Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 20

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Guys u thought karan was fine.. but not till now.. more 15 days left.. he was under medication..
At chauhan house
Nk was in the hall and reading newspaper.. nirmala was preparing breakfast as the brothers and their lil sis were coming back obviously with their respective wives.. it was 10 in the morning when meghnal, nairan and khyati came back..
Meghna,”ma, papa, dadaji.. we are all home..”
Nirmala came smiling..

Nirmala,”u guys r back.. come..”
Naina,”ma relax..” and took nirmala, nk and dadaji’s blessings..
All the rest 4 also took blessings..
Karan,”ma, masima?” He pretended to show care..
Sandhya,”I knew beta.. karan ll miss his masima the most.. how were u at paris without me? Did naina take care of u.. I mean I know noone can take care of u like me.. but u were comfortable right?”

Karan,”masima, it was all good.. infact u know, naina took great care of me.. and yeah I was very comfortable.. afterall she is my friend.. and a friend can take care of u more.. she understood when I was comfortable or not, and so adjusted according to that.. am glad to have her as my friend.. masima, be happy.. now u need not care for me much.. afterall my dad did a great job by marrying me to her mistakenly.. thank u dad..” and he left taking his umbrella..
Dadaji,”naina bahu, meghna bahu, u also go take rest..”
Nirmala,”yes kunal, khyati u both also go..”
They nodded and went to their rooms and freshened up..

In nairan’s room
Naina came to the room, and found karan a bit frustated..
Naina,”karan..” and placed a hand on his shoulder..
Karan turned..

Naina,”karan.. what happened why are u crying?”
Karan,”naina, how could I be wrong.. I trusted masima a lot and she did all that.. I couldn’t just tolerate her presence.. when will we tell her truth to all.. I just want her out..”
Naina,”no karan, we need to crash her dreams of destroying u and this family..we need to find the root cause of her doings.. she must see u fine so that she never dare to harm you again..”
Karan,”yeah u r right.. and am sorry.. I had to just address u frnd there but u r my love..”
Naina,”buddhu, friendship is the important step for love.. u love your friend always.. don’t u? So it was indirectly love only..”
Karan,” naina..”
Karan,”I heart you..”
Naina,”mmmmmmmuuaahh.. till u get fine, like this only..”
Karan smiled..
Karan,”anything to get your love, concern and affection..”
Naina smiled..

In meghnal’s room
Meghna was arranging the clothes.. she found kunal in deep thought..
Kunal gave no response..
Kunal turned..
Kunal,”haan bolo..”

Meghna,”what happened? What are u thinking?”
Kunal,”why masima’s doing.. lets go to khyati.. and check the vdo..”
Meghna,”good idea..”
They left for khyati’s room..
Khyati,”bhabi.. why are u panting?”
Khyati,”yeah lets check..”
They opened the vdo..
Kunal,”what the hell? Masima is going to prove naina wrong before karan.. this is heights.. we need to do something..”
Khyati,”bhai let her do.. bhai knows its all masima’s plan.. but still..”
Meghna,”yeah.. lets go to naina’s room..”
Khyati,”yeah bhabi..”
They went to naina and karan..
In nairan’s room..
Naina came out of the washroom..
Naina,”jeeju.. what happened?”
Karan was in shock.. what was going on..
Kunal,”naina, masima’s planning to destroy your image before karan..”
Naina,”what she is going to do?”

Meghna told them in mute..

Naina,”I see..”
Karan,”what u see? I ll not let this happen.. this is too much..”
Naina,”karan, we ll do backup for this..”
Meghna,”yeah.. me and khyati are ready with a plan..”
Naina,”great.. share it fast di..”
Meghna told them the plan..

Karan,”perfect.. now I have no problem..”
Meghna smiled at karan and thanked god that naina got such husband..
Kunal to meghna(in whisper),”topper, why are u smiling so much?”
Meghna,”kunal, see karan.. I was worried when naina said about karan’s problem.. but now I feel, noone can get such husband.. my naina is the luckiest.. see her, how happy she is with karan and karan, I guess he is the best husband..”
Kunal,”I knew meghna.. I said na.. that karan is better human than me also.. if he loves someone, he trusts him or her the most.. and he is very protective about that person..”
Meghna,”its good then..”
Naina,”di, jeeju, u both started ur romance here only.. have patience..”
Sharda called meghna..
Meghna,”chiku, mamma called..”
Naina,”di, give me the phone, I ll talk first..”

Meghna,”no chiku, mamma called in my phone, I ll talk first..”
Naina,”no di.. mujhe phone do..”
Meghna and naina were fighting for the phone.. at the same tym, karan snatched the phone from them..

Karan,”naina tum dono rehne do.. let ma talk with her damad first..” and was going to take the call.. when kunal came to snatch the phone but karan was not in a mood to give..
Kunal,”u r not the only damad.. am elder I ll take call first..”
Karan,”no bhai..” the four of them were fighting when khyati took the phone and attended the call in loud speaker..
Sharda,”meghna, what happened? Why u were not taking the call since so long? Everything’s fyn na beta?”

