Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani’s family comes into the palace. Rani hugs Suminda and says she was about to return home soon. Preiti asks what she is wearing. Rani tells them that she has married Raaju. Raja looks towards her recalling how she had put the sindoor in her own hairline. Rani tells Suminda that she was confused while taking training from Raju, she fall in love with him. Raju was afraid that Suminda wanted her to marry Kundan and would not agree for their marriage. She apologizes Suminda for running away, she was afraid because of Raju. She asks about Vikram, Prieti says this is inspector Vikram. Rani says she made Raju run away with her so that they can marry. She tells Raju to touch Suminda’s feet. Anandi thinks this Rani has turned the game upside down. Suminda backs up while they bend to take her blessings. She drags Rani along with her. Kundan and Vikram hold Raju over gun point and tells him to stay where he has been.
At farmhouse, Suminda asks Rani why she is lying, she doesn’t need be in any pressure. Rani says she feels the safest with Raju, Rani advocates Raju’s eligibility in front of Suminda being the best life partner for her. Kundan and Prieti wonder when Rani began to love him. Rani explains to Kundan that
Kundan warns Raja that he would keep a close eye over him, if he ever finds this marriage as fake he would not leave him. Anandi says they all know Rani is an expert in making guys run away, it might not be Raju’s mistake at all. Rani tells Suminda no one would be able to keep her happier than Raju.
In the corridor, Raja follows Rani but she tells him to leave her. Someone drags her halfway. Rani was curt he has really left him. Anandi had dragged her into the room and tells Raja he would get punished for whatever he has done. Raja says he already clarified to her that he cannot kill anyone. If she hurts his brother, he would disclose her reality. Anandi smiles then dials Dev’s number who had been tied with the chair. Anandi gives him an ultimatum of three days, he must either finish all the matters he has opened here, or be ready to watch his brother dead. Rani had come there, Anandi makes up that she came to inquire if Raja wanted anything. Rani tells her she can take care of her husband.
Kundan broke the bottle he drank from, he was curt over Raja. He tells his friend that he doesn’t accept Rani’s marriage with that body guard. He was sure to part Rani from that body guard within next three days.
Rani brings Raja into a room, she hands him money and tells her to save him. Raja was upset that even this money can’t save him, he can lose his life anytime. Rani wonders who hates her so much that he is ready to kill a child for her. She was ready to help him in everything but Raja couldn’t share it with her. Rani calls herself stupid because she trusted him, she loved him. She gives him an ultimatum of three days and tells him to face the kidnappers and save his brother. At least she won’t regret that the man she loved didn’t even deserve her respect. Raja nods and turns to leave the room. Rani stops him and tells him to sleep here as it’s their wedding night. She forbids him to show his face to her. Raja asks if he can do something for her. Rani clutches his collar then slaps his chest asking if he can somehow feel her pain? Raju thinks once he saves his brother he would leave her, he is a mere Raju and for a love story Rani needs Raja.
Raja watches Rani sleep. He comes to drape her in blanket wondering what he must do, he doesn’t only want to save Dev but also save her from the danger she is living in. Rani holds his hand while her sleep. He sits there beside her bed and thinks what’s between them that gets him rid of all his fears. He feels when she is with him he can never be defeated. He was determined not to lose, he would save Dev as well as her and her mother. He places his head beside her on bed and sleep.

PPECAP: Anandi holds Dev on gun point and tells Raja first he would die then his brother. Raja had been tied. Rani shots Anandi’s hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. well this episode was kinda sweet … no relevance on original story line tho … sigh
    Writers … u confuse the crap outta me … smh

  2. Nice episode .?? Well with the ultimatum of three days , we d get to see the true faces of buaji and kundan coming into fore for the next few episodes . I hope to see kundan out of the picture by wednesday or thursday atleast and the focus is shifted to raja and rani . With the last part of todays episode , i felt that raj would recollect his past too . Hoping for a positive ending in the ameerkot palace ?

