Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Binti was sitting with Sudha. It was raining heavily. Sudha murmurs Chandar’s name. Binti calls her. Sudha asks who is she. Binti tells her to recognize it is her. Sudha says how can she be Binti, Binti is with Chandar. She tells Binti to take care of Chandar in her absence. Sudha looks behind Binti and asks who is there, Binti says no one is there. She looks behind Binti and says she won’t go, she doesn’t have to go right now. Binti calls Mr. Shukla, Sudha doesn’t recognize Mr. Shukla. Doctor also comes there. Sudha says that it is time, the bells have rung and she must leave. The doctor says to Mr. Shukla that Sudha likes rain a lot, they must take her out. Sudha still murmured Chandar’s name. Out in the garden, SUdha asks Mr. Shukla if Chandar is coming. May be she would be able to see him. She tells Binti to make a garland of flowers for Chandar. Binti says she wont do any work for Sudha, she must do all her work by herself. She cries that Chandar doesn’t listen to anyone except her. Sudha says now he will have to hear, she won’t be able to speak. She again asks about Chandar. A car arrive at the home, Mr. Shukla tells Sudha that Chandar has arrived. Suhda gets still on the bench.
In the corridor, Mr. Shukla and Chandar were together. Chandar asks Mr. Shukla what happened. Mr. Shukla cries that she can no longer be saved.
Sudha sits up in bed and asks Binti if Chandar has come. Chandar stands at the door. She turns to look at Chandar, then asks when he returned from Australia, now what he wants. She tells him to see what he has done to her, he must leave else she will hit her head on the bed and die. Chandar heads to leave. Sudha sits up again and smiles at Chandar asking if he has come. Chandar comes to sit besides her and says he has arrived. He assures her that she will get well. She makes him sit on her bed and tells him to stay here. He hugs Sudha and says she has to live with them all. She calls Mr. Shukla who comes to hug her, she hugs him and cry saying she is in much pain. She asks him to let her rest on his lap. She cries and tells Mr. Shukla to ask Chandar marry Binti. Both Chandar and Binti are shocked. She requests Chandar himself, but couldn’t bend. She tells Binti that she can’t bend, she must touch Chandar’s feet and touch them at her forehead. Binti does so. Sudha lay on the bed, Chandar moves behind crying. Mr. Shukla hugs him. Chandar hears Sudha crying in pain, they head towards her. Sudha straightens up again asking who is he, behind Chandar. She tells him to go, he must not take Chandar but her. Chandar says he is here, Sudha cried in pain. Chandar notices Sudha was still, Mr. Shukla cried her name.
Chandar stood with Sudha’s Astiyan on the river. Binti was with him in the boat. Chandar was lost in Sudha’s thoughts. Binti was thinking how Sudha had given her hand in Chandar’s. Chandar thought how he had said to her once in the boat that those who comes have to go. He finally does the Astiya Visarjan. He remembers when Sudha had left him at the time of her wedding. Binti opens Chandar’s fist to let go of the last dust left. Chandar fell on the boat seat, he and Binti cry together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This is one of the very best serial/mini- series on television and a very good attempt at the novel. Loved the acting of the lead. In the insane world of stupid television serials, it was a great experience n the best part it was kept short..no dragging at all.. Good Work !!

  2. They should not have killed sudha,the ending should be a happy one by getting chander and sudha married.

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