Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani kiss Kundan’s hand after engagement. Raaj comes to take Kundan for Haldi. Rani demands him to put the turmeric to Kundan firstly, it’s because of him that their wedding has been possible. Raaj remembers her demand to marry her, and puts on the Haldi to Kundan. Kundan leaves with Vikram to another room. Suminda puts turmeric over Rani. Rani watches Raja moving away with his back while Preiti sits for the ritual. Raja now moves to Rani. The lights get off at once, both look at each other. She was upset watching him put the turmeric over her face and holds his hand, tears fell off her eyes. He caress her face and withdraws his hand, turning to leave. The lights get on, Rani realizes Raja was nowhere around.
Raja cried in another room, thinking about Rani. He thinks he has been in love with Rani, love always hurt and he would hide that pain.
Rani wonders where Raaj has gone leaving the ceremony in the middle and looks around restlessly for him. Suminda comes to take Rani wondering why is Kundan is in a hurry for every ritual to be performed today.
Kundan was speaking to someone on phone for not pressurizing. Raja throws a vase outside the window and suspects Kundan. Kundan angrily questions Raaj but Raaj doesn’t lose his temper. Raaj wonders where he is going in a hurry on the day of her wedding. The henna lady asks Rani about the name of groom. Rani watches Raaj going behind Kundan and calls him. The lady writes the name as Raaj. Rani’s friends stop Rani from going anywhere and tells her to dance with them.
Kundan assures Anandi he would get the papers signed by Rani. Anandi reminds him when he had come to her the first day. The remember Kundan discuss with Vikram that he had come to marry Rani and get a green card because of her background and bank balance. They wouldn’t have suspected him because he is her childhood friend. He wonders where he would find another rich girl in such a short notice. Anandi had come to take Kundan in her team. Raja had reached following Kundan and hears Anandi tell Kundan if he doesn’t get the property papers signed before his wedding she won’t spare him.
Raaj comes to Rani in the room where she had been crying. He tells her not to marry Kundan. Rani hugs Raaj saying she was sure Raaj can’t let her marry someone else. Raja clarifies him isn’t stopping her marriage because he loves her, but because Kundan would marry her and… Rani tells him to let Kundan leave her. Does this matter to Raaj? If not, what’s his right to save her? Raja says Kundan would destroy her. Rani says only she herself can destroy her, she will show him how she is destructed. Kundan comes to Rani in the corridor and asks her signatures for visa application. Raja comes from behind insisting on Rani to read the papers. Rani tells Vikram to push Raaj away.
Suminda makes Rani up and was concerned about her bruise on the forehead. Rani says it’s a mark of remembrance, these are not removed but always kept safely. Suminda asks how she got it, Rani says it’s a long story. She must first get ready else Kundan would die of anxiety.
There, Kundan informs Anandi on phone that the work has been done, she may send anyone to collect the papers. Anandi was happy. Suminda brings Rani into the hall. Raaj comes there in a Singh’s disguise. Suminda says she is busy to speak to him but he tells them to leave this house right away, they must vacate this house within next 24 hours. Everyone was shocked.

PRECAP: Raja was hurt in his eye, Rani caresses him. Someone watched them together from outside. A goon comes to inform a lady that there is a girl and a guy in the palace.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. yes there are really nice moments for Raaj and Rani but for some reason it is not as gripping as in the past … I feel cheated in some way …
    there is more of a ‘rush’ to these last episodes so I am left wondering “where has the romance gone?” …
    episodes started out pretty good but something is just not right …
    all roads lead to BRM who spoiled the ending of last season ‘n I am STILL NOT A FAN of ‘this type of supernatural’ … for some reason looks fake most of the time … sigh

  2. I dint understand many incidents that were shown in todays episode. How did that inspectir turn negative all of a sudden ?? Not a whiff of how all those events were shown . Kundans dialogues were pressurised amd looked as if he has mugged them up and uttered it all in prolixity . I really hope that tomorrow is the last day that we get to see the cachexic kundan . I thought bua was thrown behind bars and shes back in a jiffy ?? From where did she get all the money for her bail when her family disowned her ?? So the inspector also turned out to be a crooked n dishonest officer. Wasn’t bua arrested on charges of murder i.e for the crime of murdering her own brother ?, and isnt murder a cognizable and non bailable offence in india?? So how is she back out in the open within hardly a day of her arrest ?? Okay , looks as if the writers are in hurry to close off kundans role in the show and that is the reason for the poorly executed teaming up of bua, vikram and kundan. Very little logic in todays episode . The man in the black shawl in the precap is the same man who was seen in the guest house at goa , owning the black cat called chameli . So , he goes to inform brm(dakini ) on raja and ranis presence in the palace . So this means , one loose end will be cleared. That man was controlled by brm all along and his cat was also tamed by brm to hurt naina and lick the few drops of blood that feel from nainas hurt forearms on the ground. Thus arose ranis spirit in a vile form . Does this mean we d get to know why the character naina was introduced ?? .. Too many questions already. Hoping to have this brm track over with as soon as possible with the main focus shifted to raj and ranis story . Enough of brm and her weird blackmagic n voodoo . !!

