Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mayura saves Rivaaj from village tribals

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayura seeing lantern about to fall on the little boy standing near the tree. She saves the boy and asks if he is fine. He nods yes. She asks him if you will do my small work. Boy nods yes. Premlatha throws things on Premraj and asks him to search her son. Kesha tells that all roads are blocked, their team will take 12 hours to reach there and tells that even helicopter can’t go there. Tashi’s husband says I know some people there and says much money will be needed. Premlatha says my son shall not get even a scratch on his face and says he is a superstar. Rivaaj tells the Sarpanch that he is very rich and will give him much money. He says you can keep my stuff worth lakhs and even the car. Sarpanch gets angry and asks his men to take him. Rivaaj is made to lie

to behead him. He asks Sarpanch to rethink and closes his eyes seeing the man about to slaughter him. Boy comes there and says Devi came and saved my life. The man slaughtering him stops. Mayura comes there as Devi. The villagers get happy and fold her hand. Mayura says I am not happy with you all and asks if they give bali like this. She asks them to bend down infront of her and says Om Nam Namay Nama. They all close their eyes and say the same. Mayura comes to Rivaaj and frees him. She asks them to say silently. Rivaaj asks how do you come here? Mayura asks him to run first. Something falls down and they all open their eyes and see them running. They run behind them. Rivaaj and Mayura sit in the car, but it doesn’t start. Everyone bang on the car and asks them to come out. Sarpanch says you fooled us, now we will sacrifice you both, Maa will be happy.

Tashi’s husband is talking to his friend and asks him to bring liquor of good quality in the party. He has the money on the bed. Kesha comes there and tells him that Rivaaj is very important to them. She tells him that the money is not of Tashi and asks him to search Rivaaj. He says you are my sister and asks her to mind her own business. He says I sent some men in his search.

Rivaaj and Mayura are caught and tied again. He says once I know who changed the location won’t be saved. Mayura says it is good that I came behind you, else you would have lose your life. She says your family is thankless to fire me and says once she frees him then their ways are different. She says she is doing duty of her ex boss. Rivaaj says I won’t let loyal people go and says once you save me then your ex job will become current. Sarpanch asks his men to bring them for bali. Rivaaj says I am telling even now, I will spend so much on your Qabila/tribe that you all will be changed.

Rani recalls Raghav’s death and thinks why shall I save him. She thinks once he dies, then I will take Ruku didi’s baby and search Dadi and Maa. Sarpanch asks whom to kill first. Mayura thinks she won’t let him die an easy death and thinks to take revenge herself. She steps ahead for first bali. He asks do you have any last wish. She says she wants to apologize to Mata Rani and do penance for her sins. Sarpanch nods his men to let her do penance. Mayura and Rivaaj come near the idol. She signs him to burn the rope. She burns her rope while apologizing to devimaa. Sarpanch says your time is over. Mayura asks God to forgive them. Their ropes are burnt.

Sarpanch asks his men to catch them and kill. They splash something on them and run. Mayura is having the sword in her hand and threatens to kill them. She closes their door and they escape. Rivaaj takes her in his car and says it is good car started. He thanks her for saving his job and says don’t know what would have happened if you had not come. He says I thought once that you love me. She says she just love her job and says she would have saved anybody else also. Rivaaj says I like your attitude and says your ex job is your current job now. Mayura thinks she will not say yes so easily and thinks she won’t let him fire her again. She says sorry and says our ways are different now. I will never see you again and gets down from the car. She thinks you will stop me and then I will accept your job. She waits for the rickshaw.

Precap: Mayura is about to get in the rickshaw. Rivaaj tells her that he is alive because of her and he would have been a fool if he let her go. He says you will work as my personal bodyguard. Mayura thinks you are fool to hire your destroyal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What crap is this this needs to stop

  2. I still need to know how Tashi came to be in this position. Married to a loser/goon. Rani’s revenge needs to take up paste, at this rate it’s quite agonizing. Who could Rani’s aide be? Where is she getting these funds, and links? Could it be rivaaj’s ex fiance?

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