Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kashmir was all covered in snow. Chandar and Pammi drove in a jeep, Pammi stood in the car and smoked, then smiles looking at Chandar. Chandar takes her cigarette and throws it out. Rescue work was going on. In the camp, the army officer briefed them that many people are stuck in heavy snow, they need refuge. They ask for nursing staff for which Pammi volunteers. Chandar also promises to be with them.
Pammi comes to Chandar who stood lost. Pammi asks why is he so sad. Chandar says these people has such sadness in life, why they only remember their own happiness watching someone else’s loss. Pammi says that sometimes people remember their hidden injuries. Who will fill in their soul injuries. Chandar says time will. Pammi says sometimes even time can’t fill in those injuries, people just get used to living with them.
At home, Sudha played radio. She put a cap on Mai’s hand so that her hair don’t get to the food. She makes her wear apron and wear gloves. Mai asks her to cook now. Pammi instructs Mai from listening to the recipe from radio. She lets Mai boil vegetables. Mai says her papa won’t eat these boiled vegs. Mai asks if she doesn’t have to go class. Sudha says she is strange, always complains that Sudha doesn’t come to kitchen and now she wants her to take class. A news update about destruction in Kashmir plays. Sudha gets worried.
In Kashmir, the camp administrator tells Pammi about her room number. Pammi says to the administrator that Chandar Kapoor is with her, they need a nearby tent.
Sudha brings tea for Mr. Shukla. She says to Papa that she has brought out some clothes to send to Kashmir. Sudha asks if she can take all the luggage, her trip from college is going there. Mr. Shukla agrees, Sudha cheers.
Pammi and Chandar sat with bon fire, Pammi says today she feels all her procrastinations have worked. Chandar says she has helped people so much, that is why. Pammi asks Chandar to read a poem as he is a poet. Chandar asks if she doesn’t like his silence. Pammi says she has really been silent in life for a long time. Chandar says when two people even sit together, their silence talks. She asks Chandar to walk, he doesn’t agree. She asks him to drop her till tent, and gives hand. He takes it after a while. They walk along the tents. Chandar says it is his tent, Pammi says hers is also here.
In the tent, Pammi felt cold as she read some file. Chandar comes inside to call her for dinner, she was having fever. Chandar notices her tent was torn and says he will sleep here, she must take his tent. Pammi asks if he has some problem sleeping with her, she can wake up for the whole night. They come to Pammi’s tent, the administrator comes inside. He tells Chandar that he already told Pammi that the tent is torn but she insisted to exchange her tent with Chandar’s. He requests Chandar to sleep with him in his tent so that a lady can be adjusted with Pammi in this one. Chandar goes with administrator. Pammi sits in the tent alone.
At home, Mai brings sweet and juice to Bisurya. Sudha comes and tells him to leave soon. She is going to Kashmir. Bisurya reads a Persian saying of Shahjahan, that if there is heaven in earth it is here, here and only here. Sudha says a trip is going there, if he wants to donate something. Bisurya says neither he has money nor dress, but he can sent a rose flower with her. Sudha smiles and takes it.
The next morning, Chandar comes looking for Pammi who was smoking. He asks what she is doing here alone. She asks why. He says he was worried for her, she asks then? He says he started to find her. She shows him a mountain and asks what is there. He says border. She asks if he doesn’t want to touch that border. He says he always like staying in limits. She says she always loves crossing borders. Pammi says they are so different, why are they friends. Chandar says she must have thought about it. Pammi asks if he thinks there is some special reason. Chandar says he doesn’t think so, it could be anyone else as well. Pammi says she thinks if it wasn’t him, it would be no one. She says that everything that happens is for a reason, if they have meet, there must be some plan of life behind it. Chandar says he doesn’t accept it, he makes his own plans. There is a bomb blast near them, both roll down the snow.

PRECAP: Pammi asks Chandar in the camp why he is trying to go away from her. Who is stopping him. Sudha says it is she. Pammi asks Sudha if she loves Chandar. Sudha cries in front of Chandar saying she asked him what is love, he didn’t tell her. Pammi tells Chandar that if love is a sin, he had commited it.

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