. Few people laugh at her. Rani thinks she has to dance for Rukmani and asks Jhansi ki rani to save the performance. Rukmini breaks the glass piece and shouts for help. Rani starts dancing on the song Saawarlun…..Rukmini hears her song. Rivaaj looks at her. He pretends to get call and goes. He then captures her dance performance in is mobile. Rukmini manages to come out and see Rani completing her dance as the lead. She gets shocked. Rani sees Rukmini standing and is shocked. Rukmini gets upset and goes.

Rani runs behind her. She asks her to listen. Rukmini asks her not to talk to her and asks if she is fine? She says I was feeling bad and asks where were you? She says she was feeling bad as everyone was talking bad about her team, and that’s why she has to dance. Rukmini blames her for trying to take her place being her sister. Rani says you are thinking me wrong. Rukmini says you can’t snatch whatever is mine. She walks out. Rani follows her and finds her missing. She thinks where did Didi go? She sees her tormentor calling her name sitting in dark and runs away from there. Rani searches for Rukmini in the mela and asks herself not to get scared, and says nobody can harm her. She thinks once Di is found then everything will be fine. Someone is stalking her.

Rani finds the man walking near her holding the small helicopter camera. Rani runs while the helicopter follows her. She hides and sees her name written with balloons. She searches for her phone. A man gives her phone and says I got your phone. Rani sees someone’s call and picks it. She sees many men on call and asks who is he? The tormentor says I am your everything. Rani asks him to come infront of her. The tormentor reminds her of Jaggu Dada’s death and tells that Rukmini has hurt her and will have to pay its price. Rani asks her not to harm her sister. The tormentor says Rukmini have to pay. Rani runs on the road crying and finds Rukmini fallen on road. Rukmini tells that someone hit her scooty. Rani tells her everything and hugs her. Rukmini tells her that the stalker called her Rani. Rani asks her to believe her. She says we shall tell truth to Mamma and she will complain to Police. Rukmini promises not to leave her and asks her not to tell mamma.

Rani says our mummy understand us. Rukmini says I am leaving my anger for you and says we have to leave our studies then. Rani says if he harms you. Rukmini says nothing will happen. Rani hugs her and asks her to promise that she will never leave her. Rukmini promises her. They think to go back and take Rani’s bag. They are riding on the scooty with their mummy. Her mum comes to pick them and tells that she went to fulfill Rivaaj’s engagement order. Rukmini asks if she brought her favorite sweets. Her mum says yes, but they find Rani’s favorite sweets. Rani finds someone stalking her.

The stalker holds Rani’s hand on her terrace. She bites him and shouts. Her mum comes with a stick. Rani tells her about the stalker.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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