    1. That is the reason why the extension doesn’t seem so promising to me.. Writers don’t know to write good stories.. N y in this serial parallel leads have to always be negative… Y can’t we have someone like Purab of kkb? Someone who always helps the lead pair come closer.. Y 95% of the
      characters are always hell bent on creating havoc in raja-rani’s life?.. Can’t we have an equal number of positive n negative characters?.. Well no point in judging writers.. So I better accept the serial the way it is…

  3. Sandy give time that’s what I would say. Yes agreed the episode was rushed might be the rush if the episode was due to the announcement of the show going off air hence they had to rush and finish many things. The extension news just came out yesterday hence by then these shootings were over.
    Let’s watch and see what the extension
    has .
    What ever the case raj looked handsome with the angad singh style that sartaj had dressed as in season .

  4. Yes Sandy it looked as if they have hurried up with the events involving the secondary characters in this episode to meet the previous dead line of April 28th ,But now we can expect a better execution of the future story line since the show has got the much.needed extention And before the actual story begins,it is better to do away with this irritable Kundan character and the evil BRM.The makers might introduce some new characters for the new storyline as not many old ones are left now, oherwise also they will look irrelevant to the new track.What the new story line would be,let us wait and see.Ofcourse Zee is not famous for their logical Storylines,but the writers of ETRETR must have definitely realised their mistake from the recent infamous supernatural and look alike tracks.And ETRETR ‘s biggest assets are their charming and talented lead actors Sartaj and Eisha,with a better script ,they can bring back the much required old glory to the show. I think with the exit of BRM ,the new story line will kick off.

  5. Hey guys!! GOOD NEWS!!! I read on another site that ek tha raja will NOT go off air on April 28 as was previously planned and announced. In a sudden twist the producers decided to run the show for another few months. The current track is in its development stage so after the killing of Bari rani Maa I guess they will get into something new and continue the show for a while longer. Wow!!! This is very good and happy news. I’m happy. I’m looking forward to better tracks. I think the writers might be learning from their past mistakes and that’s good. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the show and commenting and see what’s new. We get to see Sartaj Gill for a longer period …..happy, happy, happy !!!!

  6. I think it’s rumour that this serial got extension bcoz the shooting of climax is already done & no one has confirmed this news.

  7. No Trupti.they are not rumours, we can see the extention news on the official Facebook page of ETRETR .Even Rajmata in one of her interviews to Zoom TV has said that ,though all good things come to an end on one day ,ETRETR will continue for some more time..The good news is even flashed on the Facebook pages of Sartaj and Eisha ‘s Fan clubs.so the news is almost confirmed.Yes, the makers have to do some serious homework as to how to adjust the already shot climax scenes like Brm’s death and Raja Rani’s reunion.I think the Brm’s evil track will definitely come to an end as planned because it has become unpopular with the viewers.As for Raja Rani’s reunion, Rani’s mother may rise some objections since Raju is poor.Let me remind you all, my friends,all this hurry burry is because of that Apr 28 deadline..Now in view of this2 months extention ,any number of interesting story lines are available to the writers .One more thing is they have not yet shot the marriage episodes of the lead pair.So now the ball is in the court of the writers and I am sure this time they won’t disappoint us because now they know the pulse of the audience.infact that is the beauty with serials on small screen: depending on the feedback of the viewers there is always a chance to rectify your mistakes which is not the case with big screen movies .Once a movie is released ,and if it is not to the liking of the audience,nothing can be done .So writers give us a beautiful script this time,you don’t get extensions always.

    1. Yes fingers crossed ,I also saw on zoom TV this Rajmata news.& on insta post .Actually when I first read this news of Extension I jumped in joy but then I thought it must not be a rumour.
      If this show got extention then I will be happiest person

  8. Yes Truth.. I think extension news is true… Brm gets killed but before dying brm says she will return.. So that’s an open ticket played by writers.. Just check out sbs spoilers.. Since brm has vowed to come back serial is most likely extended.. Producers will probably use this open
    ticket towards the actual end date of the show..

  9. Sorry for the spelling mistake of extension

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