Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani searches for Raghav

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rani coming to Raghav’s room and says I am keeping your food here. Raghav comes there and asks where are you going? Rani says you are throwing tantrums, and that’s why I will not stay here and will go. I have kept khichdi for you. Raghav asks her to sit and says sorry. He says I have something for you and gives chocolate. Rani says I don’t want. Raghav says I am your best friend, hurt you so much and says you will take first bite of all my chocolates and says it is Raghav, the husband’s promise. Rani gets touched by is words and tastes the chocolates. She gets teary eyes. Raghav asks if there is chilli in it. Rani says no, it is because of your sweetness. Yeh moh moh plays…Rani asks him to eat khichdi. Raghav says he wants to eat Malpua, and then says Puri and then says he wants to have chole etc. Rani says ok, I will make everything for you. She asks him to have bite of khichdi. Rivaaj hears them and says you wants to have food made by my Rani and says until when you will be saved. Rukmani calls Rivaak desparately, but he didn’t pick her calls. She gets worried. Rani comes and asks if she is fine? She applies ointment to her wound. Rukmani thanks her and says she needs to rest. She asks her to go and close the door while going. Rani thinks Rukmani wants to tell her something, but what? She goes.

Rivaaj asks where is Raghav? Servant says he is there. Rivaaj brings gifts for him and shows the shirt. He says he brought 7 shirts for him and asks him to see. He takes him to room and tells that he brought gifts for his wife and tells that wife gets happy when husband brings gift for his wife. Rukmani comes there and calls Rivaaj. Rivaaj apologizes for not picking the call and says he brought surprise gifts for her. He says I love you Ruku…Rukmani says I love you too. Raghav says even I want to take gift. Rivaaj asks for whom? Raghav says I just want to take. Rivaaj says I will take you for shopping. Rani makes Raghav’s favorite dish and calls Raghav. She asks him to come down as the food is ready. Raghav tells Rivaaj that he wants new toys. Rivaaj asks him to take jhumkas, dupatta etc for his friend. Raghav thinks Rani wears this, and thinks Rani asked him to keep the secret. He says he just wants toys. Rivaaj thinks he doesn’t know that the school in which he has taken admission is build by me. Rani calls Raghav. Rukmani asks why is she worrying and tells that Raghav went to mall with Rivaaj.

Raghav and Rivaaj go to mall. Rivaaj makes him wear muffler. Raghav says no. Rivaaj says you will get unwell and asks him to come on escalator. Raghav says I will fall down. Rivaaj says you are grown up now, you are my brother. He thinks you was flying with Rani high, now she also can’t save you. He is about to pull the muffler and make Raghav fall on the escalator, just then someone ask about the movie theater, and Raghav gets saved.

Rani calls Raghav. Rivaaj stops him from picking her call and says your surprise will be ruined. Raghav says ok. Rani gets worried and asks Rukmani why Raghav went to mall. Rukmani says he went to get gifts. He tells that Rivaaj brought gifts for her, and that’s why Raghav wanted to buy gifts as well, when we ask for whom, he didn’t say. Rani asks where did they go? Rukmani says don’t know, but I will show my gifts to you. Raghav asks Rivaaj to come to see gifts.

Rukmani takes Rani to room and shows the gifts. Rani thinks all the gifts are wrapped and nothing is written about the mall. She asks Rukmani to call jija ji and asks when is he coming? Rukmani asks her not to worry. Rani says she wants some stuff. Rukmani calls him, but he is not picking the call. Rani asks him to let her call. She calls him. Rivaaj picks the call and thinks Rukmanbi is on call. He says I am busy and will come home soon. She hears announcement making in the mall about the offer in Jhansi mall. Rani leaves from the house and comes to the mall. She searches for Raghav. Raghav gets up and gets down the escalator and plays with rivaaj. Rivaaj gets irritated. Rani calls Raghav, but his phone is with Rivaaj and he rejects the call. Raghav comes to Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks him to stop playing and concentrate on shopping. He takes him to a shop and asks him to buy and come out. Raghav asks what to buy for Rani. Rani thinks where is Raghav?

Precap: Raghav is coming out of mall when the beep rings. He is checked for stealing the thing. He tells that the thing is not his. Rivaaj is hiding and recalls keeping it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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