Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani comes to show Raaj the color of her henna. Raaj says if its color is strong, it shows husbands love their wife dearly. Rani asks Raaj what he wants her to do. Raaj gives her some papers saying these are wedding gift for her, this is his insurance paper that he wants to name after her today. If he dies tomorrow…. Rani interrupts saying she would also die if he dies. She can’t gather the courage to live without him. Raaj kisses her forehead, he says she might never need this small amount but wants to gift her something. Would she sign these papers? He opens the papers that Rani signs. Raaj hugs Rani. Rani says she would keep it with her. Raaj calls her careless but Rani says this is special for her, she would keep it with herself always.
In the Sangeet function, everyone was ready. Raaj was getting ready, Deep says Rani always promised what’s hers is his. Raaj says what’s his would only be his as well. Raaj Mata dances during the function.
Rani was waiting for Raaj in the function. He joins her between the dances. People there gossip what Rani found in Raaj. Rani says Raaj has something they can never get, its class that doesn’t come with money. Raaj comes to slap the men saying only he knows about his truth. He turns to leave. Rani stops him. Raaj asks if she wants to get insulted always, no matter what they do but this world won’t accept them. Rani warns Raaj not to say something false. Raaj says its better they break this relation right here, they must not marry each other. Everyone was shocked. Everyone was doomed. Raaj walks out.
In the room, Raaj was packing his bags. Rani comes there saying he shouldn’t think about getting rid of her in his anger. They can move to some place where they don’t anyone’s acceptance. She was ready to go with him anywhere. Raaj removes her hand from his arm, he says she also accepted she is ashamed to introduce him as her fiancé to everyone. Her mother also kept a time of three months so that she can prove he isn’t the right person for her. She deliberately made him wear this expensive ring so that he can get a complex he can never provide her the facilities she is used to. Rani corrects she came to tell him she is ready to go anywhere with him. Raaj asks if she wants to go away from her friends and family, she is also ashamed of staying with him in a small room. He removes the ring and places it on her hand.
Rani tells Raaj he never understands if someone gives a hand to someone fallen on the road, it’s not to disgrace him but to support him only. She came to make him up, but now she would never try to convince him. Raja was upset, he had never thought Rani would deny marrying her and kicks the furniture.
Rani was crying in the room. The man in mask called her number but she didn’t pick it up. Rani hears a radio message by Raaj. The masked man heard from behind the window as Rani calls him stupid. She goes to speak to Raaj.
In the room, Rani calls Raaj in the room but he wasn’t there. She reads a letter from him, he was hurt for suspecting the intentions of her mother. He demands her to come to him till morning, he can’t even think about anyone else. Rani was worried when he would understand that running away isn’t the only solution in life.

PRECAP: Anandi tells Suminda she feels something wrong, first they fought with each other and now have left home. The masked man comes behind Rani as she was waiting for Raaj.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wen will tis show get over

    1. By June 2017

    2. What’s even going on here…masked man , Raja…so much crap. When will they sort out their differences. Normal people are way better at handling differences which these two, who are supposed to be tied by love can’t seem to work out. Literally all they do is fight say sorry and fight again, utter nonsense.

    3. Haha Priya.. You echoed the comments of my family members.. True.. N Raja in true sense doesn’t seem to remember his last birth… N if he is avenging rani in spite of knowing his last birth then big bow to our writers.. Only they can come up with such filthy ideas.. Anyways don’t care much now.. 🙂

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