Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 21

Naina along with sandhya, left for hotel rosewood.. karan and meghna followed them in a cab.. they reached the destination.. sandhya and naina went inside.. the meeting was to be held in the hall.. so they went their.. and waited till the delegates arrived.. meghna and karan sat far away and sandhya’s back was turned towards them..
Sandhya,”hello mr. rathore.. long tym.. nice to meet u.. naina, this is mr. rathore.. bhaisaheb’s close friend and the meeting is with him only..”
Mr. Rathore,”hello naina ji.. nyc to meet u..” and forwarded to hug her.. but naina folded her hands.. karan was boiling..

Mr. Rathore folded his hands..
Soon the trio got into the meeting.. they discussed various topics.. sandhya excused herself for going to the washroom, and went to room no 301, and there she fitted a camera and came back..
Sandhya,”well its been an hour we are here, I guess we should order something…” and she dalled waiter and ordered champagne for the three..
Naina,”excuse me, 2 champagne and one orange juice.. actually masima, I don’t drink..”
Sandhya,”its okk beta.. (in mind) god, my plan cant fail.. what to do..”
The waiter came with the drinks and sandhya made one drink fall on naina and spoiled her dress..
Sandhya,”am sorry naina.. really very sorry..”

Naina,”masima its all right..”
Sandhya,”u go to 301.. that room is always booked for us whenever we are here for meeting.. go u can find some dresses there.. wait I ll help u..”
Sandhya and Naina went to the room..
Karan,”bhabi, I guess masima ll start her plan.. u inform bhai, and bring all to room 301.. am going there..”
Meghna,”are u sure karan..”
Karan,”bhabi, no more tym.. anything can happen with naina.. I cant risk her.. am going.. u call bhai..” meghna nodded and karan left behind them..
In the room, sandhya took out a saree from cupboard, and said,”wear this.. am coming in a minute..”
Sandhya went out and went to mr rathore..
Sandhya,”mr. rathore, naina is calling u in room 301..”
Mr. Rathore,”sure..” and he left smiling..
In the room, naina almost changed her clothes, she was just pinning her saree.. suddenly the door opened.. naina thought sandhya came..
Naina,”thank u so much u came.. pls help me in pinning the saree..”
Mr. Rathore,”sure naina ji.. “
Naina turned shocked..

Naina,”u, why are u here? I thought its masima..”
Mr. Rathore,”ohho naina ji, why are u shying now.. when I met u today, I knew there was some spark between us.. and see we are here in this room..”
Naina cried,”see u r doing wrong.. if my husband knows u ll be killed.. and how can u cheat ur wife..”
Mr. Rathore,”ohh come on.. don’t be a spoilsport..” and she held her saree..
Naina,”karannn, karann..”
Mr. Rathore,”so sad, ur husband aint here.. who ll save u dear..”
Karan entered,”naina.. hey you..” karan went and held that mr. Rathore.. he started beating him.. sandhya outside was shocked.. her plan failed.. suddenly whole chauhan family came inside the room.. naina hugged meghna tightly..
Meghna,”chiku, ssshhhh.. nothing happened..”
Kunal,”naina, drink water” and he handed the bottle to meghna.. meghna and khyati consoled naina.. there karan was beating mr. Rathore ruthlessly.. mr. Rathore became unconcious and lied on the floor..

Sandhya arrived in the room..
Sandhya,”naina, what happened? Oh my god, mr. Rathore tried to molest you.. ohh god… naina beta, drink the water.. bhaisaheb I guess we should complain the police..”
Karan,”stop there masima.. u don’t need to call police, kunal bhai already called.. and don’t pretend to be so good masima..”
Sandhya,”karan, u r doubting on me.. on your masima.. who always took care of you..”
Nirmala,”haan beta, I guess u r mistaken..”

Khyati,”no mom.. bhai is not mistaken.. u all are mistaken.. this cheap work was done by masima only..”
Nk,”khyati, no more bad thing agains sandhyaji..”
Kunal,”dad, luke really.. u trust this woman, than ur sons and daughter?”
Nk,”kunal, u also.. this karan, how will he know about people outside.. and khyati, she is a kid.. but u..”
Kunal,”dad, am the eldest among them.. and I know this woman is behind all this..”
Naina was crying.. and became unconcious..
Meghna,”chiku, open your eyes..”
Karan sat beside naina,”naina, ankhein kholo.. see am here.. ur karan is here naina.. bhai, bhabi, I am taking her home.. u pls bring this mr. rathore to home.. and pls khyati, call the doctor..” karan carried naina and drove back home( guys, karan was wearing those gloves..)
The doctor arrived and examined naina..

Doctor,”nothing serious.. she just fainted due to tension.. I gave her injection, she ll be up within an hour..” the doctor left..
Karan sat beside naina and was caressing her.. nirmala, nk, meghna, khyati, sandhya, kunal and dadaji were there..
After sometime, naina opened her eyes..
Karan,”naina, u r fyn right? Koi prblm toh nhi ho rhi na? Ho rhi hai toh batao mujhe.. I said, this is dangerous.. par no, u ll never listen to me.. u have to be the hero no? Now say that u r fyn..”

All smiled at karan, except for sandhya..
Sandhya in mind,”why karan was doubting me.. now naina’s up.. I guess she ll speak the truth..”
Naina,”kaa.. karan.. am fine..”
Karan heaved a relief..
Karan,”thank god..”
Naina tried to get up.. but karan scolded her.. nirmala thanked god, that his karan was so happy.. she prayed for their family’s safety..
Kunal,”okk so now, naina’s fine, so naina, say all that happened..”
Naina said all which she experienced on the meeting day..

Kunal went and brought rathore..
Kunal,”mr. Rathore, why you went to naina’s room?”
Mr. Rathore,”naina only called me..”
Nk, nirmala, dadaji looked on shocked and stared naina.. sandhya smirked..
Karan,”excuse me, how do u know she called u.. maybe she messaged u right?”
Naina looked at karan..
Naina,”no.. I didn’t..”

Mr. Rathore,”no actually sandhya ji said me that naina was waiting for me in the room..”
Kunal smirked at sandhya..
Kunal,”papa I told u.. this woman ‘s a fraud.. she’s here to destroy us..”
Sandhya,”nhi bhaisaheb.. naina asked me to call her..”
Kunal,”did she messaged u? Or called u? Or said face to face?”
Sandhya,”face to face..”

Meghna,”I see.. officer..”
Officer came in and gave the camera to meghna..
Officer,”well this is the camera, we found in room 301 hidden inside a vase.. lets play it..”
Karan, switched on his laptop and was shocked, as naina never mentioned about calling mr.Rathore..
Nirmala,”sandhya, I always cared for u as my own sister.. u did this.. how could u?”
Khyati,”mom, not only this.. she was the one for whom karan bhai suffered from such disease.. and due to naina di, vishal, meghna bhabi, kunal bhai, my bhai, karan bhai is almost fine.. vishal did his treatment and gave him correct medicines and naina bhabi is taking care of him fully..” khyati explained, the honeymoon of nairan, showed those vdos..

Meghna,”sir, are these footages enough for masima to get hanged for destroying a family?”
Officer,”yes meghna ji.. we ll make sure, she never gets out of jail..”
Nk,”ek minute.. sandhya ji, I never expected this from u..”
Sandhya,”bass nand kishore chauhan.. this is nothing compared to what I suffered coz of u and nirmala..”
All looked on shocked..

Extremely sorry for getting late.. I end it on a cliff hanger.. I ll try to post soon.. hope u enjoy it guys.. let me know..

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