Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta -Episode 1

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Hello folks
This is Sat back again with the first epi
I know I got less comments, but still I want to post it

Please do comment to encourage me
So here is first episode of Ek Taraf Pyaar Ek Taraf Nafrat Ban Gayi Ae Rishta ……..

I need not give the character sketches as it will be understood through the story and the one thing I can say is both shivaay and annika are the students of a very large university in Mumbai of age 27 and they are in their last year

Here is the link to the promo:

Please read the promo as it plays the essential part of the story

The first episode begins

Shivaay: annika, it’s ok, stop crying now

Annika: why r u hurting yourself shivaay, both physically and emotionally. U already know that I don’t believe in love

He placed his finger on her lips and whispered sshhh……

Shivaay: now that u have said yes, u need into worry, I will show u what is love and don’t try to run away from me. I don’t know how you will take it, as a warning or a request. U r committed annika, u r in a relationship with me now. Don’t deny the fact that u have accepted it. Otherwise the situation may turn worst…. Ok now I will go to the rehearsal boys, they must be worried for me so as yours…

Annika pov
While going, he caressed my face many a times,i am now his, I know, I can’t fight against, his actions are making sure that he’s never gonna leave me……. I am dead, what to do, I thought to convince him when he is calm….still his fingers string my pale tired face, I know he had mentally made a note that I was his, and that note is not erasable. And then he cupped my face and planted a kiss on my forehead. Then again…. I think he is a bit satisfied now….. it was the first time anyone kissed me in my life after my mom and Dad…. and I allowed him……His hunger for me is limitless, but I accepted it, there is no other go, I can’t escape, then he started to go, I signed at relief but then he turned and started walking towards me. I was hell tensed, what is he UpTo, I clutched the tables beside trying to hide my nervousness as I know he can go to any extent seeing the effect of him coming closer. Thank God!! He didn’t notice. Then he came and held my hand

Shivaay : come!! Let’s go together.. nothing will happen if people see us together!!!! And here is nothing wrong to hide!!! Come now!!!

She nodded her head!!! And then moved along with him

Shivaay pov
I am very happy that she accepted me but I know it is not whole hearted. Because she never believe in love she is not understanding. I am trapped in her presence. I love her to the peaks that no one could ever be able to reach. But she is not understanding. She thinks freedom and independence is lost if u r in love!! But she is not knowing the real pleasure and peace. She needs to trust me, I will make her life colourful. Now she is mine and I loved the thought that she is beside me and presently she is beside me, it is make me jump out of happiness. Annika I am yours, u r mine. I will make ur life the most happiest one

They reached the auditorium where the second rehearsals started. Annika has to go, since she was comperring the first part of the programme, so he left her. She went down and she composed herself. She knew a pair of blue orbs are continuously watching her without a blink. Then her frown turned into a smile seeing the professors and she started. Her sweet and bold voice could make anyone understand the Importance of the function.

Then shivaay walked towards his brothers. It was his last year of the university . A 3 months smaller in age was om. And an year smaller to om was rudra. Om and rudra were smiling seeing the broad curve on their elder brothers lips.om started

Om: so shivaay!! She has accepted!! Don’t u think The way u made her accept is wrong

Rudra: yes o! It is totally wrong!! Bhaiya I know u love annika didi is weak and she doesn’t want to start any relationship with you

Shivaay: cut that with me !!! Rudra!! She doesn’t want to start a relationship with anyone not just me. She doesn’t want love in her life. I donno what makes her believe hee stupid ideology

Om: shivaay u have to explain. I know ur unparalleled love towards her!! But she needs time. I know u have given her time but it is her wish because it is her life. She committed to u because of helplessness and even u know that

Shivaay : she has feelings for me om! If I leave her, she will leave me forever!! I don’t want another heartbreak u know that. I will make her understand now since she told yes and that she is not strong enough that she will escape from me u know her na. See her (pointing towards annika), even though everybody preplanned to wear an off shoulder and also informed her,she came in her usual kurta pyjama

Rudra: she wears western bhaiya, I have seen her wearing jeans

Shivom: shut up !! Rudra

Rudra: what did I do

Om: he means to say that she doesn’t go along with people fast, not she wears only ethnic

Rudra: u r very intelligent o!