Khyati,”namastey aunty.. khyati here.. actually aunty, big problem.. actuall the four people, I mean my two bhai and bhabi and naina di, were fighting over the phone, that who will take the call first? Kunal bhai said that he is elder so he ll take it.. but then also no one was listening, so I took up the call being the youngest.. I did right, didn’t i?”
Sharda,”u did the correct thing.. beta how are you? How’s nirmala ji and nk ji.. and bauji?”
Khyati,”aunty, all are fine.. included your two daughters and their husbands of course and me too.. and every one needs to be fine, afterall my two bhabi’s are jewels.. thank u aunty for marrying them in our house..”

Sharda smiled,”beta, ur two brothers are also good, am a lucky as well as a proud mother, that my two damad’s are so responsible, so good..”
Khyati,”okk aunty, now since I was the youngest I took the call first.. after me comes naina di.. talk with her aunty..”
Naina showed her tongue to the rest 3 who chuckled seeing THE DRAMATIC NAINA..
All of them talked with sharda and kept the phone..

Khyati,”so done..”
Suddenly sandhya was calling everyone in the hall..
Sandhya,”naina, meghna, karan, kunal, khyati, bauji, nirmala, bhaisaheb.. pls come out..”
All came down..
Dadaji,”what happened sandhyaji?”
Sandhya,”nothing serious.. actually today night I have to go for a meeting in hotel rosewood.. since bhaisaheb, Nirmala, meghna and kunal are busy with their upcoming project.. can naina come with me.. with this she ll also learn something about how to do meetings n all..”
Naina,”masima, I would love to.. but papa and dadaji must allow..”
Nk,”arre no problem, I also want to know how much efficient is our naina.. u must go..”
Naina smiled..

Dadaji,”haan beta.. go.. u have our blessings beta..”
Nirmala,”naina, am very happy.. my daughter ll go for meeting tonight.. get ready well okk?”
Naina smiled..
Sandhya,”naina, I have an outfit for u.. please wear it..”
Naina,”sure masima..” she smiled..

In the evening
Naina was getting ready.. she wore the dress given by masima.. applied a bit of kajal, mascara and liner on her eyes.. a beige eye shadow.. a pink gloss.. matched a pair of earings, dabbed some blush.. she wore her dress and was struggling with zip at the back.. karan came inside and saw naina sitting before the mirroem absolutely looking gorgeous.. he saw her struggling.. he came near her..
Naina got a bit nervous..

Karan,”naina, may I help.. I promise.. I ll close my eyes..”
Naina nodded..
Karan closed his eyes and was struggling to do the zip..
Naina,”karan, u can open ur eyes.. else I ll get late..”

Naina’s outfit: https://media3.scdn.vn/img/2013/11_14/dam-dai-dao-pho-eo-phoi-no-1m4G3-da58_2i4gkglo932oo.jpeg

Karan opened his eyes and slowly closed the zip.. and made naina turn towards him..
Karan,”u r looking very beautiful.. merat oh mann hi nhi hai tumhe jane dene ka..”
Naina,”u know na its important.. u also get ready.. I kept ur shirt and pant on the bed.. get ready quickly.. am going..” she turned to go, but karan held her hand..
Naina,”kya hua?”
Karan,”I love you..”

Naina,”I love u too.. before leaving have your medicines.. I kept it there..”
Karan smiled.. naina left the room..
Karan got ready and took his medicines.. he did not come down until he was sure that naina and masima left.. after they left.. meghna and karan got in another car and left for the venue.. kunal was waiting for the signal, when he would take the family to the venue and show masima’s real face..

Precap: sandhya exposed..

Extremely sorry couldn’t post yesterday.. actually the router was not working properly till today morning.. as soon as it got okk, I posted.. enjoy reading guys.. and do let me know in the comments section below..

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  1. Tamihna0808

    So good! ? Loved the little fight between the four and how Khyati solved it! ? Nainas dress is very pretty! Can’t wait for what’s to come! Exposing Sandhya!!!!!! Yay! ?❤??

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. i loved naina’s dress.. i also want to buy that dress..

  2. Kiya

    Hey Title…. Its awesome….

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..?


    1. Titli

      Yo yo..✌?✌?


    1. Titli

      Yo yo..??

  5. Threemaimai

    i was sweating… you steamed me with your epi titli….
    oooo nicely written… waiting for next ep 🙂

    1. Titli

      Hehe.. thank u for the compliment..

  6. Finally everyone knows about sandhya real face. Waiting for next episode plz update as soon as possible

    1. Titli

      Yes yes.. i ll upload tomorrow.. i ll think today, write it up.. and then.. till then patience..

  7. Pratha

    At last masima is going to be exposed… Can’t wait to see next one

    1. Titli

      Umm i hope, she s exposed..

  8. Can’t wait for the next episode
    Please post soon
    Love your ff

    1. Titli

      Thank u for loving the ff.. am glad..

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