Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj misbehaves with Media, Rukmani enters indisguise

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tashi asking Servants to serve the media/guests. Kesha comes to Premlatha and tells her that she has mixed medicine in baby’s milk. She takes the mic and thanks the media for coming there. Rivaaj comes there heavily drunk. Mayura smiles. The reporters/cameramen click his pic. Premlatha, Tashi and Kesha get tensed. Rivaaj tells that the media is a langoor and suitable for beaten up by shoe. Reporter asks what is this nonsense? Rivaaj says where is your manners when you write bad about me. Other reporter says we are doing our job. Rivaaj says you have written wrong about my family and saying it is your job. He says you have no value and your job goes on writing about me. He is about to slap a reporter. Kesha stops him and tells Media that Rivaaj is very stressed about his daughter and apologizes to them. Premlatha asks him to take his daughter and feed her milk. Rivaaj takes baby, but throws the milk bottle. He stumbles. Reporter asks if he will make the baby fall. Rivaaj says she is my daughter and tells baby that her papa will shoot all reporters. Mayura takes baby from him. Rivaaj says she handles both daughter and me and says you are very beautiful, if you say then I will leave everything. Reporters say his wife must have left him due to his flirt nature. Premraj takes him inside. Kesha tells the media that Rivaaj is under medication and stressed due to baby. Media says now they will not take interview and leave.

Tashi takes baby from Mayura. Premraj and Roop come and says he slept. Premraj says he shall wake up by 5 pm. Mayura says he shall get up as she called producer in the party, saying he is a family man. Premlatha asks what happened to her son. Mayura recalls adding something in his juice. She thinks Kesha’s idea will be heavy on her. She tells that she will be with Rivaaj. Kesha asks her not to worry and tells that she will be with him all the time. Mayura asks baby why she is crying and calls doctor. Doctor says it happens due to teething. She comes to the black door and tells that she feels that her mother is near there. The door is shown.

A mysterious lady comes home while hiding her face and stands with the Servants. Kesha goes with the Manager. A man comes to the locked room, switches on the secret room and keeps food plate inside, switches off the secret door and comes out. He tries to lock the black door, but the lock is still open. He goes. Mayura comes there with the baby. The mysterious lady enters the scisodia nivas. Baby starts crying. Mayura is about to take off the lock. Rivaaj comes and asks what are you doing? Mayura talks to the baby and says this is happening due to teething, I can’t help. Rivaaj says I am talking to you and calls Tashi to take baby. Tashi takes the baby with her. Rivaaj tells Mayura that she is his bodyguard, there are many people to take care of baby. He asks her to come with him to the dinner party and get ready for now. Mayura goes.

Roop comes to the kitchen and eyes the lady servants working there. The mysterious lady sees his face in the mirror and gets tensed. She is about to walk away. He asks her to stop and turns towards him. He says you was walking nicely and asks what happened now. The mysterious lady says she is back problem since many days. Baby starts crying. Roop turns. Lady goes. Roop comes to the baby and takes her from Tashi. The lady sees the baby crying.

Premlatha comes to Rivaaj and asks if he remembers what he said before media. She says Kesha handled media yesterday. Rivaaj says she gets so much money for that. Premlatha says she does so much more than her work and even called a big producer to a party. She asks him to gift the dress to Kesha which he brought for Mayura. Rivaaj says this is Mayura’s dress. Premlatha asks him to gift dress to Kesha and propose her and announces her as the life partner in the partner. Rivaaj thinks this is the good chance to make Mayura jealous and laughs saying Mayura….

Mayura is going to see the baby and collides with Kesha. She says sorry. Kesha says very soon Rivaaj’s heart will change and will get over you. Mayura makes her dress slip and asks her to be careful. Kesha goes to her room and locks it. Mayura thinks nothing can be fine between Rivaaj and Kesha and she has to bring Rivaaj’s attention to her.

Precap: The mysterious lady is Rukmani and comes to the baby. She applies gel to baby’s gums. Mayura comes there and takes the baby. She notices gel and thinks someone from her family is here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Could it be raghav in that hidden room? It sure isn’t Rukmani! Omg this could be such a happy plot twist!!! Or maybe even Raghav’s daadi? Post leap there was no sign of her ? now that we know rukmani wasn’t in captivity where is rani’s mother and grandmother?? Gosh in these episode Tashi’s so annoying. She’s so naive, and yet at the same time, you’ve to question, why she’s going along with rivaaj and premlatha? From being a total daddy’s girl now we haven’t seen her even nest her dad! Like when premlatha was feeding him, then that’s it. Also why hasn’t Rani/Mayura tried to meet Raghav’s dad when she saw Premlatha feeding him in a wheelchair.

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