Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi punishes Rivaaj and saves Raghav

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani thinking someone will help her. Rivaaj asks Shivraj to sign and says I know how you are feeling and says this matter is about Bhaiyya’s life. Rani takes video from outside and asks herself to have patience and asks Durga Maa to protect Raghav. Rukmani comes inside and is shocked. Premlatha taunts her. Rani messages Tashi to believe her, there is just one way to stop this. She sends video to her asking her to send Tashi. Tashi sends the video to Dadi. Dadi receives video. Her dog barks. Dadi takes her phone. Rivaaj asks Shivraj to keep stone on her heart and let Bhaiyya go. He smiles. Tashi cries hugging Shivraj. Rani asks Durga Maa to save her Raghav. Dadi sees the video in which Raghav is being taken to mental asylum. She says what they are doing with my Raghav. She says everyone is raita and asks driver to drive fast. Dog barks. Dadi asks him to drive fast. The ambulance is about to take Raghav, when Dadi comes in her car. Premnath shouts asking who has come to die and asks to take the car backwards. But Dadi shows her revolver from inside and fires gun in air. Everyone panic. The coconut falls down on Premlatha’s foot and she shouts. Dadi steps out of the car.

Premlatha says sasumaa…Rivaaj says from where she came to spoil our maths. Tashi asks her to see Bhayu. Premlatha touches her feet. Dadi asks what happened to my Raghav? Shivraj is about to tell. Dadi asks the ambulance guy to open the door. Premnath tries to stop. Dadi threatens to shoot him. Premnath asks the hospital staff to take Raghav out. Rani is hiding nearby and smiles. They take raghav out on wheel chair. Dadi feels bad seeing his condition and says take my grand son inside. Rivaaj says bhaiyya is not well and shall go to hospital. Dadi says whoever has thought to send Raghav to hospital, I will hang him on the window. Dog barks at Rivaaj. Premnath asks from where did this dog came? Dadi asks them to call him Snoopy ji. Shivraj asks them to take Raghav to his room. Rani thanks Durga Maa..

Dadi sees Rukmani and asks if she is Rivaaj’s wife. Rukmani nods her head and takes her blessings. Dadi asks her to take care of Raghav. Snoopy comes to Rani. Rani calls him snoopy ji and kisses on his hand. Dadi asks Rivaaj to search snoopy. Rivaaj thinks someone is here. Dog attacks Rivaaj again. Dadi asks the hospital staff to leave before she makes them hospitalized. She says I have to spend today’s night here and asks will you take me inside. Tashi thanks her for coming. Dadi says whenever there is a danger in the house, I will come. She gives 100 Rs. to Tashi and asks her to tell it was whose idea to send Raghav to mental asylum. Tashi says Rivaaj. Dadi makes Rivaaj sit like a cock and asks him to sit like that. She asks Premlatha to make arrangements of a room for snoopy ji. Premraj says room for dog. Dadi scolds him. Rivaaj gets up. Dadi says everyone is spoilt and asks Rivaaj if he became big. Shivraj and Premlatha sign him to press his feet. Rukmani comes and touches her feet. Dadi asks her to make her room ready beside Raghav’s room. Premraj says Rani’s room is there.

Dadi asks who is Rani? Rivaaj scolds Rukmani and asks why is she staring at him, if she didn’t massages her Dadi’s feet. He asks her to make her room ready. Dadi asks her to give 500 Rs as fine. She says until you talk to her properly you have to pay the fine. She takes money from his pocket and gives back the remaining. She says I took money, and not your strength and asks him to massage his feet. She tells that the smile comes out from heart. Rukmani smiles. Dadi asks did you see your saas smile, poison fall down from her mouth. She gives shagun money to her and asks her to make kada for her three times a day. She brushes off Rivaaj’s hand and says I will meet my grand son Raghav now. Rani is in the temple and thanks Durga Maa for saving Raghav. She think I will be happy when I see him fine again, and says she can’t go to her house as she can’t lie to mum. Tashi calls her and tells that Dadi has changed the house environment and called nurse from agency.

Precap: Rani gives taweez to Nurse. Rivaaj takes it from Nurse and comes to Raghav’s room to suffocate him to death. He takes the pillow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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