Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakshi thinks Aryan must be arrogant, heady, etc. Aryan thinks same about Sakshi. They open social network website to check each other’s profile but does not remember each other’s surname and think they will see each other in Jaisamler itself.

Sakshi’s family leaves for Jaisalmer in a tempo traveler (TT). Viren enjoys trip. His son is busy cracking business deals over phone. Viren asks him to enjoy vaction and stop thinking about business. He snatches son’s mobile and gives it to his sister. Aryan’s family travels in cars. Aryan travels with Sushanth and his wife while his dad and other family members travel in other cars. Dad asks his brother about someone. Daadi asks why he wans to know. He then asks how is the the girl Sakshi. His brother says panditji told she is very beautiful. Viren stops car in the middle and busy mangoes. Aryan asks his bhabhi Sakshi’s full name and says he is least interested. Sushanth says then let it go. Babhi says Sakshi Mittal. Sakshi also asks Aryaan’s full name and aunt says his full name. Both Sakshi and Aryan try to check each other’s profiles on net, but ges sad seeing no internet on mobile.

Aryan’s family stops at a resort for lunch. Aryan holding gobi manchuri piece delivers dialogues in marwari style. Dad hears that and scolds him that he is becoming like his brother. Driver Mansoor tells family how dad was nervous when he went to meet girl and tried so many dressed, ironed each dress 4 times, then practices dialogues in front of mirror, etc. Dad smiles and says it is enough now, luch is getting cold. Mansoor says okay. Sakshi’s family also stops TT at same resort. Aunt says she needs to go to washroom. Sakshi says she will take her to washroom. Aunt says who will take care of her after she gets married. Sakshi says she will not go anywhere. They get down and aunt goes to washroom. Aryan is seen talking over phone standing near Sakshi and they both don’t see each other like typical Barjatya movies. Aryan’s cap falls down. Sushanth asks him to come and sit in car, they are leaving. He walks towards car. Sakshi sees his cap and runs to return him, but he leavesi n car.

Aryan’s family reaches marriage venue first. Bride’s father greets them and thanks dad for coming. Dad says it is his duty to attend in friend’s daughter’s wedding. Bride’s father says he will show them their rooms. Dad says they will find themselves, he can greet guests. Brother asks pandit if bride’s family came. Pandit says they will, anyways they will meet tomorrow. Both families take their respective rooms. Aryan’s bhabi reads program details and say there is dance competition also and whoever wins will get gift. Viren and his wife say they will dance and win. His sister says boy’s family is also here and he should be in his limits. Viren sadly says then they will not dance. Sakshi says they should dance, groom’s family will accept her they way she is, else she does not care. Aryan’s dad on the other side warns him to be in limit and not do any mistake which will spoil Sethia family’s name. Aryan and Sakshi get down in hall and don’t see each other even then.

Precap: Sakshi wearing mask on her face tries to peep into Aryan’s room. Aryan does same. Aryan’s dad catches Sakshi and Viren catches Aryan and they both ask to show their faces.

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  1. How long will they keep not seeing each others’ face?

  2. Intresting show……vry typical like barjatya movies but vry nyc..loved it

  3. Interesting opening.

  4. Nice show expect a lot from the show……

  5. all the actors are doing their good job…
    hope it will become more interesting!!!!!

  6. its amazing waiting for tonight episode

  7. the heroine’s name is Saanchi not Sakshi

  8. Its Saanchi, not sakshi

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