Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan tells Neelima that he has organized shanty pooja for Saachi in a temple and she should attend. Diwakar hears their conversation and says he will not organize pooja in temple and will cancel it, says he will organize pooja at home as Saachi sacrificed a lot for this house. Sarita gets angry and says babasa she will not let it as Nikita will feel bad. Babasa after a long time comes back to his roaring avatar and says Saachi sacrificed a lot repeatedly for their family and it is their duty to perform pooja for her. Sarita says she will not…He says he is informing and not taking permission. She says she is worried about Aryan’s happiness. He says she is not, else she would not have hated Saachi from the beginning. She tries to speak again. He says no..his decision is final and leaves. Sarita sits with swollen football like sad face. Nikita comes and says they should perform pooja. Sarita praises her that she is so good, even after so much happened, she wants to perform pooja for Saachi, she is sanaskari, etc..If she wishes, they will attend pooja. Nikita thanks her.

Aryan meets Saachi/Malvika outside who asks her to do as they planned. Saachi’s shanti pooja starts. Pandit does pooja and throws gangajal on Saachi’s photo. Photo starts burning. Everyone are shocked seeing this. Pandit says she knows what is this, Saachi’s soul is unhappy and is roaming around this house. Sarita says he is wrong. Pandit says it is up to them to believe it or not and leaves. He meets Saachi outside who gives him money and thanks. He says he is Bollywood’s famous pandit and did not understand how photo caught fire with gangajal. Saachi tells how Aryan smeared powder on photo and mixed chemical in gaganjal which her friend prepared in lab. She says when powder and chemical mix, they create fire. Pandit asks her to call him again if needed.

Sarita starts yelling that she already warned not to perform pooja but they did not listen to her. Priyanka says pandit was fake. Neelima says she called pandit and Priyanka knows it, even then she is finding a chance to blame her. Sarita continues her yelling and drama and supporting Nikita. Neelima says she is blindfolded and cannot see truth, someone has done really bad to Saachi that her soul is unhappy, pointing at Nikita. Nikita and Priyanka walk away. Sarita yells at Neelima. Daadi ass to stop their fight. Babasa shouts to stop their fight, else he will leave this house. Sarita continues her frowning.

Precap: Nikita sees Saachi’s shadow and gets afraid. She walks out of room and sees Saachi walks away holding Aryan’s hand.

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  1. After a long time I enjoyed babasa’s dialogues.. And personally I don’t like Maasa’s acting..she doesn’t speak clearly.. Other than that it was an ok kind of epi.. I wish they finish this soon.. I can’t tolerate nikita any more..at least at the end let us see something nice and positive

  2. Christie123

    Awesome!!!!Just awesome. The precap is fabulous.. an dekhne me bohot maaza aya. Bohot I jaldi Nikita ki saach sable same Hoga….

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