Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Doshi performs the sindoor ritual with Preiti.
There, Rani sense someone ran away from the store room. She watches Vikramjeet running but Sakshi murmured her name weakly. She comes to Sakshi and calls Raaj’s name. Raaj comes to store room and finds Sakshi injured and molested. He cries. The Pandit tells them to take blessings from elders. Vasundra calls them to stop and says they will first go to temple. She takes them along and stops Preiti’s family.
Raaj pours water into Sakshi’s mouth. Rani cries assuring nothing would happen to Sakshi. Raaj cries cursing himself for not being able to save her sister’s grace. He was determined not to spare Vikramjeet now.
Vasundra asks to begin the farewell ritual. Anandi cries hugging Preiti. Raaj comes to stop them and asks about

where Vikramjeet is. Vasundra complains about the misbehavior, Rani comes saying they know well how daughters are taken care. Vasundra should better have taught something to her son. Raaj shouts that this isn’t Vikramjeet but Doshi. He removes the Sehra, it was Vikramjeet. Vikramjeet says Raaj must have thought he would be found here. Rani says Vikramjeet shouldn’t pose to be unknown, she would have killed him if she could have. Anandi tells Sunanda to stop Rani. Rani says this is enough, this man isn’t worth being Preiti’s husband. This man looted Sakshi’s grace, he raped Sakshi. Chitra loses her balance and asks Raaj what Rani is saying. Rani tells Sunanda whatever she is saying is true. They hold Chitra helping her to couch. Vikramjeet was furious and says he won’t bear such a downtrodden blame over himself, if there is any truth in whatever they are saying he would get the justice for Sakshi. Raaj holds his collar. Preiti comes to get Raaj away from Vikramjeet saying he is her husband, Raaj wrestles with Vikramjeet. Preiti wasn’t ready to listen to Rani or Raaj. Vasundra shouts that she now questions if her husband wasn’t there as a groom on stage here.
At night, Preiti sat with Vikramjeet and apologizes him for all the blames Raaj and Rani charged him with. Vikramjeet says he is worried about what happened to Sakshi.
The doctor informs them that Sakshi is mentally hurt, she has given her injections for sleep. Chitra cries why this happened to Sakshi. Sunanda consoles Chitra.
There, Vasundra was in the bar saying Vikramjeet got them killed. She recalls recognizing Doshi from the side and looked for Vikramjeet. She signaled him to get to the temple and took the couple to temple. In the temple, Vasundra asked the couple to take blessings from Mata Rani. She pointed over her guards who hit Doshi from behind and Vikramjeet took his place while Preiti was still in the state of prostration. Vasundra was pouring a drink for herself when Vikramjeet comes to place his glass with hers.
In the temple, Raaj was beating himself with a hunter. Rani comes to hug him from behind and stops Raaj beating himself. Raaj says he should have died as a brother who couldn’t save his sister. She tells him to think how they must tell everyone that Preiti was married to Doshi and not Vikramjeet. Raaj was worried what they did to Doshi. Rani says they are really cunning.
Vasundra scolds Vikramjeet for being restless. Vasundra says it’s because of Rani and Raaj that they were saved today as they sent their friend to stage. She asks what’s in that girl which turned him unstoppable. Vikramjeet holds his ears and says it’s not about the girl but about his ego. Rani challenged him and he can’t be defeated from anyone. He says he is sure Rani would now try to hurt him now. Vasundra holds his face and promises no one can hurt her son ever.
There in the temple, Raaj comes to sow the flame and was determined to make Vasundra and Vikramjeet pay for their sins.

PRECAP: Raaj and Rani watch Vasundra bribe a servant. Downstairs, Vasundra stops Rani to discuss about Havan. Rani was in a hurry but Anandi decides all of Rani’s work would be done later. Raaj follows the car leaving the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Seeing a loved one or for that matter anyone in such a miserable state is a terrible blow to one’s psyche and I think this is the ultimate punishment to Raaj for cheating and pushing an innocent girl into a valley for family revenge.Though it is not fair to Sakshi,.Raaj definitely deserves this mental agony. Just telling sorry to Rani and beating himself with a hunter is not enough,.Any pain whether physical or mental will be truly felt when it comes either to us or to our loved ones.It is very pathetic that Sakshi is paying for her brother’s sins.

  2. Hi Lakshmi, you know why I’m not commenting. As per where we have reached, I’m seeing some good acting from Sartaj and Eisha. He’s doing superbly good in his role. The forum looks deserted na?? You think writers and production team are seeing this?? I hope they do. This was extended to facilitate this madness right now and Starplus is ending a good serial like KLKAH…. You could believe this? As per the news, we may only be seeing 4 more episodes if the news is correct. ….bombshell this weekend gone…. I’m sad it will be going off air so soon,…. such a different story… How are you my friend?? How’s work? It’s actually 4 am now, had a bit of difficulty sleeping. Have a wonderful day my friend… We are in the rainy season now, I prefer it this way, the heat was too unbearable during the past months. I feel happy for my plants around me…. ☺?

    1. Naz can I get to know which serial is going off air in these few months please??

      1. Vanshita, I don’t know which on ZEETV will be taken off, I did see a new promo for upcoming serial last night but it’s too soon to guess although my guess if I had a wish, will be for KKB to be gone gone gone…. I’ve stopped watching some time ago. Then there’s Jai Santoshi Ma as well, that’s been here a while too. The serial I mentioned above is from Starplus….ETRETR is carded for this month so wait a little while, it may soon be cleared up……

  3. Love story of raj and rani is very interesting but I think if twists and problems come on their own it not by villans it would be more interesting and trp gaining.I request writer to write more and more romantic scenes and try to get one in each episode.Viewers would really enjoy it and me to.

  4. yes Naz this forum really looks bleak ,thanks to the combined efforts of the writers and the channel itself.The writers of ETRETR always love to create extreme characters, Raja ,Don and Raju ,it is O.k ,the present trend is to present male leads with some negative streks to make the character more masculine and attractive but I think the writers have crossed all the limits when Raaj was shown unhesitant even to kill Rani.And now this distasteful molestation track of Raaj’s sister Sakshi,…..My god,Naz,why can’t they write some soft and romantic scripts,Sartaj and Eisha look so good together ,and this is what they are doing in this 2months extension.Still.inspite of this terrible storyline, Sartaj and Eisha are doing their best and the writers are really doing injustice to their excellent acting talents by not giving them a decent script.
    Naz ,are you sure that KLKAH is going to end so soon,but why?I mean,it is getting decent TRPs,the theme is good and all the actors are doing a wonderful job.Though I stopped commenting ,I am still watching the serial and i think the court scene was awesome.The actor who is acting as the public prosecutor is an excellent actor.If the news is true,it is really disappointing, are they going to leave the story in the mid or give some hotchpotch ending.Let us hope that it is only a rumour.
    I am fine friend.not a very busy work schedule, I have decided to slowdown a bit,only one case at a time.Here in Bangalore also it has been raining for the last two weeks and my garden is full of roses,hibiscus and chrysanthemums and plenty of birds.I love to sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the nature.I go to the court only twice a week now.Have a nice day Naz.

  5. Line 3 ……streaks. Sorry for typo error

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