Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naina cries in front of nurse, who asks to fill the forms first. Vijay comes to deter the nurse, he clutches Naina close to himself while the nurse sends her mummy inside. Rekha thanks Vijay for helping her. Vijay asks if he can’t do this much only for his girlfriend, Naina was uncomfortable with the touch of his hand. The doctor comes to announce patient had a heart attack, she is really serious and needs an operation. Vijay tells him to go and hurry up. The doctor asks them to submit the required money. Vijay corrects that the lady isn’t only a patient but his girlfriend’s mother. He moves his hand over Naina as if harassing.
In the palace, Raja feeds Vikrant with his own hands. Vikrant says he solved his maths questions by himself. Laila qualifies they were wrong. Raja says really experts also fail some of the tests of life. Vikrant cheerfully announces he came first in meal, and runs away. Raja says Vikrant make him forget each of his pains and worries. Laila asks what he feels while meeting her. Raja says he and happiness part a long time ago. Raja tells Laila he doesn’t want to hurt her, he wants her to marry. He can find a good proposal for her. Laila says behind him that she needs his love, not pity. He must give his heart this time, else she will take his life.
In the hospital, Naina considers herself as a culprit for all this. Naina assures Rekha nothing would happen to their mummy. A wards man comes with hospital bill. Vijay takes his wallet to hide the money inside, while Naina was worried. Naina requests him some money, but promises to return them in time. Vijay opens the wallet in front of her, but the money wasn’t enough. Rekha was angry at him. Vijay leaves for his duty. Rekha says last dates of month are only for those who work honestly, not like the ones like Vijay. In the corridor, Rekha comes to Naina and suggests her to go to Don for asking money. Naina wasn’t ready to ask him any help. Rekha says it must be the price for insulting her. Naina says they have already returned their money, but Rekha says she only has a single responsibility right now that is to save their mother.
Naina comes to Raja’s house and cries on the gate, requesting the guards to let her in. Raja wasn’t ready to listen to her. She calls from outside demanding her money back from him. Raja allows her inside. Naina hurries towards Raja and demands her money back, which she returned earlier. Raja asks why he gave that money. Naina qualifies to say a sorry for insulting her, and also reminds why she returned that money to him. Raja drags her inside the palace. Laila watches him take her into the room, and asks if Raja is forcing a dancer to the room even Laila couldn’t enter till date. She goes to knock the door, but Raja didn’t hear. Naina was horrified, Raja shuts her mouth saying she isn’t that innocent and must understand him. He insulted her, and paid her for it; when she returned that money they are no more hers. He still has that money with him and clutches his face tightly. Naina cries. Raja takes a drink for himself, he says she must get disgraced again to get the money again. Naina chokes, then agrees to his will. Raja clutches his neck, saying her greed brought her here. He tells her he has left trusting this face, as going after its innocence he might lose all his property over this face. He can see she is a greedy girl, who can sell her body for little money. He is watching someone like her for the second time. He demands her price. Naina asks for five thousand. Raja throws a bundle towards her, saying if sold in greed a woman loses her respect. Naina holds the bunch of money, Raja throws another and tells her not to return to him again. She throws one of the bundle, and says a thanks for the money. She would die before showing her face again. She came here because her mother is in hospital, without this money she would die; but if she has to see his face again she would also die. He mother is in hospital only because she lost that film which was her mummy’s dream. She is ready to be disgraced for her mummy a thousand times over. She leaves the palace crying. Raja was shattered. Laila watches Rani leave with the money.
In the hospital, the doctor comes out of OT.

PRECAP: Naina avoids Vijay who tries to harass her. Raja arrives in the hospital then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was nice…slowly Raja will start getting protective of Naina…☺

  2. Today’s episode was nice…slowly Raja will start getting protective of Naina…☺…this mumbai season is interesting…

  3. I am sure Naina is Rani, else it makes no sense. She probably lost her memory in the car accident and I think Raj Mata made it looked like Rani die and paid that lady to make sure Rani stays like a local to keep her safe. Though I don’t understand who she wanted to keep her safe from, especially if Iqbal died, unless he is alive too and will show up again. Guess we have to wait and see. This show will only have any substance if Naina turns out to be Rani

  4. I’ve read the summary. Still watching slowly and cautiously as I await to see how this ends and the questions of where is the real rani and what connection is there with Naina (still don’t like her. Too childish). Where are the other royalties too? Sartaj was tops as usual. Writers….I’m depending on you. Looking forward to the unraveling of this mystery soon.

  5. Naina is timid, Rani was brave. Naina is bubbly, Rani was serious. Naina wants to act, Rani was studious. How can the same person be so opposite if she has just lost her memory. Remember KUMKUM BHAGYA..abhi lost his memory but still feels love for pragya..naina feels nothing for raja…n that mole on neck which rani had but not naina…I think it’s different character but with some connection to rani…let’s see…

  6. Naina has to be rani or this show has to change its name. It will only make sense when it is revealed that she is rani and not rani’s twin or lookalike.

