Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj executes his big plan against Raghav

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj appreciates his plan. He tells Shivraj that he will call the doctor. He calls Rani and says yesterday you promised Papa and today you left Raghav alone. Rani asks what happened to Raghav? Rivaaj says I will show you live telecast and shows her Raghav’s condition on video call. Rani shouts Raghav’s name. Nurse asks her not to shout. Rivaaj says I wish I could feel your helplessness with my eye. He says one side is your sister and other side is your friend. He says my brother has given me pain, now I am going. Rani asks him not to do anything and says he is your brother. Rivaaj says you care for him more than me and asks her to decide whom she wants to save Rukmani or Raghav.

Rani gets up from her seat. Rivaaj says I will continue my plan and says my brother needs me. He calls Pappu and asks him to send the fake doctor. He then acts to be concerned for Raghav. Nurse tells Rani that Rukmani is given medication and will be fine. Rani asks her to inform her sister that she has to go home for an urgency. Rivaaj gives him red color juice making him more angry. Raghav thinks it is blood. Rivaaj says it is a juice and not blood. Rani tries to take the auto, and finally gets one auto. Auto driver tells that there will be a Jam as some politician is coming. Rani thinks Rivaaj has chosen this day intentionally and thinks she has to do something. Rani is walking on the road, when Rivaaj goons follow her. She thinks they are Rivaaj’s goon. Rivaaj scares Raghav showing the fork. Premlatha asks Shivraj to put cloth in Raghav’s mouth. Shivraj tries to put the cloth in his hand. Rivaaj keeps fork in Raghav’s hand and gets Shivraj hit with it. He smiles. Premlatha says his hand is bleeding. The guests tell Shivraj that they will wait outside. Rani runs fooling the goons and gets tired. She thinks to drink water from the local tap, when goons come there. She throws bucket on them and runs.

Nurse tells Rukmani that she gave her sedatives. Rukmani asks her to send Rani inside. Nurse says she informed that she is going home for some emergency. Rukmani thinks Rani went home and calls her. She thinks why did she leave me alone in this condition. What shall I do, I have no money now. Rani is running and comes to a secluded place. Tashi comes to Raghav and asks what is happening. Premlatha asks her to see Shivraj’s hand. Mama comes and asks why guests went out. Premlatha says Raghav would have taken his life now. Rani runs into jungle. Rivaaj asks mama to bring the curtain and sings him. They bring curtain and keep on Raghav’s head suffocating him. Rani is running and asks Durga Maa to help her. She calls Tashi, but her phone is unreachable. Tashi asks Rivaaj to leave Raghav, he will be hurt. Rivaaj says I have to control him like this, till Doctor comes. Raghav faints. The goons see Rani and come near her. They tell that they will not let her reach home on time. Shivraj tells Raghav that he will be fine. Rivaaj signs Premlatha and Premnath. Premnath says how we will live with him under one roof, he has become inhuman. Rivaaj asks Doctor to treat his brother. Tashi calls Rani, but her number is unreachable.

Rani asks goon to stop. She sees Durga Maa’s procession and runs towards there. She says don’t forget that she is Jhansi ki rani. She splashes color on the goons and mixes in the devotees. Tashi says Rani and Rukmani’s phones are unreachable. Rivaaj smiles. Pappu comes there and says your work is done. I have made the network jammed. Rivaaj recalls Rani and Raghav’s moments and says you hurt me so much Rani, even if you come flying here, then you will not catch up with my speed. Rani thinks to call from PCO and calls at landline number. Tashi is about to pick the call, but Rivaaj stops her and asks her to go to Raghav. He picks the call. Rani asks save Raghav. Rivaaj says you are making me hear old news and asks her to tell something fresh. Rani says whatever you are doing are wrong. Rivaaj says do whatever you want, but you can’t stop with whatever I am doing. He says today Raghav’s lanka will get burnt by this Ravan. Rani shouts asking him not to do this. Rivaaj asks why is she shouting in his ear and asks her to keep her ears clean. He asks her to think what is happening with Raghav and tells her something. Rani cries and shouts no…and asks him not to do anything with Raghav. Rivaaj ends the call and takes out the wire from the landline phone. Rani runs out of PCO.

Precap: Doctor tells that he has to give electric shock to Raghav. Rani is riding on the bicycle to reach Shivraj Mansion. Doctor is about to give electric shock to Raghav. Rani thinks I won’t let anything happen to you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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