Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani helps Rukmani to make first rasoi, Rivaaj seeks her attention

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav taking Rani’s stuff to the room and asks her not to feel bad as there are no toys. He says I will give my half toys to you. He says they will draw in the room to make it more beautiful. Rani asks what is he hiding? Raghav shows the toy and says I made it understand to take care of him. He says he will miss it, but it is good that he gave to her friend. He tells her that his room is far, but Rivaaj’s room is next. He asks her to call Rivaaj and he will come. Prem Latha gets angry and tells Mama that she is very angry at Manjiri for giving birth to two daughters. She says Rani is bearable, but she can’t bear Rukmani. She says she wants revenge. Rani looks into Rivaaj’s room through the window and asks herself not to think much, as Rukmani will be with

Rivaaj. Rivaaj comes to Rani’s room. Tashi gives the list to Rukmani and asks her to make it, as mummy told. Rukmini thinks she forgot all that mamma said, and thinks to ask Rani. Rani asks Rivaaj to stay away from her. Rivaaj comes near her. Raghav comes to Rukmani and tells that he has a surprise for Rani, and asks her to make milkshake. Rukmani says she will make it later. Rani asks Rivaaj to stay away. Rivaaj asks why she shows so many nakras.

Rukmani tells Raghav that she is promising that she will make later. She comes to Rani’s room and asks about the sweets. Rivaaj tells Rukmani that Raghav asked him to stay there, and asks her to handle Rani. Rukmani takes Rani with him. Rivaaj thinks until when Rukmani will become kabab me haddi and until when Rani kabab will stay from him. Rani tells Rukmani that she will help her to make Kashi phal sweets. Rivaaj tells that the sweets will be tasty making by both wife and saali. Rukmani makes the sweets with Rani’s help. Rani garnishes the sweets. She makes smilie on golgullas’s plate for Raghav. Rukmani gets worried thinking if everyone will like it. Rani asks her not to worry.

They set the table outside. Prem Latha teases her. Shivraj comes and appreciates their idea of having breakfast in the open/lawn. Raghav tells Shivraj that his clothes are dirty. Shivraj tells that he had cleaned the place so that people get motivated. Raghav says you cleaned dirt and made your clothes dirty. Rani asks him to see his feelings and not see his clothes. She gives him a tissue to wipe it. Rivaaj sits on the middle chair. Rani hesitantly sits beside Rivaaj. Raghav asks Tashi to sit beside Rivaaj and asks Rani to sit next to him. Rani comes to Raghav and sits, gives him smilie gulgulas. Shivraj praises the food and says this made him recall his mum. Rivaaj says this is made by two persons. Rukmani’s smile vanishes. Rani tells that all credit goes to Rivaaj for telling Rukmani to make food alone, and says if I had helped her then food might not be this much happy. She asks him to have more kheer.

The manager comes and tells Shivraj that some people coming to meet him today. Shivraj says nothing wrong shall happen so that opposition gets a chance to point a finger against us. Prem Latha tells that Rani shall not stay in their house. Rani and Raghav are not kids and play all day. She says what people will say. Mama makes Raghav drink the drugged juice. Raghav gets hysterical and gets angry on Prem Latha, says Rani is my BFF and will not leave me. Everyone tries to pacify him. Raghav cries angrily.Rani looks on tensed.

Precap: Rivaaj says I know I am Ravan to you, but I know my limitations. He says I love you and wants your sister to exit from here so that we can unite. Rukmani comes there calling Rani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love rani &raghav 💗 so cute…. But rani didn’t think things through. This disgusting raghaaav is constantly in Rani’s room, and she always has this ‘deer in headlights ‘ look! Can’t she change rooms?! If not, locks are there for a reason. Also, I love how raghav always unintentionally rescues rani from rivaaj. So innocent 😇 💗 💞

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