Om: shivaay it is better u make her understand or else it can be a bit risky. I know u will treat her good, but make her trust u! Anyways I am happy that at least she will be in our house soon.

Rudra: as our bhabhi!! I love annika didi!!!

Shivaay: I will bring her today

Om: are u sure, we r not forcing u. Let her take her time

Rudra:please bhaiya bring bhabhi to our house fast

Om: shut up rudra , it is not u who will decide, it is annika, and moreover if she listens u calling her bhabhi, it will be band bhaja bharat for u

Rudra: y om!? She is kind na, with me she is naughty also, only when it comes to bhaiya, she changes weak, will bhaiya look like a monster to her.

Shivom: shut up rudra!!

Just then annika completed her work and she came and sst beside shivaay. Omru were hell shocked. They never thought annika would be come and sit beside him. Shivaay was smiling and held her hand.

Shivaay: u did it excellent. I loved ur voice

She smiled and continue

Annika: u loved me as a whole, so what’s so strange in loving my voice in particular

He understood she said it with great sarcasm. But he continued since it is obviously her. He went near her ear

Shivaay: I want u to come to my house today! I have already informed my family. They r eager to see u.

Annika: it hasn’t been an hour since I have confessed, u have already informed to ur family

Shivaay: yes I have informed to omru

Annika:but u said family

Shivaay: they r my family

Annika: I can talk to them here

Shivaay: they want to meet u in ur mansion and they also want me tell to our rest family

Meanwhile omru who listened the conversation

Rudra: will she accept o! Fingers crossed

Om: hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Shivaay: please don’t say no annika!!

Annika: when did u learn to request!!

Omru hit their head that it is not going to happen for today and interrupted

Om: annika, I am happy that u accepted my brother, since we both I mean me and his duffer rudra were very happy , we want to see u in our house and introduce u to our family and my wife is very much excited to see u

Annika: om u r married!! But I never knew. And ur so young

Om: no one knew annika, very recently, the situation made me marry her. I will tell u the story later. Anyways her name is gauri. We will marry again after shivaay’s marriage . And that I am 27, I am legally eligible to marry

Annika felt a bit nervous since om had told the word marriage, if it is shivaay’s marriage, then it would be obviously my marriage too. Then her thoughts were interrupted by rudra

Rudra: please didi, don’t say no to me, u know na, I am ur best brother. Please don’t say no. We will play together. We can have ice cream also

Shivaay: shut up rudra!

Annika: y r u scolding him! Ok now, I am coming.

She starts to go. Then he holds her hand

Annika: what now

Shivaay: i am coming along with u

Annika pov
He held my hand and we walked towards the gate. Then he lifted my hand and planted a kiss. I anticipated that he would do that.i tlk my hand away in reluctance. Then again he held my hand, but this time tight, he twisted it back and pulled me closer, I was on his chest and I could feel his hot breath. I have to accept, I really have strong feelings for him

His husky voice will kill me alive I know. He started

Shivaay: why do u ignore me huh? Anyways I will drop u know and pick u up from ur house.

Annika pov
He took me to his car not allowing me to utter a single word. He dropped me at my gate and I smiled back at him thanking him for the lift.

Shivaay: u need not say thanks, dont be formal to me. U r going to be my wife and I don’t like that way of response.

Annika: ok fine! Whatever

Shivaay: be ready! I will be here at 6 pm sharp and don’t get late. U look beautiful in anything u wear!!

Annika: I have an hour, I will be ready!!

Shivaay: ok bye for now, love u annika

Annika : bye Shivaay.

Shivaay:I know u would never say that

Annika: when u know then y r u asking . Ok bye.

Shivaay: I would be happy if u say those words.

Annika: fine! Love u too shivaay. See u soon. Ok bye

Shivaay: thats my girl. I will leave now
Saying this he drove off the car smiling.

He reached the mansion and saw omru smirking

Author’s note:from now on I won’t be active in tu, I would write my work in notepad and my sister’s gonna post. I couldn’t reply ur messages and ur comments. Due to some issues, I am leaving tu but my ffs will be posted by my sister. So sorry that I won’t respond to ur comments and happy that you won’t hear my bakbaks

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