Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 25


It was 11pm.. the six people were on vdo call..
Naina,”hii jeeju, bhaiyu.. and di.. all good?”
Kunal,”hi chiku.. everything’s fine..u all say.. hey karan.. missing u..”
Karan,”bhai… I don’t miss u.. its good u went.. I ll rule here..”
Kunal,”don’t worry, I don’t need u as well.. count your days karan.. my Sali will bring me back.. beta, teri acche din toh gaye.. right naina?”
Naina,”absolutely jeeju..”
Meghna,”ohho, jeeju Sali pairing up.. dn why not bhabi devar.. right karan?”
Karan,”dekha.. my team is more strong.. ek baar aap aa jao bhabi.. dn see what we do of this kunal bhai..”
Khyati,”ohh hello.. I m also here.. say me hello too..”
Vishal,”ji, for u am here.. hello khyati..” and he smiled big..
Khyati,”hiii vishal..” and she blushed..
Naina cleared her voice..
Naina,”bhaiyu.. only khyati? What about me?”
Vishal,”aa… woh.. haan, tumhare liye toh jeeju hai na..”
Meghna,”accha.. ye baat..” and she smirked at vishal..
Naina,”accha, listen for what we are here.. papa’s behaviour is quite unnatural.. “
Khyati,”yaa di.. I also wanted to say something..”
Khyati, flashback: “khyati was going past the lawn..
Nk,”yes.. done.. now pls don’t do anything..”

After sometime..
Nk,”what? This much money.. no., I will not give..”
Nk,”no no.. don’t harm her.. I ll give u.. Tell me the time place..”
Nk,”tomorrow? But this much amount tomorrow? Give two days time!!”
Nk,”okk.. no I wont inform the police.. but don’t harm her.. I love her.. she is part of my life..”
And he kept the phone..
Flashback ends..

Khyati,”papa is having extra marital affair..”
Naina,”khyati.. He is our papa.. don’t say anything about him without a proof.. guys.. I don’t believe that he is having extra marital affair..”
Karan,”u r nt believing khyati.. she heard it na..”
Kunal,”karan.. naina is right.. we should not judge anyone without any proof.. and I trust dad..”
Vishal,”naina.. I think.. do one thing.. go and talk to uncle.. right now.. that ll be best time.. everyone is sleeping.. and am damn sure, uncle will be at the study thinking about the money.. and if anyone can talk right now is naina.. karan jeeju, khyati, u both accompany her, but stay out of the room, till she knows the truth.. then u both go and talk to uncle.. coz without knowing the entire matter we cant plan anything..”
Naina,”yaa.. di, bhaiyu is right..then I think I must go..”
Naina,”yes bhaiyu..”
Vishal,”wait.. howz jeeju? Jeeju, u r taking meds right?”
Naina,”bhaiyu.. he is taking medicines also.. don’t worry..”
Vishal,”by the way, whats today’s date?”
Karan,”10 th may”
Vishal,”I guess medicines will be over today?”
Naina,”yes bhaiyu..”
Vishal,”congrats jeeju.. from tomorrow onwards no more gloves, no medical outfits.. u r free.. but before that perform some tests tomorrow.. there itself in jaipur and mail me the reports.. I ll be make u sure about it.. till then be a bit patient..”
Naina,”oh my god bhaiyu.. I forgot.. thank u for making me remember.. its happy time.. just let this papa wala mystery get solved.. everything will be solved then..”
Karan,”yaa.. now madam.. go to dad.. and do the work..”
Naina,”yaa.. u both come also.. bye everyone..”
Meghna,”bye di, jeeju, bhaiyu..” and she left..
Naina went to nk’s study room.. and there nk was sitting on a chair and he hided his face between the palms..
Naina,”papa.. may I come in?”
Nk looked at naina..
Naina,”papa what are u doing here? U should be in your room..”

