Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal was shocked to see Rani come downstairs, so was everyone else. Iqbal remembers Nusrat’s dress, her get up and she, happily swirling. Rani goes towards Ambika to take her blessings. Rani goes to greet the governor and takes permission to say something. He compliments her to look really beautiful, and appreciates her work for city. Rani thanks him. Raja teases Rani by holding her dupatta, she goes to a side. The media reporter comes to take her interview. Rani was determined to stay strong. Raja comes to her, Rani turns her face away in anger. Raja asks why isn’t she even looking at him, Rani reminds he had to find some beauty for himself. Raja says his search always ends at her, and asks how he is looking. Rani replies he looks mediocre, and she never speaks to mediocre people. Rani tries to make her up and end this fight. Rani goes away. She comes to Iqbal who was aw struck. Raja comes to take Rani, but she leaves. Iqbal also leaves. Raja wonders how to make Rani up now.
Iqbal was at the bar thinking Nusrat must be waiting for him. There, Nusrat was tensed as she forgot her wallet and her room keys are in it. She notices the back door was locked. Nusrat enters the party. Iqbal looks towards his wrist watch thinking Nusrat must be waiting for him. He turns around to hit Nusrat, he thinks the lady was Nusrat then calls it a misunderstanding. He leaves the party. Nusrat was worried that she has to hurry, as Iqbal must be going towards her room.
Rani comes to taste the food, and instructs the cook to add some sugar. Raja comes in cook’s attire, and tells her to mix sugar in it. Rani drops her spoon, Raja takes her inside. Nusrat comes Rani’s room. Thakur watches her there.
Rani smiles that Raja looked cute as the cook, and now her Mr. Perfect. Raja holds her, Rani warns this isn’t their room. Raja says everyone is busy, why not they; he gets intimate with her. Rani rests her head over his shoulder.
Thakur holds Nusrat’s hand outside the room and shouts thief. Everyone hurries towards them. Nusrat’s veil comes out. Thakur recognizes Nusrat, the call girl. Nusrat cries amongst the people. Governor calls for Gayatri and wonders what is happening. Thakur wonders what was call girl’s need to steal at MNA’s house. He asks if this wallet is Nusrat’s. She nods. Thakur calls her a liar, and asks her to lie that Gayatri invited her here. He insults Nusrat, and asks her to dance in the party. Nusrat turns to leave, but he holds her hand back. Rani comes to slap Thakur, confirming if he liked the gift? She announces Nusrat is her friend. Thakur wonders if she held a hand over him, just for a call girl. Raja clutches Thakur’s collar, and reminds he can’t bear such false talk for any girl. Thakur tells Raja that his wife’s friend is a call girl, who is sold every night. Nusrat leaves. Raja asks Thakur if he speaks to his wife and mother like this, how he knows she is a call girl. Thakur was silent. Raja asks if Thakur doesn’t go to sell his soul in the same market, people like him have let her be there. Thakur was silent. Raja tells him to leave with his left over grace, else his face would be completely blackened. Thakur leaves silently.
Governor asks Rani to understand she is not a common girl, Rani insists Nusrat is really good at heart. The governor warns that Nusrat can be harmful for her political career.
Nusrat cries in her room, she looks up and was shocked to see Iqbal. Iqbal clutches her hand and asks where she went, and why is she crying. Nusrat couldn’t speak out of sobbing. Iqbal watches the juice spilt over her dress and asks if it was her. She nods. He asks why she went there. She cries. He clutches her face, asking how she could go there. Nusrat cries he isn’t the only one, who reminds her of her worth. Iqbal asks if someone said something to her. She cries in return. Iqbal clutches a glass of water, and warns about his blood shed.
In the room, Rani was upset that she invited Nusrat for being happy, and wonders how she should be. Raja forbids Rani to go to Nusrat.
Thakur was drunk at home when Iqbal comes to beat him. He warns to take Nusrat’s name again only in apology.
Raja promises to take Rani there. Rani was sad that Nusrat had to bear so much because of them. Raja hugs her.

PRECAP: Governor takes the decision to finish the Heera Mandi. Rani was concerned for the safety of those women. Thakur reminds her friend also live there.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. although Rani’s attire was amazing, she was wrong to invite nusrat into the palace knowing the type of people invited on the guest list, minor but destructive … as usual Raja looked sooo handsome, he should dress like this more often

  2. Superb!!

  3. nice…

  4. Thanks for catch up TV, I was able to view all episodes……marathon, I tell you. I think Raja should keep a little scruff on his face, he looks handsome this way. I see you all on this forum had very interesting conversations on the shape of the story since Iqbal Khan entered the scene. I felt so sorry to see Raja going through so much turmoil. I enjoyed seeing Rani having to apologize to Iqbal because I don’t like her attitude in dealing with issues, she is still a neophyte but is coming across as a know it all lately. I’m soooooo mad that our royal couple still haven’t consummated their marriage as yet!!! What the hell!!! They must be one frustrated married couple, if there ever was one! What are writers problem with this one basic element of a marriage, that each time they get close, someone shows up unannounced?? So, even if the milkman arrives, Raja and Rani has to be notified? Please writers, allow this story to be perceived as normal, with normal activities between the characters, for heaven’s sake!!

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