Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 19

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Hey guys.. my xams done.. very happy.. now I can post consisitently.. so here u go..

The trio were shocked to see the video.. they all just stared at each other..
Naina,”oh my god!!!”
Karan,”naina, gun.. that to in our house.. but nobody in our house keeps gun..”
Naina,”when I checked that day I didn’t found it..”
Vishal,”but what she ll do with the gun..”
Naina,”lets see the rest of the vdo..”

Vishal played the vdo..
In the video, sandhya was seen to call someone on phone..

Sandhya,”listen, do one thing, attempt to murder meghna at paris..”
Sandhya,”yeah.. and remember, if u get caught take naina’s name..”
Trio looked on shocked..
Naina,”bhaiyu, di’s life is at stake.. karan, call jeeju.. and tell him about masima’s next plan.. but who is going to do it?”
Vishal,”where were u staying?”
Karan,”at our house in paris..”
Vishal,”anyone who was there in the house..”
Karan,”yeah, steve and the caretaker..”
Vishal,”I c.. accha who knows masima?”

Karan,”caretaker.. steve is new..”
Vishal,”tell jeeju n meghna to fire off steve..”
Naina,”but he doesn’t know masima..”
Vishal,”that’s the point.. see he doesn’t know masima.. its known to everyone.. so the blame will come on caretaker only, and he ll deny and then due to lack of evidence the mystery ll remain a mystery..”
Karan,”yeah.. u r right.. wait lemme call bhai..”
Karan called kunal..
Karan,”bhai bhai.. dammit..”
Karan,”naina, call is not going..”
Naina,”am trying di.. u try jeeju..”
Naina called meghna.. meghna’s phone ringed..
Naina,”ringing.. di come on pick the call..”after long time meghna picked the call..
Meghna,”chiku.. sorry yaar.. actually me and kunal are on a long drive..”
Naina,”di u r fyn right?”

Meghna,”yeah.. mujhe kya hoga?”
Naina explained every thing and asked meghna to fire off steve..
Meghna,”chiku, u r my chiku.. don’t cry.. see am fyn.. and I ll fire him after I get back.. now don’t worry.. by the way how’s my devar ji..”
Karan,”bhabi am fyn.. but ur lil sis is lil only.. she is crying till now..”
Naina,”why u said?”
Meghna,”he did the best.. chiku.. stop crying, else I ll not fire him..”

Naina,”no stopped crying.. now u fire him..”
Kunal,”meghna, u dare not blackmail my cute Sali.. naina.. don’t cry.. am with meghna always..”
Karan,”haa pata hain.. that’s why when I called u, it was coming not reachable..”
Kunal,”sorry.. but you r right.. am always with her.. but karan, ur treatment?”
Karan,”that’s going fyn..”
Naina,”yeah di, I ll inform u at night about it.. now u both enjoy..”
Kunal,”okk naina.. bye karan, naina, and vishal u too..”
Vishal,”jeeju bye..”
And they hanged up..
Naina,”masima’s going beyond extreme.. if its so, that steve is behind this, that means, masima knows we are not in paris.. oh god.. what we do now..”
Karan,”relax naina.. we ll say.. we went to Versailles, Chartres and Reims..”
Naina,”wow, u r so intelligent.. love u..”
Karan smiled,”pagal..”
Naina,”so bhaiyu.. admit karan..”

Vishal,”yeah.. naina.. u do formalities.. I ll admit him.. jeeju come..”
Naina filled the form and returned and found karan on the bed.. her eyes filled with tears which did not went unnoticed by karan.. soon vishal left the two in the cabin and went out..
Karan,”excuse mam, why my princess has tears?”
Naina,”tears? No its not tears.. something went in my eyes..”
Karan,”come here..”

Naina came to him.. karan wore the gloves.. karan held naina’s hands and made her sit beside him on the bed and wiped her tears..
Karan slowly said,”what happened?”
Naina broke off.. she started crying and karan didn’t stop her.. he let her cry.. she cried for 15 mins and karan held her hands till she stopped crying..
Karan,”bass naina.. don’t cry more.. now tell me..”
Naina,”karan, I cant see u in this state.. please get fine soon.. I miss u.. I miss u pranks.. I miss ur gussa.. karan, I love you.. and I don’t want to lose u..”
Karan,”sshh naina.. I love u too..” and saying this karan pulled naina in his embrace, naina found peace and solace after much tym.. she just rested her head on karan’s heart and karan wrapped his hands around naina as if he was her shield..they remained like that for a while until khyati came in..
Khyati,”oops.. I came at a very bad time..”
Karan,”yeah right.. u came at very bad time..”

Naina,”offo karan.. come in khyati..”
Khyati,”vishal told me that bhai got admitted so I came here..”
Naina,”accha only ur bhai is admitted so u came.. or any other reason?”
Karan could not understand.. khyati got nervous..
Khyati,”other.. other reason? What reason?”
Naina,” nothing.. leave it..”

Karan,”well khyati, go to vishal’s cabin..and be there quietly.. return with naina only..”
Khyati got happy..
Khyati,”okk bhai as u wish..”
Khyati left the room smiling..
Karan,”biwi ji, what was that? I mean, any other reason..”
Naina,”oohh.. I guess khyati likes vishal, and same is with vishal also.. I saw spark.. lets see where their story goes..”
Karan,” ji..”
Naina,”karan, u rest.. bhaiyu will come any moment.. am going to hotel.. with khyati.. call me if u need anything my sweetheart..”
Karan,” naina..”
Karan,”I love you..”
Naina smiled..
Naina,”I love you too.. the next 5 days I am going to miss u like hell..”
Karan,”me too my love..”

Naina,”okk bye karan..”
Karan,” bye..”

Naina left.. the 5 days went off like rocket.. karan’s tratment was at great pace.. he was now given medicines and was kept in delhi, only to check if there were any side effect of the medicines.. and also they couldn’t reach jaipur be4 meghna and kunal.. there at paris, meghna kunal spent their honeymoon days well enough.. the sisters vdo called each other.. and meghna got saved that tym.. at jaipur masima was planning something big after the brothers return from honeymoon.. the 15 days blew very quickly.. all returned jaipur..

Next plot I need to think.. sorry got late.. coz here there was a power cut.. but ya, I ll post soon.. till then njoy reading this and please put your comments below.. it’s a request.. coz cant understand if u r liking it or not..

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  1. Shruthy

    Lovely. So finally Karan is cured na. ☺️
    Haha it was a “crying baby” episode for Naina. ☺️? Poor baby. She was so sad for being separated of her husband. Bless her bhagwan!
    Do post soon ?

    1. Titli

      No dear.. he s under medication..

  2. Nice episode. Little thrill?I enjoy it

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..

  3. Amazing update. Keep on writing the good stuff. Pls pls post the next update soon. Can’t wait !!

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..

  4. Superrrr

    1. Titli

      Thank u dear..

  5. Pratha

    Lovely so finally we r going to see Nairan romance as he is cured now…

    1. Titli

      Umm maybe..

  6. Tamihna0808

    Aaaw! This was so good! Loved every bit! Continue soon! ❤??

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..☺️


    1. Titli

      Thank u so much.. umm actually the track was getting dragged..

  8. Threemaimai

    love the epi but i thought you will add how meghanal solve tge the matter. any way it’s entertaining . 🙂

    1. Titli

      I also thought that.. but then thought, this will be a common one..

  9. Kiya

    Its very nice Dr…. Lv it… Post soon….

    1. Titli

      Thank u so much..

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