Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mr. Shukla hears the call, he tells Binti to call Bua as Sudha is unwell, there was a call from her inlaws, they must go soon. He calls Chandar. Chandar wakes up restlessly.
Mr. Shukla brings Sudha weak, she was weak and was about to step up the stair when Chandar holds her hand. They look at each other for a while, Mr. Shukla asks Chandar to take Sudha inside. In the room, Binti wipes Sudha’s sweat and asks how she feels. Sudha smiles and says now she is home, she is feeling better. Binti asks juice? Sudha asks for tea with her hand, Binti goes to bring it. While leaving, she asks Chandar if he would like it too. Chandar nods. Sudha asks Chandar to sit beside her. He comes to sit on the bed but steals his looks from Sudha, tear fell off Sudha’s eyes. She asks what condition has he made of him. Sudha feels nauseatic, Chandar feels concerned. Chandar asks what she has done with herself, Sudha says now she is home, everything will be fine now. Chandar asks if she wants to go somewhere out. Sudha smiles that she was also thinking the same. Chandar asks where she would like to go, Sudha says to Pammi ji. Pammi ji makes tea for Sudha, she asks Chandar if he would like tea or coffee. Chandar says nothing. Pammi ji lights a cigarette for herself, she asks Sudha how she is. Sudha says good. Pammi says she liked hearing that someone is happy after marriage. Bunti comes inside excited that one rose has budded off. Pammi sends Chandar with him. Pammi asks Sudha what she wants to say. Sudha says Chandar is no more the way he was, he is falling and only she can save him. Pammi asks what she is saying. SUdha says she knows it all, and Pammi knows what Sudha doesn’t. She joins her hand and asks Pammi to save Chandar, only she can save him. Pammi wipes her tears.
Sudha lights a candle, Pammi gets her a rose pressed in a book. She asks if she remembers this rose. They recall it was the one Sudha had given her in Kashmir. Pammi says she was right, this rose was always Sudha’s. When it was with her it was fresh, but now it has dried up. She tells Sudha to keep it to herself, if it remains with her it might remain fresh. Sudha cries, Chandar comes and asks what happened. Pammi says Sudha isn’t well, he must take her home. They exchange smiles, Pammi asks Chandar to take care of her and himself as well. They leave, Pammi lights a candle to calm herself, then calls Chandar back. She tells Chandar that she is going abroad for some time, she might get a bit late in returning. When she returns he must take care of himself. She says good bye to Chandar. Chandar leaves, speechless.
Sudha and Chandar come back home. Chandar says to Sudha he had to tell her something. Sudha says Binti told her he is going out. She tells him to come soon, it must not get very late. Chandar insists that she must go inside, but Sudha makes him sit in the car. She feels unwell again and struggles to come inside. Near the swing, the pain gets unbearable, she calls Papa in agony and fell on the floor. Everyone runs outside. Mr. Shukla shouts her name from upstairs. Mr. Shukla shouts to call a doctor.
The doctor tells Mr. Shukla what he has done to Sudha. Sudha’s condition has worsen, he must call Kapoor and Kailash.
Kailash tells Sudha that Mr. Shukla called him because she was unwell. He is unaware that Kailash is not her treatment but ailment. Mr. Shukla stood on the door, lost when Kailash comes to him. He takes his blessings and tells Mr. Shukla it is important that he leaves, comrades needs him and Australia’s conference is also important. Mr. Shukla says Sudha also needs him. Kailash says his presence of absence won’t affect Sudha much. Mr. Shukla says he couldn’t understand Sudha. Kailash says may be, but he just came to know Sudha but he knows her for years as he is her father, could he understand Sudha. Mr. Shukla was speechless. Kailash says Sudha is like a breeze, cold and peaceful. He is the storm, he doesn’t has that peace that Sudha needed. He says he will try to come soon, touches Mr. Shukla’s feet again and leaves. Mr. Shukla takes a seat.
Sudha called Sudha in sleep. The doctor observed her and takes Mr. Shukla out. Binti sits besides Sudha. The doctor says to Mr. Shukla that there are two more hours, if they pass he will return him his daughter.

PRECAP: Sudha lays her head on Papa’s lap, she tells him to ask Chandar marry Binti. Binti and Chandar are shocked. Sudha tells Binti to take care of Chandar, Chandar stops her but she instructs Binti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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