Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mayura tortures Rivaaj using poisonous insect on Day 3

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj trying to cut the rope using Mayura’s hair clip. Ram tells her that they are partners and he won’t let Rivaaj come out of that room. Tashi asks Premlatha about Shivraj and asks if he will not come out. Premlatha says he is not well. Roop comes there and signs Tashi. Ram comes there and says nobody called me for breakfast and dances. Premraj says it seems you are not bhanje ji, but someone else. Ram holds his neck and asks him to tell whom to break and beat. He says today I am Punjabi and tomorrow I will become banarasi babu. Tashi asks him to come and says she will tie rakhi. She asks if he will give what she asks for and asks him to bring Kesha back. Ram asks her to leave his hand and says I don’t believe in these formalities. He says Kesha will not come here. Tashi thinks if Raghav would have been here then this wouldn’t have happen. She asks him to get the rakhi tied by her. He refuses and is going. Mayura comes there and asks him to get the rakhi tied, says you have just one sister. Ram says ok. Tashi says I don’t need your recommendation. Ram asks her to tie rakhi. Tashi is tying him rakhi. Premlatha ties Rakhi to Premraj. Roop tells that today kesha didn’t tie him rakhi. Tashi asks Ram to get Kesha back while trying rakhi. Ram goes refusing her and the rakhi falls down. Tashi gets upset. Mayura picks the fallen rakhi and goes behind Ram.

Premlatha tells Tashi that she will talk to him. Rivaaj couldn’t cut the rope and thinks to ruin Mayura once he goes from there. Mayura thinks she has to face Rivaaj and is going there. Ram comes there. Mayura stops and tells him that she was coming to him. Ram says Tashi wanted him to bring Kesha back. Mayura says you would have given her gift. Ram tells that he is very hungry and haven’t eaten food. Mayura says she will send food for him. Rivaaj is still trying to cut the rope.

Mayura comes inside the first door and ties her hairs before coming to the third room where she has kept Rivaaj captive. Rivaaj pretends to be sleeping. Mayura says same, old tricks and says this fear is not food. Rivaaj opens his eyes and says you came again. He says if I would have been on your place then wouldn’t have come. Mayura says she came for this and shows the rakhi. She says she thought for Tashi and brought it for him. Rivaaj says I will take it from my sister when I come out. She says you can become a human sometimes, and says it is a band just. She ties it on his hand. Rivaaj tries to hit her with his hand, but she moves back and smiles. Rivaaj asks her to leave and gets stunned seeing her smile. He thinks what is in it and asks what is biting me? Mayura smiles. Rivaaj feels the pain and tries to rub his hand. He asks Mayura to take it off. Mayura says you don’t deserve to be a brother or a human. Her hair pin falls down from Rivaaj’s hand. Mayura recalls Rivaaj hurting Raghav by making him bitten with poisonous insect.

Ram is very hungry and thinks Mayura didn’t send the food till now. He happens to watch laptop and thinks Mayura doesn’t listen at once. He runs and goes inside. Premlatha sees him going inside. Mayura comes out of the captive 3rd room. Ram scolds her for coming alone and says danger is inside. Mayura says I am fine and says I gave him rakhi surprise which you left incomplete with Tashi. Premlatha says son reads fan mails every morning. Ram asks Mayura why she hurts Rivaaj. Mayura recalls Raghav’s death and says you will not understand. Premlatha comes near the door and sees the lock open. Ram and Mayura hear the sound. Premlatha comes inside the first room. Mayura looks at the cupboard there. Ram hears Rivaaj shouting and goes to the third room, makes Rivaaj unconscious. He comes back to the second room and gets inside the cupboard with Mayura. Premlatha calls him and tries to switch on light which opens the second door. She comes to the second room calling son and thinks where did he go, he came inside just now. Ram looks at Mayura in the cupboard and smiles…main tenu samjhawa ki plays…….Mayura looks out of the cupboard. Premlatha looks at the mirror door and calls herself beautiful Premlatha. Mayura gets scared and hugs Ram. Ram looks at her. Premlatha walks towards the cupboard and is about to open it.

Precap: Premlatha tells Roop and Tashi that she will keep puja tomorrow and there will be a surprise. Ram comes there and asks what is the surprise? Premlatha asks if he don’t remember. Ram asks what is it? Mayura thinks how can she forget to give him such an important info about Rivaaj’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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