  7. Tonight’s episode was OK, Eisha and Sartaj both perform marvellously. He did a great job castigating Rani and she was awesome in her reaction to his hatred and anger. As per the question of Naina not being Rani, it would be illogical of writers to go this great length to unite Raja and Naina, just because she sports a face like Rani’s. On the previous day one viewer drew parallel to Ranaji who loved Sulakshna and having lost her, married Gayatri and made her queen so therefore doesn’t see it wrong if writers do the same here at this point or later in the serial, but what the viewer needs to remember is that Gayatri didn’t have an identical face to that of Sulakshna. She was another individual entirely, she met Ranaji as herself and married him with the blessings of her family but as a deal from Rajmata who was owing the state money and was unable to pay up. So now back to the future, Raja having lost his wife in the most brazen act of betrayal and treachery, sees this woman who looks just like Rani, do you know how hard it is for him to accept the fact that she died and another woman looks exactly like her?? He has a right to tell her he doesn’t want to see her face. Now…why isn’t it OK for Rani to be 10yrs older and still look young, 10yrs isn’t too much…..hell, I’ve see characters pass through 20yrs leap and still looking and acting like a young 16!!!!!! I’ve said all that just to say that this Naina has got to be Rani otherwise this story will be without merit. Writers enjoy playing with our minds and I hope that is what they are doing and have no intention of uniting Raja with someone else but Rani.

    1. Brilliant Naz. Well said. I completely agree with you. Beautifully expressed. ????

  8. Naz,I totally agree with you.I am sorry if I am contradicting some viewers but for me first priority is characters.No doubt ,sartaj and eisha brought life to the characters of raja and rani but they are enjoying the viewers’ adoration because of those characters only.Moreover a good actor is one who can do justice to any role irrespective of his or her age,looks etc.When a 28 year old sarrtaj could play the character of a 20 year old college going raja , a very good actor like eisha can easily play a 28 year old rani.The character of rani who is an embodiment of beauty dignity, intelligence kindness and above all her exceptional and undisputed love for raja, should not die as a greedy b*t*h in the eyes of raja.Yes .in yesterday’s episode raja referred ti his dead wife as BAZAARU.CertainlyI do not want the character of rani end like this.By the way it is very surprising that in these ten years Raja has never tried to find the whereabouts of his dear mother whom he promised that he would definitely come for her. Writers pl tie up all the loose ends

    1. Even I wondered why Raja isn’t trying to find his mother. As you pointed out in essence, it’s not good for Raja to continuing to live life thinking that Rani was a cheating, greedy and conniving wife, that’s not at all good. I’m happy to know that you think along the lines like Jess and I….. Actors do work hard but when they can personify and be the true embodiment of the characters they portray, that’s the reason we cry, laugh, feel anger and pain when we see their portrayal on screen. I know there are those who think on this forum that viewers like us nitpick too much about the serial but it’s important to let them know that it isn’t only about watching something for the sake of watching, it’s about looking at something and having the characters move you to such a point, that you can cry and laugh with them…..details matter and inconsistencies are a failure in my book. Your analysis is perfect as well, it’s commendable when we can share our views and recognize at times it’s OK to agree to disagree on differing views and opinions. Writers do need to try up loose ends….where is Bindu now? Rajmata? Let’s see where Raja journey takes him as least this is toughening him in the process.

      1. Again, I agree with you Naz. And very good thoughts there Lakshmi?

  9. i love rani than Naina
    because without her no need of watching show

  10. Totally agree with u Naz…i have same point of view as u…regarding age of rani…as per concerned about the fact….i think..the story would be logical when the truth is unrevealed by rani herself or in case rani is alive…raja should not spend his entire life in regret that he misunderstood rani and her true love..he couldnt save rani from dieing…i dnt knw why..why writers always create so much confusions and misunderstandings..

  11. Eisha has a clause in her contract with the makers that she neither wants to age or portray mother on screen. If that is the case makers have to take story in a particular direction. And as far as current story is concerned after knowing the truth raja may repent for his misunderstanding by taking good care of Naina…that has been the premise in so many movies n serials before which audience have appreciated too..for example in saath nibhana saathi ya ahem got killed..ppl missed him n he was brought back not as ahem but jaggi..n sns has higher trp than etretr even though in my opinion it’s bugging..so why can’t we accept naina…as I said earlier bringing back rani n changing eisha is more intolerable than eisha playing naina..I like both rani n naina..

  12. Who is this Naina now ? Rja and Rani should be together and raja should not be with this Naina and whatever.

  13. Rani should be back to be with raja and not naina. As some wants us to we cannot accept naina because it just does not make sense. The basis of etretr is raja and rani not raja and naina. Eisha should be back as Rani because honestly naina annoys me with her childish attitude.

  14. Even if Naina turns out to be Rani’s twin which I hope won’t happen. I still wouldn’t accept raja and naina. I want the original Rani to be with Raja.

  15. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s Naina or Rani… They look the same…Whether it’s twin or her herself… As a viewer once her face stays the same… It’s a match….

  16. Please let raja know soon that her rani didn’t betray him…its too much now..after raja came back we thought things will get good now..but at last evil Iqbal khan won whatever he wanted to separate raja and rani occurred and so drastically that raja don’t wants to see rani due to their misunderstandings…please bring some happiness in the show now by letting raja know the truth???

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