Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi plans to go on a picnic

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episodes starts with everyone seeing Premnath and Premraj in the kitchen when the cooker blasted. Rukmani asks why did they use the old cooker. Dadi asks them to get ready for punishment. Dadi asks Janki to make food for her sake. Rani says ok. Rani’s friend talks to her about an incident. Rani brings something. Dadi asks what did you make? Rukmani says it is UP snacks. Janki says her friend taught her to make this. She serves the snacks to guests. Vaman likes her. The guests taste the snacks and says it is really good. Vaman says wonderful. Dadi says I got south indian food, but everything is ruined, so Janki made UP food. Dadi’s friend tells that they are fed up of eating idli and dosa. Dadi appreciates Janki and says my friend and her family are happy because of her. Vaman’s father

asks her to sing classical or filmy song. Rani thinks save me, Durga maa…don’t forget that I am Jhansi wali Rani. She says I will sing….She begins singing song and stops. Dadi’s friend asks her to sing. Rani sings again…yenda…poonam ke chand….Chennai express song….Vaman dances…and sings. Janki laughs.

Dadi aims gun at Rivaaj and others and asks them to dance. Later Rani brings juice and serves to everyone. Vaman whispers something in his mother’s ears. Dadi’s friend gets happy and tells Dadi that Vaman told something good. She says Vaman likes Janki and we want to meet her family to talk about their alliance. Janki/Rani gets tensed. Dadi says it is really good, we will get Janki married just as Raghav gets fine. Rivaaj and Premlatha smiles. Rivaaj tells that they will get many nurses for Raghav, but Janki can’t get guy like Vaman. Dadi says Janki will marry Vaman after Raghav gets fine and understands her responsibility. She tells Rani that she will talk to her mother about her marriage. Janki says I can’t marry. Dadi asks why? Janki says I am of someone else, even though my marriage is not official, but I love him so much. Dadi’s friend tells that it is ok. Vaman gets sad. Dadi’s friend asks Rivaaj to bring Rukmani to Chennai.

Later dadi tells janki that Mahalakshmi knows how to live life and says she roams with her family, but my family is bondi and dahi, everyone is raita. Rani tells that it is very good to visit somewhere, to refresh mind and body. Dadi finds Raghav smiling. Rivaaj comes there. Dadi tells that Raghav smiled. Rivaaj is shocked and says it is a good thing. Rani says a tortoise walks slow, but wins. She tells that Raghav will get fine. Dadi tells about Mahalakshmi telling her about Dr. Sehgal. Rani says if a patient is taken for outing then he will get fine soon. Dadi says we will go on a picnic. Rivaaj says I will book the bus. He thinks I will also play game with your life….Raghav bhaiyya.

Later, they all are going for the picnic. Dadi asks Premlatha what did she apply on her face? Premlatha says sand cream. Dadi taunts her. Rukmani says it is a sunscreen. The bus driver tells that they can’t take dog with him. Rivaaj says the place is rough and tells that it is not good to take him. Dadi asks Snoopy to be at home with Servants. Rivaaj thinks Snoopy might fail his plan. Rani takes Raghav inside the bus. Rivaaj looks at the screw driver and makes the wheel chair screws loose.

Precap: Premlatha calls Rani. Premraj takes Raghav’s wheelchair far. Rivaaj makes a heavy stone fall on the wheelchair. Raghav falls down. Rani shouts Raghav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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