Ek Saath Rahenge Palak aur Pakhi – Part 3

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Shaniya: How dare u slap me!
Ashish: How dare u say all that to my sister. Get one thing in ur mind, never try to hurt my sister.

Saying that Ashish, Manvi, and Rahi went. Rahi starts crying.

Manvi: Rahi di, don’t take Shaniya so seriously.

Rahi keeps crying all the way to Malhotra mansion.

Parallel scene

Piya reaches her home. She sees her family with Sakshi serving snacks.

Piya(thinks): Di only makes food on special occasions.

Suprya: Our Sakshi is very talented. Please except this alliance.

Piya(in mind): Oh so di got an alliance.

She looks at the boy’s family. She goes in. Suprya sees Piya.

Suprya(smiling): this is our 2nd elder daughter Piya.

Damini(grooms mother): ur adopted, right.

Piya: Yes, I had a sister.

Damini: then ur sister must be middle-class like u.

Piya: Um…
Damini: ur sister must be a total cow right.

Piya started crying. Piya runs to her room and locks herself

Damini: What misbehaviour is this. We came here for an alliance. I’m breaking this alliance!

Sakshi: Shut up! Who gave u the rights to say all this to my sister! We’re breaking this alliance!

Parallel scene

Rahi reaches Malhotra Mansion.

Maid: Mejho malkin

Rahi goes and locks herself in her room.

Mohini: Rahi…Rahi what happened?!!

Ravi: Rahi open the door.

Ashish: Rahi

Rahi and Piya talk to each other’s childhood pictures.

Rahi: I didn’t cry because of what Shaniya said about me, I cried because she said that u were dead. I have full faith on u di.

Piya: I’ll never let anyone say anything bad about u.

They kiss each other’s picture.

In a cave, Shalaka wakes up.

Shalaka: For, 20 years I’ve been unconscious. This means that both the sibling have come together for the first time in 20 years. She takes their childhood picture and laughs

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  1. Samaila

    Guys just think that Chanda be plays in the background as Rahi and Piya talk to each other’s picture.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Damini is so irritating.how could she just insult someone like this?Glad that Sakhi supported piya n scolded Damini.Is Damini’s role over?Are Rakshanda KP a pair here?Oh no..shalaka is back…scary.perfect pics

  3. Zingo

    Scared of Shalaka. Rahi’s crying made me cry too. Piya had emotional touch up. That Damini…uggh.. I loved Sakshi’s daring nature. And Jasmin Basin. I was surprised. Looked very real😉

    1. Samaila


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