Ek Shringaar swabhimaan: love is in the air – Episode 17

Chapter 17
Naina and karan were in a restaurant.. naina was looking at the menu, and karan was just staring at her angelic face.. he was just smiling looking at her..
Naina,”karan, what ll u have?”
Karan gave no reply.. naina looked at him and saw him staring at her..
Karan still no response..

Naina flapped her fingers before his eyes..
Naina,”what are u thinking? Order what u like!!!”
Karan,”same as my wifey..”
The waiter left..
Naina,”what were u doing? I was asking since long time na..”
Karan put his hands before her lips(didn’t touch),”ssshhh, kitna bolti ho.. I actually watched an angel over here.. and was looking at her..”

Naina was a bit jealous..
Naina,”angel.. huh.. u and your angel.. go watch her only..” and she turned her head..
Karan,”aye haye.. that look of hers.. damn pretty..”
Naina followed his eye direction and found a mirror which was reflecting her only.. she was shocked.. she turned towards karan..
Karan,”madam, I don’t need to watch any other person.. coz my angel is sitting in front of me.. u know she is looking damn pretty.. and how did u think that I will call some other lady angel?”
Naina,”wo, I thought u were looking at some other person..”
Karan,”listen, noone can take ur place in my life.. u were, are and always will remain my angel..”
Naina blushed,”I love u karan..”

Karan,”haye, my heart.. oh my god what’s happening? God pls save me..” naina panicked..
Karan completed,”an angel saying me she loves me.. uffff, its so breath taking..”
Naina got relieved..
Naina slapped his arms,”karan u r very bad.. why u do this?” And she cried..
Karan wore his gloves and wiped of naina’s tears.. and hugged her..
Karan,”I m sorry.. see we are in a public place..”

Naina,”so what? We are husband wife..”
Karan,”really.. then I can expect a kiss from u too..”
Naina got away,”besharam.. we are in a public place..”
Karan,”but we are husband wife no?”
Naina,”uffff karan stop it..”
Karan,”okk, see lunch arrived..”

They had lunch and went home.. soon 5 days of paris for nairan got over.. and they were at the airport.. meghnal bid them a bye..
Nairan came to delhi.. there at the airport vishal was waiting along with khyati..
Karan,”khyati.. u here?”
Vishal,”wo jeeju, I called her.. cause, there needs to be someone to be with u all the time.. naina will be there.. but you know, I ll remain in the hospital all the time.. and maybe I ll need naina for your case, and u shouldn’t be left alone ever.. so..”
Naina,”but khyati, at home? What did u say them?”
Khyati,”it was so simple.. I said them that it’s a friends trip to kashmir..”
Naina,”did u inform your friend?”
Khyati,”oh my god I forgot.. thank u di.. wait I ll inform them right now..”
Naina,”okk, fast..”
Khyati called one friend and asked her to circulate the news..
Naina,”fine.. now can we?”

Vishal,”yes.. come..”
All went to the hotel.. naina and karan went to their room.. khyati in another and vishal in another..
They got fresh.. and suddenly there was a knock at the door..
Naina opened the door.. and found khyati and vishal..
Naina,”arre, u guys.. come..”
They settled in..

Vishal,”now some serious talks..”
And they chalked out their plan for karan’s treatment.. vishal gave tests to karan, which was to be held the next day.. and he prescribed some medicines to be given to him..
The next day all went to hospital for tests.. while naina was with karan for tests.. khyati was with vishal in his cabin..

Khyati,”well don’t u get bored remaining in this boring place?”
Vishal,”no.. I love this place.. u know, here many people come.. not only to get treated, but also to share their feelings, emotions and their life story.. look their.. can u see that old man their.. he got detached from his son, after his son’s marriage.. just because, he couldn’t be touched.. since then he came here for treatment.. but now he is perfectly fine.. still he comes here to share his daily routine with me.. he is so generous.. but his daughter in law, doesn’t treat him well.. he starves for food at his home..”
Tears fell from khyati’s eyes.. that old man came inside..
Vishal,”hello uncle.. how are you?”

Man,”I m fine beta.. how are you?”
Vishal,”I m fine uncle.. come sit..”
Khyati,”uncle stop..”
Vishal looked at her.. khyati went to the man, and bent down to take blessings from him..
Khyati,”now please bless me.. and have a seat..”
Man,”this girl is modern but full of sanskars.. she must be your wife.. right? U both stay happy always.. and vishal beta, take care of her always..”
Vishal and khyati got a bit awkward..

Khyati,”uncle, wo actually..”
Vishal,”sure uncle.. I ll take care of her always.. I ll never let her alone..” and he winked at khyati.. khyati understood his mischief..
Vishal gave his lunch box to that man..

Vishal,”uncle, have it.. specially for you..”
Khyati,”yes uncle.. have it na.. u ll like it ofcourse..”
Man,”thank u beta.. if u were not here, who would give me food..”
Vishal,”I call u uncle right, toh, we have a relation, and giving food to relatives is our duty.. I would love if u have this lunch..”
Man,”thank u both of u..”
And he ate the lunch and gossiped a bit.. and went..
After that naina came in..
Naina,”bhaiyu, u had the lunch right? And khyati u?”

