Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani comes out ready and leaves with Raaj on bike. They reach an old house.
Anandi comes to outside and wonders where Raaj and Rani have gone, she notices the bed untouched.
Raaj tells Rani this may seem a ghost house to her but this is his house and this is his reality. He drags her upstairs and points at a chair where his father read the news. He recalls his sister massaging oil on his head.
Anandi asks Suminda not to consider her wrong but Rani must have informed her before leaving. Suminda says she is married and is responsible for her husband now. What is it about to worry if they have gone together? Anandi tells Suminda there is something wrong, she was crazy in love with Raaj then why was there no curve over her bed. Suminda tells Anandi she has no right to worry about this matter. She informs her manager on call that she is leaving for abroad and her meetings be rescheduled.
Raaj brings Rani inside to the hall where his family once had feasts at night. He tells Rani his father was a huge businessman, they were preparing for his sister’s marriage when everything got ruined. There was a scream and a mad girl comes there, Rani was frightened and asks Raaj to leave this place. Raaj tells Rani this is his elder sister, Sakshi. Sakshi tells Raaj today is her wedding and claps. Raaj assures she will get married today. Sakshi cheers and dances saying she would dance. Raaj takes her inside to put bangles in her hands. Raaj brings her to dressing table where Sakshi watches the bangles and wears them carefully. Rani breaks into cry. Sakshi looks around for the rest of her jewelry, tears fell off Raaj’s eyes. Sakshi says Maa must have taken them, she wipes Raaj’s tears and asks him not to cry. Raaj tells her to take some rest else she would be tired when her Baraat is here. Sakshi says whenever she sleeps listening to him, Baraat leaves. Raaj promises to wake her up in time and gives her medicines.
Rani asks Raaj why he hid about his sister, where are his parents? Raaj clutches her arms tightly so that they hurt. He brings her to a room where his mother lay down coughing badly. He notices she had been trembling with fever. Rani offers help but Raaj forbids her touch anything. Raaj covers her with a quilt. Rani greets his Maa, she blesses him but Raaj interrupts saying she mustn’t bless her with what she has no more in faith. He tells his mother she is her daughter in law, his mother cheers. Raaj says before that, she is Suminda Chauhan’s daughter. Rani asks why they reacted this way because of her mother’s name.
Raaj brings Rani to a wall where there were blackened photos. He clears one of them where Suminda and Raaj’s mother stood together. He says Suminda is his biggest enemy that is his and Rani’s truth as well. He says it was Suminda who turned this house to ruins, she killed his father and turned his sister crazy. He recalls his mother begging to Suminda that they have come over roads but Suminda left. Rani wasn’t ready to accept.
Raaj drags Rani to terrace and breaks her bangles. He says this is the place where his sister broke her bangles because her fiancé denied marrying her. His father went to beg to him but he pushed him out of the house, calling him poor. His sister went crazy and his father died, his mother ceased to live. Then, he had decided to finish Suminda and her family. Raaj tells Rani whatever he did till today was planned, a game. He used Anandi, then trapped her in the web of his love. Rani slaps Raaj and grabs him by collar calling him a liar. She is sure he loves her, whatever he did for revenge but he loved her too. She insists they have been connected since ages. Raaj jerks her away saying he is only concerned by this age, he did this only to revenge her. He even doesn’t have any brother. He married her and this wedding is the destruction of her mother.
Raaj’s mother comes out and asks him to forget all about the past. If he remembers his father always wanted his children to be good humans, if he is a good son what is he doing. Raaj says he is his father’s son, and he can’t forget anything. He shows her the papers of Suminda’s destruction, which Rani signed during henna. These were property papers which she had named after him. Rani cries.

PRECAP: It was a thunderstorm. Raaj questions Rani if she can return him what his family lost. Raaj had brought her at the end of a cliff and pushes her down.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I felt extremely bad today.. Raj bluntly tells rani he doesn’t care about their last birth.. All he cares for is revenge and justice for his current life family.. N the precap was worst of all.. He mistakenly pushes rani off the cliff… Well writers u cross all limits while writing stories.. Very bad.. But after seeing this episode I will say.. NO GIRL SHOULD EVER LOVE A MAN LIKE RAJA… NO PERSON SHOULD EVER BE LIKE RAJA.. very very bad writing…

  2. As per spoiler alerts rani will return alive after falling from the cliff but fake memory loss.. By doing so she will unravel her mother’s hand in the destruction of raj’s family.. Also she will try to find if raj’s love was fake all the way… As of now after a very brief sense of remorse Raj is not expected to feel anything after rani falls of the cliff… It is extremely painful for me to see or read stories wherein true love is reciprocated with regressive thoughts and evil feelings…

  3. Yes Archana. I hate Raja for holding Rani responsible for her mother’s sins and treating her so cruelly. He should have remembered what Rani Gayatri did when She came to know that Kaal had snatched away not only her property but her parents also..Rani’s love for Raja has always been absolute and total whereas Raja’s ,,Well !i don’t know what to say.Atleast ,Raja was humane,we can not say the same about Raju.Let it be any life ,he is not worth Rani’s selfless love..Telling her on her face that he does n’t care care for her and pushing her down the cliff without any qualms is something beyond my imagination.Writers ,I must say that the script is absolutely sick and after coming back ,pl don’t make Rani to love Raaj again,it will be an insult to any girl’s pride.

