Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj attempts to kill Mayura and Ram

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayura coming to the godown and reminisces Raghav’s love confession, Raghav telling her that their lives are in danger, recalls his death. She cries and asks God to give her strength so that she can save Ram. She calls Ram and thinks if Rivaaj killed Ram, and thinks nothing can happen to him. She comes more inside the godown calling Ram and finds Ram trapped in a glass box. She shouts Ram and comes to him. Ram asks what are you doing here and asks her to go, says you don’t need to be Jhansi ki Rani all the time. He says Rivaaj is very dangerous and asks her to go. Mayura says sorry and asks if he is fine. Ram says he is fine and asks her to keep her hand on the glass. He keeps his hand on the glass. Mayura keeps her hand on the outer side of the glass and cries thinking about their moments. Saathiya song plays…….Ram asks if she will just see. Mayura says I will take you out and says there is no opening in the glass. Ram asks her to go and says Rivaaj’s men might be here. Mayura says I will not go without taking you and asks him to be silent. Ram asks her to go and says it will not break. She hits on the glass and the smoke comes out from the surface in the box. Mayura sees Rivaaj’s goon running out.

Kesha and Roop come to scisodia nivas. Roop asks Kesha to stay outside and let him do his brother’s duty, says you have done your duty till now. Kesha stays outside. Roop walks inside. The guard stops him. Roop says I am the damad of the house. Guard stops him and threatens him. Roop goes out and comes to Kesha, tells her that Tashi is in danger, I don’t know when I started feeling for her genuinely. Kesha hugs him and says Tashi also loves you, she is not like Rivaaj who hurt me. She goes inside and shows her face to guard , says she got a dangerous disease and if he touches her then he will have the same face as hers. The guard asks her to go. Kesha looks at Roop, who enters silently while she diverts the guard’s attention.

Mayura thinks Rivaaj’s goon is doing this and thinks to take Ram from there. Ram suffocates due to the smoke and asks her to go. Mayura says I will not go and says whisky’s promise. Ram says you are talking like Jat. She tries to break the glass and asks Ram not to worry. Roop tries to go inside through the window. Premraj asks Premlatha what happened to Rivaaj? Why is he doing this with us. Tashi asks the goons to let them sit atleast. Roop comes and hits one of the goons and make him fall down. Inspector and Premraj also beat them . Inspector takes them with him. Tashi tells Roop that Mayura is in trouble as Rivaaj went out angrily and says I hope she has read my message. Tashi messages her. Mayura reads the message that Rivaaj left from home. She gets worried and thinks what to do. Ram asks her to go. Mayura tries to break the door and asks him not to lose faith. She says I will take you out. Ram asks her to go and call Police, says Rivaaj might do the same thing which he did with Raghav and you.

Premlatha scolds Tashi and says you are worrying for that trouble. Kesha comes there and says Mayura is not any trouble. Premlatha asks what happened to you and looks at her face. Kesha tells her everything how Rivaaj threatened her. Mayura tries to break the glass with the iron rod and asks God to help him. She asks him to get up, not to lose strength and says I will not let anything happen to you. She finds kerosene oil near her feet. Rivaaj pours the kerosene oil around the glass box and Mayura and says see who has come, Rivaaj came…he says don’t know why his brothers come to this place, don’t know who burns them. He laughs. Mayura recalls Raghav’s death.

Rivaaj laughs and says why you are scared as I caught you red handed trying to save him, or because you know that I am Rivaaj and not Ram. He says all secrets are out, says don’t fear from me and asks if she is scared of kerosene oil. He says I am not foolish to burn such a beautiful girl. He says I came to give you a last golden chance and asks her to go home, and get ready to start her life with him in the house. He smells her hairs and says your freedom door, door to have a happy life with me and says I love you and that’s why I don’t want to do anything with you, you are safe with me, but how can this happen until Ram is alive. He says he will free him so that she can see him in stars and see him (Rivaaj) in moon. He asks if she will agree. He says I will not force you and asks her to decide if she wants to die with Ram or wants to lead a luxury life with him. He asks her to take the match stick and leave, else do your last rites. Mayura recalls Raghav’s death.

Precap: Police reaches there. Mayura asks Inspector to arrest Rivaaj. Rivaaj holds Mayura’s neck. Ram asks him to leave her. Mayura pushes Rivaaj to save him and he falls on the kerosene oil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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