Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj confesses his love for Rani

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mama making Raghav drinking juice. Premlatha says she don’t think that Rani shall stay here anymore. Raghav hears and gets hysterical. He hurts himself. Everyone try to calm him down. Raghav sits in the almari and locks himself. Everyone ask him to come out. Rivaaj asks him to come out. Rani says if you don’t come out then I will leave. Raghav cries and says you will not go anywhere. Rani says if you want me to stay here then you shall come out now itself. Raghav says how to open the door as I have the keys. He feels suffocated. Rani checks under the door and asks him to give keys to her through the gap. Raghav gives her keys. Rani opens the door and takes him out. She asks if he is fine? Raghav says you will not go anywhere and hugs her. Everyone is surprised.

Rani takes Raghav from there. Prem latha tells Shivraj that they have shown us film and says if outsiders will understand this.

Rivaaj tells Rukmani that he needs sometime. Rukmani asks him not to sleep out and stay in the room. Rivaaj says he will be restless here and asks her to take rest, and thanks her for understanding him. Rani thinks that the door is not locked and checks the door. She finds the walkie talkie in her room. Raghav asks if she is sleeping and says I kept it so that you can call me if you get scared. Rani says ok and says she will sleep now. She says goodnight. Raghav says over and out. Rani looks at Rukmani and her pic and thinks Raghav made the room lively with his toys. She is about to sleep, and sees the door opening. She asks if Raghav is there and calls him. Rivaaj comes there shocking Rani and closes the door. He says I am his small brother Rivaaj, and calls himself Rani ka Rivaaj…Rani asks what is this way and asks him to go out, else she will shout and wake up everyone. Rivaaj says you would have shouted in day time if you wanted. Rani says I was silent for my di, but not anymore. Rivaaj asks her to go and tell Rukmani. He praises her and tells that I know that I am like a Ravan to you, and tells that just like that Ravan knows about his limitations, even he knows his limitations and will not let her respect ruined and promises that she is the only one in his life, and she will not be the second woman in his life. Rani asks what nonsense? Rivaaj tells that Rukmani have to leave from our way and I know that you also love me.

Rani says I won’t let anything happen to my Di, and asks what he wanted to do with her Di. She asks him to say. Just then Rukmani calls Rani and is about to open the door. Rani says I will tell her everything. Rivaaj asks her to ruin her house and asks her to think. She says whatever is between us, will become breaking news if he comes out and it will break our respect and more importantly your sister Rukmani’s heart. Rukmani asks Rani to open the door and asks if she slept. Rivaaj says I might slip and tell everything, and says today’s girls don’t even think before committing suicide. He leaves from the window.

Rani opens the door. Rukmani asks did she sleep? Rani says no, but she was tired. Rukmani says she came to see her and says we are just a window away. Rani hugs her. rukmani asks her to sleep and goes. Rani prays to God for Rukmani. Rivaaj thinks he can’t handle his heart when his jaan is closed to him, but still far. Rukmani comes to room and sees Rivaaj. Rivaaj says I came to get my phone and apologizes to Rukmani, says I can’t convince my heart. Rukmani asks him to try and understand. He sneezes. Rukmani says I have an idea and says you don’t need to go out from the room and I don’t need to stay in the room. Raghav comes to Rani’s room and takes her to balcony to make her see a bird. Rukmani is sleeping in the balcony. She gets up and hides before Rani could see her. Rani gets doubtful and goes to Rukmani’s room. Rukmani asks her to come and pulls the bedsheet. She says I thought to change the bedsheet. Rani asks her to sit and asks if everything is fine. Rukmani says we were sitting outside in the night. Rani says you can share with me if there is something. Rukmani gets angry on her and asks her to do her work. She says don’t you understand if I am saying that everything is fine. Rani says sorry and goes. Rivaaj comes there. Rani looks at him.

Precap: Shivraj asks Raghav to drink juice. Rani comes to Raghav and says we will share the juice. She drinks some of the juice and feels drowsy. Prem latha tells Rivaaj that they will get exposed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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