Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the engagement party, Kunal announces a surprise that his parents are returning to Jaipur. It’s their son’s wedding tomorrow. Rani drops the glass of juice out of shock. Preiti tells her to bid farewell to her independence now. Kundan holds Rani’s hand calling themselves lucky, when she has agreed to marry him he can’t wait a single day. Suminda blesses them both. Bua murmurs to Raja its time to rob Suminda of her happiness, Raja knows well if the work isn’t completed this time.
Rani dreams of her past. Raja comes in with chloroform in his hand. Rani wakes up screaming. Raja hides the cloth with chloroform and hurries into Rani’s room. Rani walks towards him. She tells Raja he doesn’t know about her nightmares, they have taught her to be brave. She cries that her life would be ruined because of Kundan. Raja asks why she said a yes to marry. Rani says she had no reason to say a no. She says Kundan is a nice guy. Rani says there is another reason she didn’t want to marry and asks for his promise not to share it with anyone, and demands he swears on his mother. Raja was furious about swearing on his mother. Rani stops him and tells him to sit there, she says she never shared with her mother that she always dream about it since childhood. It seems to be a story and not only a dream. She says there is a wedding, there are two people who loved each other dearly. It seems they didn’t get to live happily, they are reborn again and again and their story isn’t accomplished. Whenever her mother mentions of marriage, she gets these dreams and whatever is true seems to be lie. It seems she doesn’t belong here, and she would lose everything if she gets married. It seems she has been cursed if she marries someone her life would be destroyed. She cries and ask Raja to save her. Raja was about to place his hand over her head, Rani straightens up and curses Raja for getting her stuck in this problem. Raja found the problem and Kundan figured the solution. Raja comes to snatch the drink bottle off Rani’s hand as she was much drunk. Rani cries as the bottle had been broken. Raja sits beside Rani and says dreams always break like glass bottles, if she keeps on thinking about it, it would pinch her. He tells her to go and sleep. She denies sleeping. Raja holds her into his arms and carries her to bed. Rani asks Raja if he would kidnap her. Raja asks if she is drunk. Rani calls him stupid, and shares her idea of him kidnapping her. She says this will stop her marriage, Kundan would have to return to London for work and she will later make her mother up. Raja says Rani seems to be drunk, Rani shouts at him to kidnap her. She gets her bag from the cupboard and packs her luggage. Her foot was hurt by the glass on floor. Rani cries holding her candle and sings, Kundan had heard Rani’s voice and comes upstairs.
Bua stops Kundan half way and asks if he isn’t sleepy. She tells Kundan she dropped the jug and tells him not to disturb Rani at this time, she holds her sleep dear. Anandi boasts about her cunningness.
Raja holds Rani over the shoulder and carries her bag.
Suminda comes to Anandi and shares her disbelief about Rani’s wedding. Bua thinks Rani has already been bid. She only awaits morning.
The next morning, Rani wakes up in a godown, her hands tied behind her. She wonders how she reached there. Raja was sleeping nearby. Rani wonders how she reached this place. She was enraged at Raja and thinks she told Raja to kidnap her, not lock her up in this place. She spots a cockroach and screams.
In the room, Suminda watches the condition of Rani’s room. She cries with Rani’s name and come down screaming to look for Rani.
Raja shuts Rani’s mouth and throws the cockroach away. Rani demands him to open her hands. Raja says she is so dangerous when tied, what would she do if left untied. He stuffs her mouth with a cloth piece and ties her with the chair. He then lay on the bed to sleep.
Kundan regrets not going behind Rani last night. He asks Suminda about Raja and suspects Raja for kidnapping Rani. Suminda cries for not being able to recognize Raja and accuses herself. Kundan tries to calm her down.
Preiti finds a letter on the side table and calls everyone Anandi smirked. Rani tries to move the chair and wake up Raja. He shouts he has not been able to sleep well until he met her. He removes the cloth from her mouth, she questions why he has tied her? Raja says she couldn’t control herself out of hang over. He unties her and tells her to celebrate her independence.
Suminda was shocked to read the note. Kundan reads aloud, the note read a demand of ransom for Rani’s kidnap by Raaj Singh. Anandi comes in and smirks recalling having placed that letter there. Suminda cries for selecting the wrong man. Anandi comes to console Suminda.

vPRECAP: Raja was eating, while Rani complains he wants her to die of hunger. Raja says that’s good for her, he tells her not to disturb him until he has been thinking that way. Rani turns to fell down the bed, Raja comes to save her into his arms

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nice episode.. Seems some intrigue surrounding raj’s mom.. I feel they should keep things very simple now.. In the past when they had time they were unable to properly conclude intriguing plots.. Now they have hardly few days before serial is off air n already enough things to clear before raja rani peacefully unite..!!!

