Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani finds out Rivaaj’s big lie

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with goons beating Raghav. Raghav comes and beats them. He comes to Rivaaj. Rivaaj is lying on the floor. Raghav and Rani help him get up and takes him from there. Rukmani feels drowsy and sleeping while praying and her Pallu is about to catch fire. Dadi saves her and asks her to go to room and rest. Premlatha signs Rukmani to finish the puja. Rukmani tells Dadi that she will finish the puja. Raghav and Rani bring Rivaaj home. Premlatha gets upset seeing injury on his head. Raghav tells everything. Premraj says Rivaaj is beaten up for the first time. Rani apologizes to Rivaaj. Rivaaj says I couldn’t protect you, now I will not step out of home. Dadi asks him not to say that. Rukmani applies ointment. Raghav takes him to his room. Premlatha blames Rukmani for not been able to do puja nicely. Rukmani gets tensed. Later Rivaaj comes to the dhaba and beats the goon. Other goon looks at him. Rivaaj says I came to settle down the scores and beats them. Rani comes there and looks at Rivaaj taking off the goggles and beating the goon. He says I got beaten much by you because of blindness helplessness. Rani is shocked to know he is acting and thinks I know your ego is big and can’t calm down without taking revenge. He turns and looks, but don’t see Rani as she hides behind her scooty. Rivaaj gets inside the dhaba and beats the other goons. Rani watches everything shockingly.

Rivaaj says it is impossible to even touch me without my permission, leave thinking about beating me. He recalls how he acted to save Rivaaj and falls down from the valley and gets stuck in the tree. He then gets out of tree as per the plan and pours blood on his clothes and face from the bottle. Rani leaves seeing him leaving. He comes out from the dhaba and acts as blind. He comes home. Rani is hiding and watching him. Rivaaj thinks if anyone is awake as the door is open. Snoopy barks at him. He looks at Snoopy. Snoopy barks again. Rani thinks to record the video, but drops something mistakenly. Rivaaj looks who is there. Dadi calls Snoopy asking who is there. Rivaaj runs to his room.

In the morning, Rivaaj comes out to hall. Rani says we have called eye specialist and tells Doctor to treat him. She asks Rivaaj to come. Rivaaj says God has punished me and I don’t have strength to fight anymore. He asks them not to worry. Premlatha asks him to sit for test. Premraj asks him to agree. Rani and Premlatha ask him to sit. Rivaaj sits and tells that he is feeling unwell. He says he wants to go to room. Rani says we will get your check up done in the room. Dadi asks him to get the check up done. Rivaaj agrees. Raghav smiles and takes him. Anjali asks Doctor if the person can become blind without any injury on his eyes. Doctor says it can happen. Rivaaj thinks if Rani got doubtful. Doctor asks him to lie down on the bed.

Doctor checks his eyes and says his eyes are perfect and there is no problem in his eyes. Rivaaj looks on angrily. Everyone gets happy. Premlatha says if he can see. Doctor says he will tests him with the tools in his hospital. He gives the eye drops. Rani takes the eye drops and says I will take care of jija ji as he called me bhabhi. Rivaaj recalls seeing her scooty near the dhaba. Rani asks if the eye drops can be used by normal person and asks if it has any side effects. Doctor says if normal person uses it then will go blind. Rani says I will make sure that only Rivaaj jija ji uses these drops. Rani tells Premlatha that she will do her duty of a bhabhi. Rivaaj asks her to take the eye drops from Rani. Premlatha asks her to give. Rani says she will take care of jija ji and asks her not to worry. She says we will go out and let him rest.

Precap: Rani tries to tell Raghav about Rivaaj, but he doesn’t listen to her and shares his happiness for Rivaaj’s changed behavior.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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