Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesha calls Journalist to take Rivaaj’s interview

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Roop colliding with Mayura intentionally and smiles. He asks where are you going Mayura. Mayura sprays pepper spray in his eyes. He asks what did you do, I was going to have breakfast? Mayura says dining table is that side. Everyone is having breakfast. Tashi tastes the paratha says it is of Rukmani’s recipe. She says Rani had written the recipe and gave to me. Premlatha asks Servant who made this? Servant says I made it. Tashi says she remembers its taste surely. Mayura recalls, a fb is shown. She makes Ajwain paratha to make them remember the past. She asks Servant to take his name if paratha is liked and take her name if disliked by them. Premlatha says that sisters went and left trouble with us. Mayura gets upset. Rivaaj finds her upset and says baby is mine also. Premlatha blames them for Raghav’s death and Shivraj’s condition. Rivaaj asks her to have food. He tastes the paratha and says wah. Rani recalls Rivaaj attempting to kill Anjali, hurting Rukmani and burning Raghav and her. Tashi asks Roop what happened? Roop says something went in his eye. Kesha says she will go and change her dress, as some special guest is coming to meet Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks who? Kesha asks him to keep guessing. She comes after getting ready. Premlatha and Premraj ask Kesha who is coming and guess. Mayura asks her to tell straightly who is coming and says I will not play this guess game. Kesha says I will not tell you, but will tell only Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks her to tell him. Kesha says a top bollywood journalist is coming to cover your story all day. Rivaaj says good job. Premlatha gets happy. Kesha says they will visit the house after visiting set and asks Premraj to see the arrangements at home. Mayura thinks she shall execute her next plan there.

Rivaaj and Pappu come to the film set with Mayura. Pappu does his make up and rehearsals seeing Mayura. Pappu says you are reading wrong. Rivaaj sprays perfume on his face and asks him not to interfere. He asks Mayura to read the lines. Mayura says this is not my work. Rivaaj says if my performance gets bad then my reputation will be ruined, your responsibility is to stop trouble from reaching me. Mayura says ok.

Reporter comes to the film set and meets Kesha. Director tells Kesha that he wants to talk to her. Kesha excuses himself. Rivaaj practices dialogues with Mayura. She says I will kill both of you today. Rivaaj asks her to tell the heroine’s dialogues. Reporter/Journalist hears spot boys talking that Rivaaj and Mayura are having an affair. Rivaaj comes closer to Mayura and says I want to say something. Just then Reporter comes there with Kesha and cameraman. Rivaaj scolds them for not knocking on the door and asks them to leave. Reporter introduces himself as Dabbu and says I have heard that your affair is going on with your bodyguard. Rivaaj smiles looking at her and says no comments. Mayura smiles and recalls giving money to spot boys. She says what are you saying. Kesha asks Mayura to go out. Rivaaj says Mayura is mine and will not go. he then says you can say anything infront of her. He asks Reporter to start the interview.

Premlatha asks Servant to take baby in Servant’s quarters. Tashi comes and takes the baby, says she is bhai’s daughter. Premlatha says her mother was trouble and even she is. Tashi says she will take care of her and takes her in her lap. Reporter comes home with Rivaaj and others. Rivaaj asks if the interview is over. Reporter says just a last question. He asks if he don’t feel lonely in the house. Premlatha says my son is unmarried, as good girls is difficult to search. Baby starts crying in her room. Premraj tells rivaaj, your daughter cries a lot. Premlatha shouts at him and says he means to say Servant’s daughter. Kesha asks when we can see the news. Reporter says very soon, we will inform you about the telecast. Kesha hopes he didn’t use Mayura and Rivaaj’s news. Later Mayura is with the baby. She says Rivaaj will be forced to bring your mother back hom and says her plan worked perfectly to make him mad in her love. Kesha says I know everything, don’t think this. She says I can understand everything. Mayura says she is not interested in Rivaaj. She says you are very insecure about him, I am not interested in him, but he is interested in me. She asks her to go and stop Rivaaj and blame him. She says I am not interested in your cheap tactics and says you don’t know how to do work or anything. Kesha says you will know soon what I can do. Mayura calls her friend and asks if she gave news to Media. Friend says I told everything without revealing my identity. Mayura says good days start.

Precap: Everyone watches news. Reporter tells that handsome bachelor of Bhojpuri film is not bachelor, but have a wife Rukmani and daughter. Mayura thinks now Rivaaj has to bring Rukmani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why does it seem like Tashi is just as evil as rivaaj and her mum. She’s least worried about her dad, her decease brother and sil, or rukmani. Was she the quiet accomplice is Rivaaj’s plans?

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