Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Priyanka tells Saachi that maasa/Sarita prepared food for her, she should try. Saachi tells Sarita that she was eager to have her prepared food. Aryan comes. Sarita asks to sit and have food. Aryan says he is not hungry and walks to his room. Sarita feels bad. Priyanka takes Saachi’s food to her room and leaves asking to call her if needed. Aryan asks Saachi to have food as she needs to recover. She asks what about him, why is he ignoring maasa. She reminds him how maasa drank his prepared tea made with salt instead of sugar. He says whatever maasa did was wrong, she was trying to get him married to another woman. She says her way was wrong, but intention was right, she wants him to see happy.

Saachi continues her moral gyaan and tells Aryan that a great person told life’s enjoyment is in making salty thing sweet and says if he does not talk to maasa, she will not talk to him. He says no no..he is ready to overeat and eats food, then feeds Saachi. Saachi says let us go and have ice cream. He says doc told she should rest. She says she is not that unwell and insists. He agrees.

Aryan takes Saachi in car for ice cream. They both stop at a roadside shop and cross road. A masked driver speeds car towards them. Aryan sees it on time and pushes himself and Saachi aside. He scolds driver if he is blind that he cannot see. Driver reverses car and speeds towards them again. Nikita comes in her car and asks Aryan to get into car soon. They both get in. Masked person speeds his car away. Nikita asks who was that person, if he is fine. Saachi looks at Aryan. Aryan tells Nikita that they should leave. Nikita drives car. Saachi thanks her. Nikita says she was expecting thanks from someone else, Aryan, but it is okay. She asks who was that person. Aryan says Kabeer and inspector told Kabeer is not yet caught. Saachi worriedly asks why did not he inform her. Nikita says they should be careful and drops them home, says she will go home now and her driver will drop their car tomorrow. Saachi invites Nikita for lunch tomorrow. Nikita says she has doc’s appointment. Saachi asks Aryan to invite her. Aryan asks to come if she can cancel doc’s appointment. Saachi says what possible and insists to come. Nikita says okay and says goodnight. They both walk holding each other and Nikita looks with sad eyes. Diwakar calls Aryan. Aryan gets tensed. They both walk in and get more tensed seeing whole family waiting for them.

Precap: Someone calls Saachi and tells she knows where Kabeer is. She asks where. Aryan enters, sees chandelier falling on Saachi and alerts her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    Sonyyyyy ????? bas..Aaj mera patience cross ho chuka hai..I’m sorry to say Lekin ab main chahti hun ki ersk March me khatam ho jaye..Ye channel is show ko deserve hi nai krta..jo channel Apne fans ki kadar nai kr skta wo koi bhi show deserve nai karta..Matlab seriously..10 min Ka episode??? That too on a Monday..after waiting for three long days..Ye channel is show ki Aur Hamari Dono ki insult kr rha hai..I’m sorry guys Aaj I can’t control..and I can’t be positive or humble..this Is ridiculous..

  2. 12 mints ka koi episode hota he kya?? aap log na show bandh hi kar do.

    1. Vishakha

      Isse better to Aaj nai dikhate to main bardasht kar leti yaar..but bajirao 45 min Ka..hanuman 35 min Ka including ads Aur Ye Sirf 15 min..why?kyuki beyhadh has 0.2 trp more??to Matlab Wahi fans fans hain hum Kuch nai..Thk hai to once and for all 3rd March ko final goodbye ho jayega..


    Guys do not be angry… as it was due to 45 min episode of peshwa bajiro first episode.. and rest for bahubali hanuman..
    Though they did wrong for showing this much less but what if they did not have telecasted this much even??? Than after 3 days it would have become 4 days of not watching it….
    There are famous saying na-
    1. Bhagte bhoot ki langoti hi sahi
    2. Kuch na hone se toh kuch hona better hai..

    I hope you get my point.. and i am sorry for this reply if hurt your feelings

    1. Vishakha

      Its ok dear..everyone has the right to speak over here..it was a first episode I agree..but my question is inspite of the first episode when they can show all the shows for half an hour then why this different attitude for this show..here fans are trying even harder than the last time to save the show and Sony is trying hard to finish it..ok fine even if they want to finish it no prb..but until they are showing can’t they show it positively is my question..Aur koi bhi channel kisi bhi show k sath aisa nai karta hai..even bbkd Ka trp nai tha..uske sath bhi yahi kiya tha but it was just for two weeks..but yahan its been more than a month..kisi ko bhi bura lagega yaar..


      Bbkd ?????

      Agree with you

      1. Vishakha

        Bade bhaiya ki dulhania..which used to come before beyhadh..it went off air in three months..although I didn’t used to watch It but even then I felt us show k sath bhi galat kiya tha..and even with ek duje k vaste..but is show k sath to Hadd hi kar rhe hain.. October se promos band.. No promotion at all of any kind..phr 5 days In a week se 4 days In a week..phr un 4 days me bhi 21 min se seedha 17 min reh gya..and kal jab saare shows 21 min k the to Ye Sirf 12 min..ehsan nai kr rhe hain dikha k yaar..


        I do not know this much about it… as i only read updates sometimes

  4. I thought they were ending this show…..no sense left, I used to love it and will start only if they get rid of sachis bakwasi bua and Aryans chichihati chachi,,,,

  5. sony par har ek show ko importance milrahi he ersk ko sor kar. 12 mint ka show aaj se mujhe dekhni hi nehi.and collect karne sale the ye log eise. kal k liye maf kar dungi if aaj 27 mints de toh. otherwise hume gudby kehna parega

  6. Vishakha

    Baat Ye nai hai ki hum ersk Dekhte hai isliye mujhe bura lag rha hai..no..kisi bhi show k sath aisa karna galat hai..Har show k fans hote hain Har show k cast equal hard work krte hain Har show me Paise kharch hote hain..that’s why ek show k liye dusre ko degrade karna galat hai..phr chahe wo ersk ho ya koi Aur show ho..

  7. Well said guys they don’t deserve ersk and us.12 min ka episode, wat they want to say,they are forcing us to say bye,there is a limit for everything this is worst
    Ab jaldi se march anedho and I will say bye to sony TV forever

    1. Vishakha

      I am saying bye for sure..and I wish the same team comes in another channel with even better story..

  8. Kal toh muje laga mein ne kuch deka hi nahi,
    Short episode,archi good Nikita agayi beech me doesn’t like her inbtwn archi

    1. Vishakha

      I hate her ya..Kitni masoom dikhti hai Lekin kaam..its good ki Aryan use ignore karna chahta hai but sanchi.. ?? sanchi k samne nikita Aryan k sath flirt kr ri thi phr bhi madam ko Kuch samajh nai aya..are jab husband ignore kar rha hai to karne do na.. ??? Lekin nai..Apne khandani manners dikhane k chakkar me invite aur kr liya usko ???? ab bhugto..

  9. Sanchi to kud suffer karegi aur Aryan ko to jail jaana padega apni achi wife k karan,jaldi se ye track katam hojai
    Ersk show some ache scenes

  10. Yes I too wish whole team should return in diff channel.
    Not only archi I love the whole team.
    Aaj ye log kya karenge pata nahi

  11. Dont stop this show… its such an amazing show… im from [email protected] i lov tis show…. n y u reduced the timings????

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