Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj abducts Rani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shivraj apologizing to Rani and Rukmani. Rani asks him not to feel sorry and says even you are betrayed and tells that they want his blessings and trust. Shivraj says my blessings are with you both. Rani asks Rukmani to rest and says she will meet in the morning. Rukmani cries. Rivaaj tries to stop the vehicles, but nobody stops. He says he is Rivaaj sisodia. Rani recalls Premlatha is also involved and thinks shall I tell about mummy ji and mama ji. She sees them talking. Shivraj comes to Rani and asks her to listen. Premlatha and Premraj look at them. Rani says I want to talk to you. Rivaaj beats the truck driver and gets the truck. He drives away. Shivraj asks Rani to tell. Just then Tashi shouts and tells that Maa has locked herself in kitchen. Shivraj and Dadi ask her to open the door. Premlatha says she is not suitable to be called as a mother and acts to cries. Raghav comes and asks her to open the door. Premlatha says I shower all my love on Rivaaj and didn’t care about you. She says I shall be punished and leave from here. Shivraj asks Raghav to break the door. Raghav breaks the door. They see Premlatha about to eat poison. Raghav stops her. Premlatha hugs him and apologizes for not loving him. Raghav looks at Rani and takes her to room. He asks her to sleep and goes.

Premlatha recalls calling Rivaaj. She tells that she is with him. Rivaaj says you didn’t support me infront of everyone. Premlatha tells that if she don’t stay here then how she will separate Rani and Raghav and take revenge from them. Fb ends. She smiles. Raghav comes to Rani and asks if she is okay. She nods yes. He asks how is Rukmani didi. Rani is worried and tells that Rukmani can’t bear and lost her senses. She says Rukmani needed her the most at the moment and she shall tell the truth to Maa and Dadi, they will be shattered as well. She says Rivaaj has ruined many lives and asks if everything can’t be normal again. Raghav asks did you notice ever that morning comes after night and says they will have a new ray of hope and I will stand with you at all times. Rani thanks him. She shows him ring and says you gave me this. Raghav says I don’t remember and calls her Jhansi ki rani. He says even if you are Jhansi ki rani then also you have to sleep. He makes her lie down on the bed. Rani says Raghav…and tells that she needs to change her clothes. Raghav holds her hand and thank her. He says whatever you did for me, you have faced many troubles, but didn’t leave supporting truth and me. He says thank you. Rani says you have forgotten that we are best friends forever and there is no sorry and thank you in friendship.

In the morning, Rani comes to Rukmani’s room and finds her missing. She thinks where did she go alone? Rivaaj comes and keeps hand on her mouth. He ties cloth on her mouth, lifts her and takes her out. He asks what did you ask me to move infront of you and says I will smash your life with my footsteps. He takes her to the tempo. Rani knocks on the tempo door calling Raghav. Raghav wakes up from sleep and looks for Rani. Rivaaj sits in the tempo and drives off. Raghav comes to the balcony and sees the tempo leaving. He checks for Rani in Rukmani’s room and finds her earring outside the room. Rani shouts for help. Rivaaj tells Rani that he got his name written in her destiny with the burning coal. Rani shouts asking to open the door. Rivaaj says I will show you my strength today.

Precap: Rani throws flour from the tempo to alert Raghav and thinks he sees the track. Raghav sees the flour on the road and follow it, says I am coming Rani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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