Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj accepts to his crimes shocking everyone

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav telling Rani that Anjali left somewhere with her luggage, nobody knew where is she? Rani says wherever she goes, she will return to scare Rivaaj. She will be fine. Raghav says it is too dangerous, it was a good chance. Rani says everything will happen as per our plan. Shivraj calls Raghav on to the stage and introduces him to his guests. He says Raghav is very responsible and he is happy to tell that he is joining his party soon. He says afterall only a son can lower father’s burden. Premraj asks Rivaaj to come and have some fresh air outside. Rivaaj is upset and refuses to go. He finds someone running away and goes upstairs. He sees Rani as possessed by Anjali and laughing. Rani calls him Rivaaj and looks at him. She says I got you finally, today is the moon eclipsed night. She says tonight I can take you to my world with me and then my soul will get moksha. Rivaaj is scared and asks her to stay away from him. Rani asks him to come near her and says lets unite tonight. Rivaaj is scared and runs downstairs. Rani also goes.

Rivaaj comes to Shivraj and hides behind him. He asks him to save him and says she came to kill me. Rani comes there and scares him with her eyes. Rivaaj gets scared and throws something on Rani, but she moves and it hits on the guest’s forehead. Premraj, Premlatha and Rukmani hold Rivaaj. Raghav asks what are you doing? Shivraj asks what happened? Premlatha says someone is scaring him. Rani asks Rivaaj why he is scared of her. Rivaaj says she wanted to kill me on moon eclipsed night. Raghav makes the light fall on premlatha. Rivaaj tells Premlatha, Anjali ghost entered you. He asks them to stay away from them. Rukmani says Rivaaj is behaving like Raghav. Rani says we shall get Rivaaj treated by the same doctor who had treated Raghav. Rivaaj falls down unconscious. Rani asks Shivraj to call Doctor. Shivraj says everyone will get chance to talk. Raghav says we shall call doctor from behind door. Dadi asks them to take Rivaaj to room and tells guests that he is unwell. Rani goes upstairs. Rivaaj gains consciousness in his room and finds himself tied to the bed. Rani comes and asks him to come near her. She says we will make the other world together.

Rivaaj says I will not come with you and asks her not to come near him. He sees Anjali and then Rani. Raghav is flickering the lights outside using the button. Rivaaj says I will kill Rani like I killed Anjali. Rani walks towards him. Rivaaj shouts for help. Shivraj and others come there. Rivaaj tells him that Rani has Anjali’s ghost in him. Rani asks them not to free his hands and says he can attack them. Rivaaj says I am fine, free my hands. Raghav says there is a solution and call the doctor. Premlatha says he is the same doctor. Rani says he had treated Raghav. Rivaaj recalls him. Rani says Raghav is fine and standing infront of us. This doctor is good. Shivraj asks Doctor to treat him. Doctor says I observed him, his condition is serious. He is showing signs of Paraonoia, mental illness. He says there is no guarantee that he will be fine and says his body is strong so the treatment will be electric shocks. Rivaaj threatens to kill the doctor and says I am not mad. Raghav says we are with you. Doctor says if we take time then Rivaaj can attack others. Rani says this is the right treatment. Doctor brings his machine.

He makes Rivaaj wear the electric shock helmet. Rivaaj says this doctor is fraud, he took money from Rani to give me electric shock. Shivraj asks Doctor to make his doctor fine. Rivaaj says no. He says Rani is doing this so that I trust the ghost story. Rani asks how can you be so sure? Rivaaj says I know him. Rani says how do you know that this doctor is fake and gets ready to do any treatment. Rivaaj says I gave him money to make Raghav mad and asks if she is taking revenge for him. Everyone is shocked. Rani looks at Raghav. She asks Rivaaj why did you do this? Rivaaj says I wanted to get you, only I have the right on you. Rukmani gets shocked. Shivraj says Rivaaj. Rani says that’s why you used to follow me. Rivaaj says yes, I was following you and was close to get you, but Raghav came inbetween us. Rani says what about Anjali? Rivaaj says I killed her and says if I had married her then how would I married you. He says I killed her. He then realizes that he has confessed to all his crimes and gets shocked. He says everything happened by mistake. Dadi says how dare you to make my grand son mad. Rivaaj says I am under the medicine effect and haven’t killed anyone. He acts drowsy. Rani says it was my plan to make Rivaaj remember Anjali’s death and scare him so that he can confesses his crimes with his mouth. Premlatha says this girl is trapping my son, my son can’t do this. Raghav says he has already done this, I have seen him doing conspiracies against me and harming me.

Precap: Shivraj gets furious and throws Rivaaj out of Shivraj Mansion. Rani says finally your evil truth is out infront of everyone and closes the door on his face. Rivaaj looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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