    1. I haven’t seen the episode but I just read the updates, And Lakshmi, why is true love reciprocated with so much of hate? This and KLKAH. Every where someone does something and you show your anger on the daughter. So all he wanted was revenge, great! Raja’s character was spoiled when he confessed love for both Rani and Naina and now Raju does this. I can’t understand how these writers can make Rani forgive and forget for the death of her parents but Raja cannot afford to do so. But yeah, that’s how it happens in real life I guess. Women should forgive but men won’t since they are stupid and unworthy. Like you said, I don’t want them to get together but you know its ETRETR. I thought along the same lines when Raja in his previous birth trapped Rani in some hut and tortured her but yet she loved him. That will surely be the end of this as well. Now I regret that this regressive show got an extension…

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  5. Damn! I just watched the episode and it’s just a repeat of how Raja managed to trick Rani. The scale went just went up. And now he pushes her off the cliff. It’s like in every season one of the leads has to do the fake cliff scene. First Rani Gayatri, then Raja and now Rani. It’s so fake and what will Raja do now. Have a nice life? I mean she lost both her parents and yet she forgives you even though you didn’t tell her before your marriage thinking she’ll leave you for good. And now this. How are they even janm-janm ke rishtey. Such relations aren’t even worth anything. I pity Rani always becoming a prey to Raja/Raj. I’m so disgusted at how they’ve shaped this character!!

  6. Hi friends..Agree to all your comments…Hopeless serial..Raj is even telling Rani that he doesnt have any brother in this birth, indirectly hinting that in last birth Jeevan was protecting her while he was revenging her..but in this birth she is alone…N even in the precap he says he is least bothered about their relationship in the last birth..they neither united in the previous birth nor they will unite in this birth…Very bad…I really felt for Rani…No person should ever be in Rani’s place and tolerate all this nonsense..Rani i know u will eventually unite with Raj but come back strong and not only get justice for Raj but also make him realise and repent for his mistakes…Yes as Priya rightly pointed out Raju’s revenge scale is higher than Raja’s…Raja’s reason for revenge was downright stupid but Raju has a very strong reason for revenge…N he seemed more responsible than Raja but unfortunately Raju is more merciless…Raju is not even grey he is black now…N i am damn sure someone will surely help Rani against Raju..It might be Kundan too..

  7. Yes Priya,Raja’s character is an absolute shame to that beautiful word Love.He simply doesn’t know what it’s meaning is.He only loves his ego and tortures Rani to satisfy it.In the previous birth ,he didn’t go to the extent of killing Rani because he was enjoying the luxurious life of a prince at her cost and there was no dearth of money.Still she was humiliated and tortured because he had to go to hostel.The biggest crime was committed by his father Kaal when he had mercilessly plunged the sword into Ranaji’s chest.But Rani was so kind and gracious enough to understand that a son could not be held responsible for his father’s misdeeds, kept on loving him and finally died to save him from Iqbal.And now Raaj does n’t care to remember that Rani.Even now also ,except for that drinking habit,how adorable she is! My god,Priya,is n’t he a cold blooded criminal to push her off a cliff without any hesitation like capt.Abhimanyu in KLKAH ?
    I think now a days it has become a fashion to portray anti heroes as heroes.Accepted no human is perfect ,some weak points are ok but surely cheats ,crooks and criminals can not be role models to society.So Priya ,as long as this type of characters are glorified by writers,LOVE will be reciprocated by hatred only.Let us see what is going to happen in tonight’s episode.

  8. What a waste! This serial should have just ended when it was supposed to and be given the extension. Writers of this serial are definitely the worst crop ever. Women are truly destined to be cheated and abused by men, they really don’t deserve the women of this world. This is a serial for entertainment purposes and we have to see here as well how unforgiving, vengeful and dark a man’s thinking and deeds are. This serial got an extension and writers couldn’t do some damage control at least, considering the fact that season 2 was as illogical and s debacle? Gosh, I wish Rani never end up with Raju….after all this, should writers unite this hateful Raju with Rani? Hate hate hate….that’s what we have to see in every single serial, why can’t love be the most important ingredient, why must writers always think that evil has to be a part of their work in order for it to be exciting? I wasted my time watching season two and now instead of uniting Raju with Rani and giving us moments like when Raja and Rani were romancing in season two, they are still hellbent on destroying the love between them and going down in serial history as the darkest love story ever. What a shame!!

    1. Hey dear.. It would have been better had it ended on 28th April itself.. The extension gave the opportunity to our writers to come up with this horrid plot.. It better end in June else till it is on they will keep giving us hate stories in the name of love stories.. Moreover even writers know serial is at its fag end so what was the need for this dark turn of events.. A plain love story with Bua and kundan as antagonists would have kept us hooked for the next couple of months.. Why protagonist has to turn antagonist?..

  9. Sorry for typo errors, but my friends here knows what my feelings are and will understand any mistakes.. I’m so mad right now.

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