Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rana ji was trying to train a horse, Gayatri calls him. He passes by Gayatri, Gayatri says that in childhood she used to turn her face from storm. But the storm in her relation last night wasn’t a play, and if it was she needs her answers. Rana ji asks what she wants to ask. She asks Rana ji why he had married her, and why is he so angry at her, because she wore the dress of Surakshna? Rana ji says he is angry because she had played tricks to get the position of Raani of Amirkot. Rana ji leaves, Raaj Mata comes to Gayatri and asks her to get ready as the ritual is going to begin. Gayatri says Rana ji knows how to fulfil the rituals not relations and promises. It is better she isnt there in the ritual today, because she won’t be able to lie and people won’t be able to hear truth. She leaves.
In the hall, Rana ji waits for Gayatri. Raaj Mata is worried why Gayatri hasn’t come. Kokilla prays she doesn’t come. Bari Raani Maa taunts Raaj Mata this is what she has taught her daughter in law. They were still arguing when Gayatri comes with Surakshna. She takes her seat and thinks about Rana ji’s hatred. Pandit ji gives a foot ring to Rana ji, he tells him that when a wife wears this, it not only protects her husband but when she gives birth to heir, she feels less pain. Everyone in the hall now talks about the heir. Rana ji sits down to worn the ring and asks for Gayatri’s foot. She stands up instead. Everyone is shocked, Rana ji in enraged and stands as well. Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri why she stood up, the ritual hasn’t ended. Gayatri says that in their society, bangles are an identity of a husband’s life. She can’t wear this ring in foot in the temple today, when she has no relation with Rana ji. Bari Rani maa scolds Gayatri for creating all the drama and dishonoring herself and Rana ji. Gayatri joins hands and says she apologize everyone at home, but her brought up doesn’t teach her to speak ahead of this. They can question her husband anything they want to. Rana ji shows her the ring and drops it from his hand. He leaves the hall. Seth ji comes to the palace and is worried why Rana ji left. Gayatri says she has to speak to him and asks him to come inside. Seth ji is worried if she knows about all the truth. He comes to Gayatri and asks why she is so worried. Gayatri asks if her and Rana ji’s wedding a trade. She had tears in eyes and questions her father again who was speechless. She keeps his hand on her head, she asks if he and Bari Raani maa were talking about the same trade. Seth ji asks her to apologize him, that wedding was a trade. Seth ji says that this trade was not done by a business man but a father, she was about to marry that Damodar. At that time, Raaj Mata called him and showed him the letter Gaayatri had written for Rana ji. Gayatri remembers the time when they used to play hide and seek, he used to make Gayatri win because he couldn’t see her get defeated. She says that today, because of this trade, she has really lost. He says he did this to keep her away from tears and worries. Gayatri says everything get reversed, she is annoyed with him because she had asked him if this was a trade. At that time, he lied. Seth ji says he thought she won’t be hurt. He was hopeful, but forgot that all hopes are never true. He apologizes Gayatri.

PRECAP: Raaj Mata joins her hands, she asks him to go home. She will never have anything to struggle for in life. Seth ji says if this isn’t so, he will take his daughter and Rani of Amirkot back to his own house. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that the trade only made her Rani of Amirkot. Gayatri says she wanted to be a wife. Raaj mata asks if she doesn’t want to become now? Gayatri looks at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode gayatri found it was a trade .gayatri don’t leave the palace pls.new pic was shown in that gayatri was sitting in chair and ranaji is standing behind her in TV…..nice

  2. This show is going to the dogs come people ?????????

  3. It’s a serial it has 2 have all this drama

  4. I think she should leave n only return wen he come to take her as his wife

  5. Yes leila I agree with you but at the same time I don’t because she is now the Queen and as a queen she has responsibilities and at the end of the day her relationship with ranaji will change eventually. They just need to clear the misunderstandings between them and yes I knew this was going and happen becuz on the when he saved her she lied when she couldve just told the truth.

  6. It’s interesting that ranaji doesn’t just question gay atria further about letter or the other things she said. This is where Indian dramas fail because it’s not realistic portrayal. However, having said that, I love this drama. Excellent.

  7. Excellent show

  8. Please update today’s show.

  9. What was the trade? Can anybody tell me?

  10. The best part of the serial is the grandeur of Laxmi Vilas Palace of Vadodara….

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