Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chandar was sitting on the swing, Sudha was going upstairs from behind when she stops behind him. He looks at her, she smiles weakly and asks when he came. She tells him that tomorrow Kailash’s family is coming, her to be mother in law and sister in law to be. She asks if Chandar feels good he must bring her powder and perfume, may be they like her this way. Sudha was about to touch Chandar’s shoulder, he stops her saying the black colour will get on it. Sudha looks at her hand, then says his soul can never be made dirty. She asks him to massage her head, she really want it to. Chandar asks her to sit on the swing. CHandar says that she hasn’t yet lost her childhood, she shouldn’t have done this with her Papa. Sudha says it is gone. Chandar asks when? Sudha says yesterday afternoon. Tear fell off Sudha’s eyes.
Chandar drove his bicycle when he sees Sudha standing in the way. He calls her name but she was lost. He asks what is she doing here. Sudha says her shoe broke when she was going to college, she is getting it mended at cobbler. Chandar says she could have asked him, last time she came to university. The cobbler gives them the shoe, Chandar says may be there is a problem with her shoe. Sudha says may be she doesn’t know how to walk. Chandar asks her to drop her to the college, Sudha says he has go to university, their ways are differnet. Chandar says they can go together for some time, Chandar drives his cycle along with Sudha’s tonga until they get apart. Sudha watches Chandar going on his way.
Binti tells Chandar that Sudha isn’t eating anything. He comes to Sudha and asks why isn’t she eating anything. Sudha says she has no apetite. Chandar shows her the card design of her wedding, he tells her to come there for sure. The guy is good looking, she will like meeting him. Sudha says she will try to come, now if her husband will allow she will come for sure. Chandar smiles, he says he will get her husband for sure.
At home, there are wedding preparations. The ladies danced at the beat of drum. Chandar watches Binti dancing, she stops at once as she notices him looking towards her. Chandar gets medicine for Sudha so that she gets worried soon. Sudha didn’t hear. Chandar says that the whole house is preparing for wedding, and she is so silent. What if someone asks why is she silent. He says if she remains like this, he will also fall ill. Sudha sits up in her bed and takes the medicine.
Chandar comes to Mr. Shukla, he asks if Sudha took medicine. Mr. Shukla tells Chandar to get some furniture for the new house of Sudha and Kailash. Chandar says that Kailash is the member of socialists party, he won’t accept it. Mr. Shukla says that we must give something to them as gift. Chandar says we are giving them the most precious gift of this house, it will cost us a lot. Mr. Shukla says that he is right. How will they live in this house once Sudha is gone. There was lighting decorations on the house, the wedding was taking place. Mr. Shukla sends Binti to bring Sudha. Binti says to Chandar that it is time for wedding, Sudha will only come if he says to her. Chandar says this obedience of hers has become a punishment for him, may be there was one thing that Sudha wouldn’t have agreed to.
Sudha stood watching moonlight, Chandar comes to terrace. Binti also hears the talk. Sudha asks Chandar to look at it, she will also watch it. This way they will be able to see each other. Chandar looks at Sudha for a while, then tells her that everyone is waiting for her downstairs. He asks if she won’t listen to him, she asks what is that she didn’t listen of him. But she has a condition. Binti was standing at the door. She goes there, and says that Chandar must be there in the time of vows, if he won’t be there she will not be able to do this. Chandar says what is she saying. Binti asks Chandar to say yes. Chandar says he has a lot to do. Sudha says today they only have one important task, they have to cross each others heart. She leaves downstairs.
Chandar and Binti bring Sudha downstairs, Mr. Shukla hugs her and makes her sit on the stage. The wedding rituals take place. Kailash takes his wedding vows. Sudha accepts them. Chandar walked away from the hall with each vow.

PRECAP: In the room, Sudha was leaving when Chandar holds her hand. Sudha cries and says it is already difficult for her, he must please leave her hand. Kailash asks Chandar if he had an affair with Sudha ever. Sudha throws all her shoes and jewelry away in front of Chandar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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