Khyati,”di, I had, but vishal…”
Vishal,”naina, I also had it.. don’t worry..”
Naina,”okk.. nkw am going to karan.. khyati u r new here, be with vishal bhaiyu only..”
Khyati,”sure di..”
Naina left..
Khyati,”why u lied? Now I understand for this reason only u were taking medicines yesterday night.. u have stomach ache at night right?”
Vishal,”khyati, its not a big problem..”
Khyati,”not a big problem.. u r saying this being a doctor? Okay then, I ll skip my dinner tonight..”
Vishal,”no.. u wont..”
Khyati,”why? U said not a big problem no?”

Vishal,”its applied only on me.. not u..”
Khyati,”u r so irritating.. ek toh I m helping u, and secondly listening to your scoldings.. am leaving..”
And she stormed out..
Vishal,”arre yaar, this girl doesn’t know any place here!! What to do?”
He was worried in his cabin.. he thought khyati was just faking anger and would return soon.. but it was 30mins and she was no where to be seen.. her phone was switched off.. he decided to search her.. and was getting out of the cabin and collided with khyati..
Khyati,”u r doctor right? Get ur eye checkup done..”
Vishal saw her and instantly hugged her..

Vishal,”thank god u r fyn..” and released her..
Vishal,”are u dumb? Why are u having this phone.. I suppose to get contacted.. then why is it switched off.. did u know my situation.. yaar, if anything would have happened to you.. jeeju, what I would answer him? And naina.. she told me to take care of u.. u didn’t think of them..”
Khyati got a bit scared..
Khyati,”I m sorry.. but my intention was not to hurt u like that.. I just went to bring this..” and showed him the food packet..
Khyati,”I was in the canteen of the hospital..”
Vishal,”yaar to u should have called me na..”

Khyati,”why were u so worried?”
Vishal,”wo.. wo..”
Vishal,”actually I had to answer naina and jeeju so..”
Khyati,”oohh.. I see.. only this?”
Vishal,”yeah.. wha.. what more?”
Khyati,”nothing.. have this lunch.. else u ll fall ill.. and yeah, daily if u feed that uncle, then pls order something for yourself also.. don’t remain empty stomach..” and she turned to leave..

Vishal,”khyati.. sorry.. is houldnt have shouted.. and thank u for thinking about me..”
He smiled..
Khyati,”its alright..”
And she turned..

Vishal,”where r u going?”
Vishal,”pls don’t remain angry.. sit here only.. naina and jeeju ll come, then u return with them..”
Soon karan’s test were over.. they came to vishal’s room..
Naina,”bhaiyu.. done tests..”

Vishal,”great.. tomorrow evening u ll get the reports.. according to it, medicines will be given, and treatment will start.. till then, have the medicines I prescribed..”
Karan,”wo sab thik hai, but my sister didn’t annoy u right?”
Khyati was shocked, she feared vishal would say what she did..
Vishal,”no jeeju.. she was here all the tym, busy on her phone.. she had her lunch well.. didn’t complain about anything..”
Khyati was relieved..
Naina,”okk, bhaiyu, we are going back.. u come soon..”
Khyati looked at vishal and said thank you with her eyes and was having an eyelock.. naina noticed the spark between them and smiled..
Naina,”khyati, chale?”

Karan,”vishal bye, come soon..”
Naina,”karan, take khyati and walk ahead, I ll have a two min talk with bhaiyu and come..”
Karan,”okay fast..”
Karan and khyati left..
Naina,”so what’s the matter?”
Vishal,”what matter?” And he avoided her gaze..
Naina,”bhaiyu, am not that small to not understand.. what’s cooking between u and khyati?”
Vishal,”me and khyati? Cheeku, get your eye checkup done..”
Naina,”bhaiyu am not dumb.. ankhein toh jaise apki haath hi nhi rahi thi usse..”
Vishal,”yaar she s my friend only.. and she said thank you only..”
Naina,”when? I didn’t hear..”
Vishal,”arre with her eyes..”and slapped his head lightly..

Naina,”accha bhaiyu, ankho se batein.. but how did u understand?”
Vishal,”bas kaar yaar.. I have work.. and yeah, be abit away from karan.. for next month.. if he’s wearing gloves then alright.. else take precautions..”
Naina,”okk bhaiyu.. but ya I ll come back to this khyati and vishal story.. but for now bye.. else karan will kill me..” and she hugged vishal and left..
The three returned hotel.. after 4hrs vishal also returned.. they met at dinner and went for sleeping..
In nairan’s room..
Karan,”wifey, enjoying treatmoon??”
Naina laughed..
Naina,”karan, don’t worry.. u ll be fyn soon.. and then we ll come back for another honeymoon..” and she winked..
Karan,”ohho toh my wifey likes spending tym with me alone.. not bad.. I thought her to be boring u know..”

Naina,”mr. husband.. ur wife is not at all boring.. get that..”
And he went near naina..
Naina stopped him..
Naina,”bhaiyu said, u shouldn’t touch anyone this month.. cause the medicines advised by him will have huge effect on you.. and maybe u ll have more rashes.. but that way u ll fyn quickly.. so..”
Karan,”I see.. okk I ll wait a month..”

Naina,”now take this medicine..”
Karan ate his medicine..and naina divided the bed into halves by karan’s umbrella.. and both slept..

Sorry guys no meghnal scenes.. I ll give their scenes.. but exams running.. so.. sorry for late update too.l enjoy reading..

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