EK TARFA PYAAR {one sided love} chapter 2

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Sorry guys m not able to reply at ur comments but i do read them n trust me it really encourages me to see all ur appreciation… i wud love if you all can share ur thinking about the story so far and those who have a doubt, let me clear you its a swasan story only but with many twists, turns even certain u-turns?.. I have a big surprise/dhamaka for u all but am not intend to disclose it yet n after the surprise Ur doubt of the age factor will also be cleared.. I needed to ask if u want the suspense now only to be disclosed ( which am not planning bcoz of which the story wud become really boring) or after certain chapters.. Do comment ur wish n ur thinking about the plot

Shona’s p.o.v

I Turn around to see a man probably in his late 40s standing in a well fitted blue armani suit his mesmerizing eyes thick black hair pinky lips.. Erggg what am i thinking.. in short he was a greek god beside his age he had the apperance which can take any girls breath away.. But he looked familiar as if I have seen him somewhere… Oh shit!! He is the great SANSKAR MAHESHWARI yaa i have seen him in several business parties but what is he doing here….

He was holding two starbucks coffee in his hand… He came near me and sat beside where I was standing at the edge of the cliff while patting the other side indicating me to sit…

We sat for some time in comfortably silence seeing in horizon probably thinking how to start a conversation

Suddenly he asked me

Sanskar: Can i have the honour of listening your sad story before you jump

I was shochked

Me: how do you know i was..
(He cut me off mid sentence)

Sanskar: a blind person can also tell what were you going to do… Well wanna share your breakup story

Me: excuse me

Sanskar: yeah thats what todays generation do.. they act before thinking.. Do you even know what will happen to your family your parents your siblings your friends when they will listen about your death.. You know this is the problem with todays generation if things does not go according to your wish you try to attempt suicide or other such activities.. You dont think of its outcome..

I was speechless even though he was a stranger and was lecturing me he was saying truth

Sanskar: well its not studies tension (i nodded) nor any type of family pressure ( i again nodded) so bcoz of any love problem (i stayed silent)

Sanskar: just bcoz of one blo*dy idiot yo…

Me: (I snaped) he is not any blo*dy idiot

Sanskar: he broke your heart still you love him

Me: he can never brake my heart

Sanskar: so whats problem??


Sanksar: oh i got it.. One sided love ( EK TARFA PYAAR) rite ek aur adhuri kahani

Me: ek aur???

Sanskar: well thats some other day story.. But i wud like to give you an advice before leaving you should be proud of your love… Someone has said “ek tarfa pyaar ki taakat hi kuch aur hoti hai auro ki tarah yeh do logo mai nhi batti sirf mera haq hai isper”
You know what I thought you are weak but you are really strong bcoz its not easy to love when you know that you will not get the same love in return.. But giving upon life will not only show you weak but also it will show that your love was not strong infact it was the reason of your death…

I was stunned by his 95 words long advice.. ok dont consider me wrong but still it gave me a new definition of love and life

Lets see what life have stored for her
Till then

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    1. Poota

      Shona is 22
      And the rest you will get to know in further chapters

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