Nk turned towards her.. and then got back to his table and took a diary out and started writing..
Nk,”I can also ask the same thing.. what are u doing here? This is my study.. I can stay here..”
Naina,”wo papa, I was going to get water, and found this room’s lights on.. so thought to switch it off..”
Nk,”okk, u saw.. now leave.. I ll switch off lights once I finish my work.. tomorrow I have some important work.. for that..”
Naina,”papa, I know, what u are hiding!”
Nk looked on shocked..
Nk,”hiding? Wha.. what are u saying? Wh. Why will I hide something?”
Naina,”papa I can understand ur feeling.. I know u didn’t want to make jeeju away..”
Nk,”what rubbish? Are u blind? I made him out and u were present there.. so, I only wanted it..”
Naina,”then, why u took a day’s time? I mean u could have thrown them the day before also.. on whose saying u threw them out papa?”
Nk was fummbling.. he was searching for an answer..
Nk,”on nobody’s saying.. it was completely my decision.. I just needed time to think..” saying this he gestured naina and gave her a chit.. and signalled her to read it after she goes..
Naina,”okk if u r saying so.. I am okk.. but papa feel free to share anything with me..” and she left..
As she came out..
Karan,”what happened? Dad dint tell anything? What he thinks of himself.. I am going to talk to him..”
Naina held his hand.. and nodded no.. she took karan and khyati..

In nairan’s room:
Karan,”what happened naina? Why u didn’t let me speak to him?”
Naina,”coz he gave me this..” and showed the chit..
Khyati,”then lets read it..”

Phew.. sorry for another chotu update.. from now on I ll try post regularly.. and am glad due to your support and efforts I reached till 25.. it’s a landmark.. thank u guys.. thank u so much..?????????
Well I want to ask everyone.. whats ur hobbies? Meaning hereby some work which can be taken up also as a career option..(meaning of hobby taught by my teachers basically??) so yeah, let me share mine.. well mine is badminton playing.. I love playing badminton and painting ofcourse..????
Share yours..???

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  1. Threemaimai

    hi titli long time no see but your update is just fabulous. i think you have solved your college matter…. 🙂
    my favorites are playing table tennis and collecting Korean dramas. i have more than hundred of them 😀
    recently writing short stories also included

    1. Titli

      Yeah.. i have solved my college matter.. its good to see u remembered.. and its been quite long.. but am fit and fine now.. ur favourites are great.. u r so talented.. god bless u.. and thank u for commenting..???

  2. Wow..super?and my hobbies..i have many hobbies..sleeping is one of my favourite hobby?????listening music..reading..somany hobbies

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. i am glad that u shared ur hobbies.. sleeping is also my fav..

  3. Hi titli. Today episode superb and please post your update as soon as possible. My favorite hobbies are cooking, Reading books& listening music

    1. Titli

      Thank u dear.. i ll try to post soon..??❤️
      Great hobbies.. cooking.. interesting.. i love eating??

  4. hi,it’s really amazing,??? nice epi,update ASAP,and my hobbies are reading,writing andchatting…..

    1. Titli

      So sweet.. thank u so much.. i ll update soon.. hobbies are great..?

  5. Tamihna0808

    Aaaah! I wanted to know what the letter said!!! You left it at such a cliffhanger! ? awesome update! My hobbies are sleeping! ? I also love writing my FF! Continue soon! Loads of love ❤?

    1. Titli

      Hahaha.. its a great cliff hanger.. i finished my next part.. i ll post it soon.. the hobby which u said is my fav one..??? sleeping one.. and writing ff is another one..

      1. Tamihna0808

        It’s an amazing cliffhanger! And high five ?

  6. Minerva

    Beautiful and magical story. This story is surely a wonderful piece of prose composed by one of the most talented word-wizards out there. The conceptualisation and presentation is plain awesome.
    The present episode was surely fantastic. Khyati and Vishal’s conversation along with the devar-bhabhi vs saali-jeejaji banter was supremely cute and adorable. The part about vishal reminding naina about the looming end of karan’s illness was really marvellously portrayed and worded. Nandkishore’s acts are truly baffling and sometimes pitiable. Nonetheless, I am really eager for the upcoming updates and hugely awaited revelations..

    1. Titli

      Oh my god.. whats your intentions?? To make everyone fall for your amazing words used.. its so good to hear so much compliments from u.. thank u so much.. i ll say again, if u start writing any short story or fan fiction, i bet it would be the best amongst all of us since u have such a wonderful vocabulary.. please i request u, start a ff or short story.. am waiting for it.. its a request from all other writers also.. pls pls pls..?❤️????

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