Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 18th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mayura comes to the godown to save Ram

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 18th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Premlatha seeing Rivaaj coming and asks him to freshen up, says she will serve the breakfast. Mayura takes Khanak and asks what happened to her. She takes her to room. Rivaaj don’t say anything. Mayura comes back to Rivaaj and slaps him. Rivaaj gets angry and asks how dare you? Mayura says you took Khanak outside and she fell ill. Rivaaj says he will kill Ram like he killed Raghav. Mayura says you will not do this. He laughs. It turns out to be Mayura’s dream. Mayura thinks to pluck out this pain for forever. She feels sorry to the baby. She comes out and sees Rivaaj standing. He asks did you sleep properly at night or couldn’t sleep all night as you worry for her a lot. He says I will not do anything to Khanak as she is mine, but will ruin the one who tries to ruin me. She takes out the paper and tears it, and puts it on her head. He says think yesterday’s chapter as the warning and says if you go against me then it will be a kand. He goes. Mayura picks the torn papers and checks. She is shocked to see that it is property papers and thinks he is closer to my truth. She thinks to execute her plan before he knows her truth. She tries to come out, but sees his goon standing out. The goon closes the door. Mayura thinks how to search Ram now. The goon comes inside with Rivaaj. Rivaaj looks at Mayura and smiles. Mayura thinks seems like he will not let me go out. She thinks how will I save Ram now? She goes near the window and finds goon standing outside the window also.

Premlatha asks Servant to keep ghee in the temple. Rivaaj stops Mayura and thinks you are just mine. He asks her to help his Amma in puja arrangements. Premlatha says she shall not work with me. Rivaaj says she is your bahu and best naukrani. Mayura asks what to do, tell me. Premlatha asks her to clean the trash from the temple. Premraj says she has become naukrani. Mayura goes to temple area and prays for help. Just then, Tashi comes there and asks Inspector to arrest Rivaaj. She says he has sent dangerous gift to Kesha and threatened her. Premlatha asks why you are doing this? Tashi says he shall be punished. Rivaaj asks what is the proofs against him. Inspector says we have the proofs, we know you are behind. Rivaaj laughs and says she is accusing you falsely as she left home. Premlatha asks him to leave him. Mayura signs Tashi and recalls her conversation with her. She asks her to bring Police. Police inspector asks why did you get attack planned on Kesha and asks didn’t you know that this is illegal.

Mayura comes to Roop’s house and asks about Kesha. Roop says Tashi told me and says Kesha is in trauma and is not ready to accept that Rivaaj did this. She comes inside house. Kesha gets angry seeing Mayura. Mayura plays Rivaaj’s recording in which he asks the Goon to threaten Kesha. Mayura asks Kesha to take revenge from Rivaaj and tell her about Ram. Roop asks who is he? Mayura says Rivaaj was not faithful to his own twin brother. Kesha says he told me that he is his lookalike. Mayura asks her to help her else there will be no difference between Rivaaj and you. Kesha tells that Ram is in the tilaknagar godown. Mayura recalls Rivaaj burning them and cries. She says she won’t let this happen with Ram. Roop gives the keys of the godown to Mayura and asks her to go. Mayura goes.

Premlatha asks Tashi why is he doing as he didn’t call you back. Tashi says this is right, I am going to correct his mistake. Rivaaj asks Inspector to move back and tells that you don’t know who am I? He gets a call and the goon tells him that Mayura went to godown. Rivaaj thinks Mayura used Tashi to divert his attentions, slaps Inspector and asks his goons to tie them all. He asks them to forget that Tashi is his sister and asks them to tie Premlatha and Premraj also. Premraj says why are you doing this? Premlatha says I am your mum. Rivaaj says Tashi that you have chosen Ram over me. Mayura reaches the godown and thinks this is the same place where Raghav died and thinks may be Durga Maa wanted to do justice.

Precap: Rivaaj tells Mayura that she can lead a happy life with him and says he don’t want to lose her, but will say bye to Ram. He gives her match stick to burn Ram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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