Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj gets Raghav’s medicines changed

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking who is inside? Rukmani says Janki nurse is inside. Dadi says I want to thank her for saving Raghav. Rukmani says I will bring her there then you can talk to her. Dadi goes. Rani applies make up and comes out. Rukmani scolds Rani and says Raghav shall become fine soon and says it is better for us, and says if they come to know that I have hidden your truth from them then they will throw me out. She says she don’t want to lose Rivaaj and loves him so much. She asks her to come. Rivaaj and Premraj make Raghav sit in tempo. Rivaaj says bhaiyya’s head will blast like watermelon and asks him to do the kaand before anyone comes. He pushes the tempo. Premraj asks where is behen? Premlatha wakes up seeing the tempo sliding and shouts for help. Premraj asks Rivaaj

to run and says my behen will die. Rivaaj runs and gets inside the tempo, and stops it. Premlatha falls down, but Raghav doesn’t fall down from the chair as his chain gets stuck with the window holder. Rani gets inside and sees the chain saving Raghav. She thanks Durga Maa. Song plays….yeh moh moh ke….Rivaaj tells that driver forgot to keep the stone.

They come home. Premlatha scolds Rivaaj and tells that her body is paining badly.. Rivaaj says he didn’t get dream that she is taking a nap inside. Premraj says Rivaaj saved you else you have taunt him from sky. Rivaaj thinks Janki was having mud, but Raghav didn’t when they fall in the water. He thinks something is wrong.

Dadi takes off evil sight from Raghav. Rani tells that she is going to show Raghav’s report to Dr. Saigal and asks Snoopy not to let anyone come inside. Rivaaj thinks this nurse is leaving Raghav alone trusting Dog. Rani as Janki comes to hospital and tells Nurse about her appointment with Dr. Saigal. Rivaaj is sitting at other side and looking at her. A boy comes and asks Rivaaj to give his ball. Rivaaj scolds him and asks if this is the play ground. Rani hears him and thinks he is following her. She runs away. Rivaaj turns and sees her missing. She escapes from his view and comes to a ward. She sees Anjali sitting there wearing shirt and salwar. She recalls Anjali’s death and her suicide note. She comes near Anjali, and says Anjali is alive. Doctor comes there. Rani says I want to talk to her. Doctor says she is in shock and can’t speak. Rani thinks how come she is alive, and what was that suicide note. She thinks she shall go before Rivaaj sees her. Rivaaj comes near that ward and sees Anjali, but don’t see her face. Anjali recalls Rivaaj throwing her in the water and reacts. Lady doctor checks her and asks him to get her scan done. Rani meets Dr. Saigal and he tells her that Raghav is unwell because of the wrong treatment to him, and asks her to tell that doctor’s name who is responsible for Raghav’s treatment.

Rani thinks if Rivaaj comes to know then he will not let this doctor treat Raghav. Rani asks Doctor to give the medicine, but he don’t give her medicine and says he will give only to family member. Rivaaj hears her. Rani says I am his family member only and tells that she acted to be Nurse, but she is his wife Rani. She tells everything about their marriage. Rivaaj gets furious hearing this. Nurse comes and sends Rivaaj to other Dr. Saigal. Doctor gives her medicine and says he will get fine after taking this medicine. Rivaaj thinks Raghav will never get fine. Pappu and Bhanu come on the bike and snatches her bag from her hand. He changes medicine from Rani’s purse and escapes. Rani finds the bottle and thanks Durga Maa. They come to Rivaaj and show the tablets. Rivaaj gets happy and says Janki devi will give poison to Raghav and then bye bye.

Precap: Raghav gets attack after taking the wrong medicine. Rani tries to calm him down. Raghav comes out of coma. Rani thanks Durga Maa, but Raghav asks who is she? Rani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stupid show. Stupid main Male actor..
    Ugly clumsy rivaaj, too big and clumsy for the shit part he act. He acts like a pu**y a*sh*le…foolish writers…limited brain power, none at all…too much evil and nothing positive…

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