  3. Hello friends… How have you all been for the past week?? So few comments…..been reading those interesting comments but couldn’t just find the time to sit and analyze episodes after reading the updates. I really missed all of you and the little banter between us all as well. I agree with you Sandy, Ssree and Archana and Jess….all of your comments were spot on, can’t add anything else, you all have said it to perfection…. So little time to tie loose ends, we won’t get any justice and so unprofessional of those behind the storyline to bring such a sudden closure to the serial without having the wisdom to treat the loyal viewers with some degree of satisfaction, by bringing the story to a
    sensible climatic crescendo….. This serial will leave us not fully sated…..and a feeling of not having accomplished what we had hoped for in a beautiful ever after….. One point I also wanted to make…..i can’t remember in which story ever, have THE lead character been killed off and the story went on as usual ….that’s supposed to be the end right? Only here…..the rules were changed and with catastrophic results. A loss to us who are loyal viewers and a blot on the writing capabilities of those who put pen to paper……

    1. This story was attempted in ‘sasural simar ka’.. However with parallel lead.. Avika gor aka ROLI dies n her lookalike JHUMKI came in.. But eventually ROLI comes back n after a few months Avika Gor quit the show.. I think then this character was completely written off or was she replaced I don’t know.. In PYAR KA DARD Disha Parmar aka PANKHURI dies n her lookalike Ayesha came in but here too PANKHURI eventually comes back n in a few months show ended.. But it didn’t have too many lose ends like etretr.. Viewers these days are highly critical of lookalike n even plastic surgery tracks.. In Tashan e ishq ppl were unable to accept the new actor in kunj’s role n trps started falling.. Eventually zee closed down the show within 2 months of revamp on the same grounds that they don’t want to stretch story further.. Same were the fates of ‘yeh vada raha’ n ‘Kaala teeka’.. Somehow among all the channels zee tv is facing maximum flak for lookalike, plastic surgery n complete revamps.. What the channel lacks is proper story presentation.. They don’t know where to show more details n where to cut down unwanted sequences.. In etretr too producers mainly focused on sartaj-eisha chemistry rather than the story.. Alas their chemistry lost its charm overtime…

    2. True Archana, on every single point of view. I was happy to read your comments and rapport with Sandy and Ssree ….how have you been , I believe you are pretty OK… ? I wasn’t wondering why the chemistry had lost its charm and it could be that Sartaj especially was sad about all what was happening and couldn’t breathe the life anymore into the character which made us fall for him so that could have had an inner effect on his performance with Eisha. However, he is so very professional that in spite of all the bad end to this story, he’s here to see it to the end and he’s looking so dashing these days. It’ll miss him terribly. Chat soon……

    3. I am doing good Naz.. Hope u had a good vacation… :)..yes I somehow don’t feel the magic between Raj n rani Chauhan.. Both are very cold.. While they were raja rani sparks used to fly in the sky when they romanced..n 90% of the lose ends if not more vanished into thin air.. This rushed up happy ending is as good as a tragic ending that could have been shown with raja-rani’s death at the end of Iqbal track.. I am hardly seeing the episodes.. Just reading updates n watching Webisodes.. During the ghost track itself I sensed etretr’s end. Plus the revamp with season 3 clarified my doubts n I knew end was near but definitely not so soon.. For just 20 episodes they introduced season 3..this abrupt end was certainly an escapist mechanism for the writers n producers to get away with the plethora of lose ends..

    4. Hello Naz ? Hope you had a wonderful vacation . I missed your comments a lot . Good to see you back . I agree with you on the fact that the charm between raja and rani is not the same that we get to see between raj and rani chauhan. Well it may be due to the fact that everything is rushed up at the moment and the actors arent able to do justice to their characters . I had watched a spoiler video today and it had an interview of sarrtaj , where he says he feels nostalgic about the fact that the original raja and rani are back and they ve reached the same point where they started off initially . He also added that , he was the one who missed rani dearly than anyone else because , post ranis death , he shifted to mumbai and naina entered his life after 10 years but still rani was always dearly missed by him and when she returned to his life as a spirit , it was very difficult to let her go . Gosh , it was really emotional!! Sarrtaj n eisha are equally saddened by this news of the shiw being abruptly pulled offair . I knew that this season would be the final season of this show , and had a hope that it would last atleast for 2-3 months . But the channel crushed it all by its sudden decision of closing our show abruptly in such short notice.

