Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diwakar tells Aryan that Saachi is doing wrong by keeping Nikita at home. Aryan says he is right, till he finds another place for Nikita, family should be around Saachi. Neelima and Sarita see Saachi feeding her food to Nikita and scold her that she did not have anything since morning. Aryan enters and says maasa and kakisa are right, until they find another place for Nikita, 2 bodyguards will be around her always. Nikita fumes how will she attack Saachi in front of guards.

Saachi gets a calls and informs that she found a place for Nikita. Aryan says they will drop Nikita right now. They both take Nikita to mental asylum. Nikita acting as insane says she wants to stay with Saachi. Saachi says she will come and meet her often. Aryan and Saachi walk to their car. Saachi says she left her mobile in asylum itself. Aryan asks her to rest in car, he will get it and leaves. Car door opens and Saachi asks if he came so early. Nikita speaks and says her death came. Saachi is shocked to see Nikita. Nikita says welcome to hell and speeds car. Aryan returns and runs behind car. He sees bike nearby and follows car on it.

Nikita continues speeding car and tells Saachi if she cannot get Aryan, even Saachi will not, they both will die today. She applies sudden brakes and bangs her head to steering. Aryan reaches and gets Saachi out and asks Saachi if she is fine. Nikita points gun at Saachi. Saachi says she cannot harm her and baby as god saved them everytime she tried. Aryan stands in front and provokes Nikita to shoot him first. Saachi says no.. Nikita says she is doing all this to get him. A speeding truck crushes Nikita and speeds away. Police reaches and inspector says good Aryan called them on time, now they will take Nikita to hospital. Constable checks and says Nikita is dead.

Saachi is taken to hospital for delivery. Whole family waits outside OT eagerly. Doc comes out and congratulates them all that a baby girl is born. After Saachi is shifted to a room, whole family walks. Aryan says he always needed a girl. Whole family pampers baby.

All serial characters dance on Ek Rishta Saajhedhari kaโ€ฆsong..Serial ends with a positive note.

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  1. Loved it….. Will miss the show

  2. Christie123


  3. ERSK has at last ended already. Goodbye to all the actors and actress of this show who performed well. Kinshuk vaidya ( Aryan), Shivya Pathania (saachi), Waseem Mushtaq ( shushant), Sunayana Fozdar ( Priyanka) and Zalak desai ( Nikita) have rocked this show and played their role well and good. Hats off to them. Goodbye and all the best for their future. ERSK was really an entrtaining and wonderful serial for me.I will miss them a lot and even this serial.

  4. Its good that nikita died because such people don’t deserve to live.She got punished for her own deeds. She did nothing good in her life other than harming saachi.Why she has to act mad to save herself, she is already mad in getting aryan at any cost and trying to kill saachi to get him.

  5. One of the really worth watching serials! Glad that it ended on a happy note ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job by all the actors!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Finally end so happy recent days not good episodes but end good good bye ERSK viewers

  7. end me bhi full of nikita..nikita Ka chapter pehle khatam karke two episodes fully positive dikhate to better hota..anyways all’s well that ends well..thank you to all the people commenting here..it was fun talking with you all..hope to meet you all in some other page.. ?

    1. Serial_Logic

      i have started watching Moh Moh ke dhaage… but dar bhi hai iska bhi wohi anjaam na ho ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. even I watched but didn’t like it..May be I’ll watch the one starting on Monday.. to be frank I’ve lost interest in watching shows..

  8. miss u all… lv u archii frevr….. life me ek bar toh aap logo se jarur milne ki kosish karungi… god blss u all by by… and frns aaj se toh hum sab ki gossips v gayi.. miss u all

  9. Nice show ended.Hope to see these actors in a new project in another channel,thank you ersk for entertaining us.,bye guys it was fun to comment here with u all,hope to see in another page

  10. Wah last episode is commented by atlesxt 5 persons


    Finally… shown happy ending… and show was nice, ended after fulfilling motive ek rishta sajhedhari ka..

  12. sumaiyya aleem

    i was expecting them to end the show with a bike race between aryan and saachii..???

  13. It is realy nice serial which i most like ever

  14. Jennifer &Jessica

    Why the hell dis this end.

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