Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Raamu brings Chandar tea. He remembers when Sudha brought him tea, he had commented that there is no tea, and this is only milk. Sudha had convinced him that milk is healthy. Chandar held the cup and took a sip, Sudha tasted it and asked what had happened to it. Chandar had said that this is what she wanted him to take. Chandar remembers that Sudha had asked him to take milk tea only. He woke up from a night mare, Binti stood there. Chandar mistakens her with Sudha, Binti says it is her and she wants to tell him Sudha is coming home. Chandar is excited
The next morning, Chandar arrives at Sudha’s place. At the doorstep, he is happy to see Sudha. He calls Sudha, Sudha who was upstairs runs down to him. Both exchanges cheerful smiles, Sudha was about to take step to Chandar when Kailash calls her from upstairs. Sudha stops at once. Binti was noticing, she tells Sudha that Kailash is calling her. Sudha goes back. Binti comes to Chandar and asks what she wants, Chandar smiles and says she has got really sensible.
Sudha comes to the room, Kailash asks where her Kurta is. Sudha says she will just get it, Kailash gets flirtous with her. He says he loves Sudha, Sudha avoids him.
Mr. Shukla asks Chandar why he came after a long time. Chandar says that he wasn’t feeling really well. Mr. Shukla says that he is also not well, it is said that after the wedding of a daughter father’s burden reduces but here he doesn’t feel so. Sudha comes there. She says that she had asked Chandar to take care of Papa, but what she should say him now. Mr. Shukla says that now she has scolded him, now from today everything will go well. She says that she came to say that she is going to temple, Papa allows. Sudha asks Chandar if he will come. Chandar says he will also go. Kailash comes there and tells Sudha to leave Chandar with him. Chandar asks Sudha to go with Binti.
Sudha and Binti sit at the river. Sudha sings. Binti continues with the song, Sudha cries. Both cry. Binti asks why she had gone. Sudha asks if she really think she had left. Binti tells her not to make up. She tells Sudha that the house has gone empty after she has left. Sudha tells her to take care of Chandar, when she looks at Chandar she thinks this is some other Chandar. He has changed so much, she wants her Chandar, like he was when she was there. Sudha tells Binti to become Sudha. Binti says she can never be Sudha.
Kailash and Chandar have tea together. Kailash says to Chandar that he has handed him a wrong girl. He is a bullet and she is so dry. Chandar says to Kailash that his mates has brought revolution. Kailash says that their blood is warm. Chandar says that he writes poems. Kailash laughs saying he wants to party and Chandar wants to write. He says that there is something more strong than everything, that is marriage. He tells Chandar that he wanted to do so much for this country, but after getting married he got so peaceful.
Next day, Chandar comes home. Binti asks him to come inside, he will get meal. She goes inside and asks Sudha to take meal for Chandar. Sudha asks Binti to take it, as she now will have to take care of him. Binti sends Sudha. Sudha comes to Chandar with the plate and smiles. Chandar was upset. Sudha was happy being with him, she asks Chandar why is he annoyed with the food. She makes a bite, Chandar refuses. He tells her to go, he will eat by himself as this doesn’t suit a married lady. Tears fell off Sudha’s eyes, she asks why is he punishing her, why he talks to her like a stranger. Chandar says this is of no use, and he doesn’t want this all. This all doesn’t suit her as a married lady. Sudha says that he had compelled her to marry and leave, she throws her bangles and jewellery away saying which married woman. Chandar is shocked. She asks if he wanted this. He comes and makes Sudha sit, he puts her jewelry on again. Sudha cries. She says that she doesn’t care about anyone, goes away from him and tells him to have food, for her please. Because if he wont eat, she won’t be able to have it. And she doesn’t only have to eat for herself, but for someone else as well.

PRECAP: Binti shouts at Bua that she didn’t die because of all her curses, why would she did now. Mr. Shukla heard this victoriously. Chandar reads Sudha’s letter that he had thought she wouldn’t get anyone better than Kailash, but who would know the truth? He cries.

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