  4. Hello Naz,hope you have enjoyed your vecation with your daughter,Once in a while everyone requires this break,at the same time dear friend ,you were missed on this forum .I am happy you are back ,yes .the comments have been very few since the quite unexpected and shocking news from the producers particularly when Sartaj and Eisha are picking up their chemistry to the delight of many many Viewers including us.
    And you are absolutely right Naz.the story should have come to a closure with the end of Rani’s character,Unnessarily the unrealistic characters of Donji and Naina were brought in ,and after hardly 60 episodes ,the serial is coming to an abrupt end.I agree with you Naz,the makers are really unprofessional in ditching the viewers as well as the actors like this.If you want to show three months story content in just Two weeks ,the viewers will definitely be left unsatisfied and this is not the way to close such a lovely love story.But they are known for their unpredictability ,,they gave so many episodes to those supernatural tracks,and in season 3 where atleast 70 episodes are required to tie up all the loose ends ,they are winding up so fast .I don’t know how to really assess these guys, theyjust follow their whims and fancies.
    Naz .i think it is better Raja and Rani only feel that connection ,not the real events of their previous birth.Otherwise the memory of Naina won’t make their marriage happy even in this birth.Though Rani is shown getting those previous birth’s dreams,she is not able to see the characters clearly which is good in a way because there are a very few happy memories and many sad ones.But I wish both Raju and Rani atleast get a chance to see that lovely marriage photo in Amerkot palace so that they understand that theirs is an eternal love story.
    Whatever it is Naz ,i am going to miss them particularly Sarrtaz, I must have watched hundreds of serials and movies but never felt like this for any couple , may be it is the story line coupled with the freshness of Sartaj and Eisha.Thanks for giving such sterling performance and wish to see them back soon.But the makers and Eisha should remember that no actor is indispensable and if the story is not to his /her liking .they should be replaced,but not to change the story.Otherwise the outcome will be like this only.

    1. I agree too that with this short time limit, it’s best that Rani and Raja only remember their lovely moments of the past and move on from there. Any other avenues or paths will lead to some bitterness and we all want to see them happy. I soooooooo love them as Raja Rani and as I write, tears fall from my eyes in sadness to know that soon I won’t be able to see them in this beautiful role as a couple. To tell you the truth Lakshmi, I would deeply and passionately miss Sartaj Gill especially. I saw some YouTube videos of him and it gave me an insight into his daily life with his mom, his closeness with her and his work routine to the sets of ETRETR ,his cooking capabilities etc….so much so, that I felt like I knew him personally. Lakshmi, you know something about my emotional self by my writing, so I’m going to cry for months for Sartaj and remember the good romantic days he spent with Rani. Nothing weakens me like a good love story. When Jodha Akbar ended, I was depressed for weeks…. I also loved their awesome onscreen chemistry, that serial was rushed to the end as well but I was happy to see all their lovely moments together, the conversations between the two souls at their tombs, always made me cry buckets. Now…all I can do now is enjoy the brief reunion and enjoy what is left of the serial. Sighhhhhhhh……… Lakshmi my dear sister and friend, thank you for the warm welcome back. I did enjoy my vacation, was very tired last night, came home afternoon on Monday and I just had to come here and say something, it wasn’t much but it was something. I slept like a log and with all the walking along International Drive ant to the parks, I’m sure I lost a few lbs, I’ll be happy to retain my 130lbs…… ? so happy to chat with you again……. ??

  5. Spoiler alert : Brm returns.. Raj-rani remember their last birth.. Raj is hurt by brm but this time they will probably end brm.. They have to as viewers have been assured happy ending.. 🙂

    1. it can be a happy ending but what the use of such rush in the story line .

      oh and i have seen the promo of the new show that’s might be aired instead of ETR2, the promo looks so crapy and pukeworthy.

  6. Zee tv has taken a wrong decision on abrupt ending , if they had to end the show prematurely they should have ended it in season 2 and not gone for season 3. for season 3 if they started they should have continued for at least 2-3 months. ( they could make a story line for 3months). they had a story for 2- 3 months but now they are showing everything in a rush and hurry which we viewers cannot accept .
    I feel zeetv must change the team who decides on the story as the person on it has no sense and imagination, ad just showing utter crap for viewers
    the story deteriorating must be wholly blamed on the production team and the channel people, due to them the chemistry between Sarrtaj and Eisha is missing, or might be i feel the chemistry missing coz the show is ending …

    I would love to see sarrtaj and eisha as a pair in other show ( wonder if it happens) if at all this happens then i might watch a show or else its a bye from me to television, as i m not a tv nor movie watcher and by chance this pair and the story line attracted me …

  7. Hi guys am really interested and impressed with your commends. yes Ssree I agree with you..I think zeetv should adjust their speed..

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