  2. Hello everyone !! So finally the cvs have closed one looseend : That is the identity of “rani chauhan”. So with rani chauhan dreaming of raja and ranis marriage , ranis return as a ghost to be with don raja and her salvation being attained in final , i guess it is now sure that the original rani and the original rani gayatri singh have only taken rebirth to complete their incomplete lovestory in their previous birth. Well Archana , that leaves us with a question, who is naina ?? With todays episode, the writers have clearly stated that she was nothing but a mere lookslike ie rani’s duplicate, whose purpose was to just fill up the void left by rani in rajas life which never happened as the evil brm couldnt tolerate raja being happy in life . I never really liked the idea of having a lookalike complete the story of raja and ranis story which had been growing stronger from childhood . I dint like naina and dons story for the same reason , maybe i would ve enjoyed sarrtaj n eisha as diff characters , if naina also had a look alike of raja to romance with . I never thought i d say this, but for the first time i felt sorry for naina , because she died an unfair death .
    Well , i m happy that the writers are finally giving us a good message and ending this on a happy note keeping in mind the titke and theme of this story :EK THA RAJA EK THI RANI , with the reborn raja and rani gayatri singh ??

    1. Yes u r right.. Actually they should have directly gone to season 3 after Iqbal fiasco… That donji-naina track n worst of all the rani ghost n brm witch track did maximum damage to this serial.. Anyways now all I want is that it ends nicely.. With no more additional lose ends…

  3. Well said sandy ?

  4. ok good. I like… Sarrtaj looks soooo cute tho … sigh
    Writers … are you sure you wanna take this serial off the air ??? there are still a lot of options here …

  5. I like the way this episode reads. So I will watch it tonight and comment more later. It reminds me of when raja and rani first met. I love that….❤️?

  6. Ok I’m actually excited. I saw a precap of what’s to come and I love it. The romance is still there between the real raja and real rani. Gosh when these two (the real raja and rani) are together it is just amazing. It’s really romantic and makes me all gushy and blushy. The preview is really enticing and I’m happy and exited. and I do feel the presence and chemistry of the raja and rani as before. And now…I didn’t expect this feeling…now that I am seeing raja and rani together, reminiscent of the old raja and rani ( long before that Iqbal and ghost tracks), to see them as they were before makes me sad. That’s because the show is ending now that we have back our raja and rani. I feel like crying.

  7. This a torture for the fans to end the serial now becouse it is getting more interesting to watch .I wish Zeetv will change theier decision a bout pulling the show of air.By the way they have many serials that are not doing well in the trp ratin chat y not pull that off air.

  8. Yes Tina ,it is really sad that ETRETR is coming to an end ,particularly after Rani is back with Raja and if the news is not a rumour only fourteen episodes are left ,to watch our lovely couple.We don’t know what the exact reason is,but definitely not low TRPs. Since Rani’s death understandably the Trps have been low .They will certainly shoot up with Raja Rani’s romance .According to Sartaj,the reason could be that there may not be any other story lines left and he says that the news is a surprise even to the actors also.But don’t you think Tina ,that with such an excellent actors and ardent fans of Raja and Rani at their disposal ,the writers can explore any number of interesting storylines except those look alike and ghost tracks?Let us hope that the producers will change their mind.

  9. You are right Jess , the beautiful chemistry between Sartaj and Eisha is back with the arrival of our spirited Rani. Now when everything looks rosy ,they want to end the show.Jess I feel that the only aim of our writers is to make us sad: first by killing Rani and now by bringing her back but only for a very short time.Yes , the preview is really exiting ,they are simply our old Raja and Rani, I think that there is something in the characters of Raja and Rani ,that brings out the best in Sartaj and Eisha.Hope the production house will reconsider its decision.For now let us sit back and enjoy what we love the most.

  10. Sorry for any typing errors

  11. oh gosh it is going off air on 28th………………..luv this serial but also feeling sad

  12. I agree, Lakshmi the writer should never killed Rani.theier were lot of way the writer could have improve the plot ,we already discourse a lot about them ,but Naina tracks & making Rani’s spirit evil,showing Rajaa very ungrateful with all the sacrifies Rani has done for him & he care only a bout Naina that destroy the show beyond repair. I feel like crying becouse I just stated enjoying watching the serial after 2 months of frustratino & anger,but on the other hand I’m happy we going to get happy ending

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